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Experience is the name we give our mistakes.

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Twilight was making a bookshelf. Not all neat and tidy, but a used bookshelf. Giving them symbols to represent their contents. A pink brain, a set of scales, a raised fist. Stuff to represent her favourite subjects.

I see what you did there. Based.

For real though, keep the hnnngs coming.

R5h #2 · Sep 24th, 2021 · · ·

okay but did the penciled in mustache stay on during sex

inquiring minds need to know

I love your rendition of TwiPie. I think I said that on the last one too. They are the perfect couple, I think. Well, honestly, Pinkie works well with any of the girls. But I'm pretty sure TwiPie is my favorite.

But I'm not biased. I swear.:raritywink:

Seriously, though, this is good stuff and I want more. I'm sure most people that read this want more. And when people want more of what you make, it's probably a good indication that you're making amazing stuff. :pinkiehappy:

I liked this a lot.

Not my favorite pairing for either, but wonderfully romantic regardless. Thank you for it.

Both these stories are delightfully sensuous. Thank you for them.

“Well, maybe you can do your thesis on using mirror copies of yourself to give you notes. Sounds fun.”

Bad Idea

Oh the SENSORY stuff. And the cafe! Having MENUS made for them! Art! Just so prefect.

And then Pinkie demanding to bottom from the top as revenge was just... Yeah.

And Twi discovers her dom voice. She'll wind up turning bene gesserit at this rate.

I adore this. So. Much. <3

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