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Somewhere He Belongs - SuperSamYoshi

A young boy gets sent to Equestria, in hopes to find a place where he can live a happier life. and is also bonded to a technorganic alien and must save his new home.

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Chapter 2: An encounter with the Princesses

Sam woke up to the sound and smell of breakfast being made. He noticed that he was still wrapped in Twilight’s arms. He gently wormed out and got changed. He then went downstairs to see who was cooking Breakfast. He saw that Spike was cooking what looked like pancakes, Sam thought it would be best to introduce himself properly.

“Good Morning,” he greeted, Spike turned around and saw Sam, he hopped off his stool, and went to greet him.

“Good morning, you must be Sam,” Spike replied, shaking his hand, “I’m Spike.”

“Yes, I’m Sam, but how did you know,” Sam asked.

“I helped Pinkie with her party for you, and when Twilight came back she told me about you,” Spike replied.

“How much has she told you?” Sam asked a bit worried.

“Everything,” Spike replied, “but don’t worry, If you ever get upset about something in your past again, just talk to me ok buddy?”

“Ok, thanks Spike,” Sam said with a smile and a tear falling out as he hugged Spike.

“You hungry?” Spike asked, as Sam’s stomach rumbled, “take that as a yes.”

Sam gave a small chuckle, as he took a seat at the table. Soon Spike laid three plates, and a giant stack of pancakes in the middle. Spike then went to go wake Twilight up.

“Help yourself,” Spike said as he went to get Twilight. Sam counted how many pancakes there were. There were 15 pancakes so that meant 5 pancakes each. Sam took his 5 pancakes and put them on his plate. As he took a bite of the top pancake, no words could describe how much he loved it.

Twilight and Spike returned, Twilight smiled upon seeing Sam’s happy face eating his pancakes.

“Good Morning Sam,” Twilight greeted Sam.

Sam looked up from his breakfast, swallowed and smiled back at Twilight, “Morning Twilight,” he said as she shoved another pancake into his mouth.

“I guess you like Spike’s cooking?” she giggled, Sam nodded, “Well save some for us!”

She and Spike hopped up at the table and eat their pancakes. Soon all the pancakes were eaten, Sam then burped. “Pardon me,” he remarked slightly blushed.

Then Twilight let off a small burp, “excuse me,” she replied.

Then Spike let off a louder burp, he also burped fire, “pardon me,” he said, as the green flames turned into a scroll. He picked it up, “Oh a messaged from the Princess.”

The message said:

Dear Twilight,

Last night, Luna told me before I went to sleep that she felt a new presence in enter Equestria a couple of nights ago. She would of told me early, but she was tired, and I was busy. I would like you to investigate into this with your friends, and report back to me.

Kind Regards,

Princess Celestia.

“Oh I guess she means Sam,” Spike said as he rolled up the scroll.

“Yeah, Princess Luna must up sense him coming into this world,” Twilight remarked.

“Who’s the Princesses?” Sam asked.

“They’re the rulers of all Equestria,” Twilight told him, “They have very important jobs, Princess Celestia raises and lowers the sun, and looks over Equestria, Princess Luna raises and lowers the moon, and looks over ponies in their sleep.”

“That’s sounds very creepy,” Sam responded.

“I don’t mean it like that,” Twilight assured him, “She goes to the realm of dreams and watches over ponies in their dreams and stops nightmares from corrupting the ponies.”

‘If she’s meant to stop nightmares, that why didn’t she appeared to stop my nightmare when I first arrived?’ Sam thought to himself, before responding to Twilight, “Oh ok that makes… some sense.”

“I think you should meet the Princesses,” Twilight said.

“She did same report back to her when you find Sam,” Spike said.

“Yeah,” Twilight remarked, “well it’s settled, we’re going to meet the Princesses!”

“Oh, joy,” Sam said, feeling nervous while putting on a fake smile.

Later, Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy had met Twilight and Sam at the train station ready to go to Canterlot to meet the Princesses.

“Ooh! I’m so nervicited!” exclaimed Pinkie, bouncing up and down.

“You’re what?” asked Rainbow.

“Nervicited,” Pinkie replied, “I’m nervous that the Princesses may not like Sam and I’m excited that Sam is meeting the Princesses.”

“Riiiiight,” Rainbow said as she turned back around.

“Do you think Princess Celestia and Luna will welcome Sam into Equestria?” Fluttershy asked softly.

“Of course they will darling,” Rarity assured her, “I don’t see why they won’t.”

“He’s kind, sweet and a grant kid,” Applejack responded. Sam overheard what Applejack said and blushed a bit. Though he was dreadfully nervous. Twilight saw that he was nervous and nuzzled his cheek to calm him down.

“Don’t worry, the Princesses will love you,” Twilight assured him. Sam smiled as he heard the train coming.

The train stopped at the platform and the doors of the coaches opened. Out stepped the Conducer. “This stop is Ponyville, next stop, Canterlot!” he called out.

The Girls showed him their tickets and Twilight showed him hers and Sam’s tickets. He nodded and Twilight got on with Sam hold her tail and following her. They found their seats and the train started to move. As Sam wasn’t so big, he sat in between Twilight and Fluttershy, with Applejack and Rarity sitting across and Rainbow and Pinkie sitting behind him.

“It’s going to be a long ride,” Twilight told Sam.

“Ok,” he replied, he felt his eyes getting heavy, he yawned and laid on Twilight’s side.

“Aww,” Rarity said, “someone’s tired.”

Twilight looked down at Sam and nuzzled him while smiling. “I wonder what he’s dreaming,” she commented.

“Probably some nice,” said Fluttershy.

But it wasn’t.

All around Sam was darkness, he couldn’t see anything. He walked around calling out his friends names.

“Hello!” Sam called out, “Twilight! Fluttershy! Rainbow!”

“No one can hear you,” said a spin chilling voice, from behind him.

Sam turned around and looked up and the scariest monster he had ever seen. The Monster's right side of his head and neck were cyan, while his head is split in two, with the left half being corrupted. His body is navy blue with neon blue stripes around the arms, while his fingers and toes glow neon pink. The left half of his body is also corrupted, resulting in exposed ribs, and the back of his legbone being exposed.

Sam backed up in fear. He wanted to scream.

“Go ahead and scream,” the monster said, “no one is going to heard you as I said.”

“What do you want with me?” Sam said as he back up more.

“Calm down…” the monster said slowly, “there's nothing to worry about little child...”

“I don’t trust you,” Sam said as the monster walked closer, “shouldn’t Princess Luna be here to fight you off.”

“Because your not of Equestria origin, you’re not connected to this world,” he replied, “as long as I’m here in the back of your mind, Princess Luna cannot enter your dreams. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!”

“Please stay back,” Sam cried out as the monster went for him, “NO!!!!”

“Sam wake up!!!!” Twilight shouted shaking Sam awake. Sam’s eyes shot wide open with tears streaming down his face. He looked around and saw he was still on the train, with Twilight and the rest looking at him with worry and concern.

“Are you ok little bud?” Rainbow asked. Sam immediately wrapped his arms around Twilight’s neck and started to cry. Twilight placed a hoof around his back and tried to calm him down.

“Did you have a bad dream?” Twilight asked. Sam only nodded in reply, “Can you tell us what happen when you’re ready.”

Sam calmed down and told them about the monster as well as his nightmare when he first came to Equestria. The ponies felt very sorry for Sam and comfort him the rest of the way to Canterlot.

After Sam had calmed down, the train soon arrived in Canterlot, the girls got off with Sam holding Twilight’s tail. They soon enter the streets of Canterlot and already, Sam felt nervous. He looked around at all the ponies, they looked really posh and stuck-up. Back on earth he had heard that rich, posh, and stuck-up people didn’t care for those lower than themselves. He stayed close to Twilight. Rarity notice that Sam was feeling nervous around these posh ponies.

“Sam darling,” she said, Sam looked over to her, “not all of these ponies are snooty and stuck-up.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Oh yes, there are two friends of mine that live here,” Rarity replied, “and they’re really not like these higher ups. Hopefully you get to meet them soon.”

After walking for a bit, the reached the castle, Sam was amazed by it. All the castle he had seen where old and in ruins, but this was beautiful. The came to the entrance where some guards where standing in front of the door.

“Good day, Miss Sparkle,” one of the said.

“Good morning,” Twilight replied, “we have a meeting with the Princesses.”

“Of course go right on in,” the second said. Twilight and the rest thanked them as the walked in, Sam tried to stay hidden within the group.

After walking through the halls and they soon came to the throne room. Sam grew even more nervous. There were guards at the throne room doors as well.

“We have a meeting with the Princesses,” Twilight told the guards.

“Of course wait here,” one of the guards said as he went into the throne to tell the Princesses. A few minutes later, he came back, “Ok you can go in.”

He opened the door and Twilight and the rest walked in. The door closed behind them as Sam looked from behind Twilight and saw two tail ponies with horns and wings. The taller one had white fur with a light pink tone to it with a multi coloured mane and tail a sun for a cutie mark and purple eyes. The second was slightly smaller, with dark blue fur, and midnight blue mane and tail, a crescent moon for a cutie mark and blue eyes. Also, their manes and tail where flowing like they were getting blown in an invisible breeze. The taller one smiled as the ponies came closer.

“Good morning, Princesses,” Twilight said to them.

“Good morning Twilight and everyone,” Celestia spoke back, her voice was soothing, “did you found the new presence that had enter Equestria?”

“More like he found us,” Rainbow commented.

“What do you mean by ‘he’, Miss Rainbow,” Luna asked.

“Well basically, he told us he came from another world called earth, and when he arrived he ended up in the Everfree Forest,” Fluttershy said, “and I found him on my doorstep, he looked so cold and sad, I couldn’t leave him outside in the cold.”

“And out of the kindness in your heart Fluttershy, you took him in,” Celestia said.

“Where is this ‘he’ we are speaking of,” Luna asked. Everyone made room for Sam to come out, but he stayed behind Twilight. Twilight nuzzled his cheek.

“Don’t worry, the Princesses are really kind, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” she said softly.

“Ok,” Sam replied as he came out from behind Twilight. He told in front of the girls. Celestia and Luna where amazed.

“He’s a child,” Luna whispered to her sister.

“Yes,” Celestia whispered back.

“Hello, your highnesses,” Sam exclaimed with a nervous tone as he bowed to them.

Celestia and Luna got up from their thrones and walked down to Sam. Celestia placed a golden slipper hoof on his shoulder. Sam looked up into Celestia’s beautiful eyes.

“There’s no need to be so formal around us little one,” Celestia spoke softly, “you may raise.”

Sam nodded and stood up, as he did, he could smell the sweet aroma of cake coming from Celestia. Celestia and Luna smiled upon Sam.

“What is your name little one?” Luna asked kindly.

“Sam,” he told them, “Sam Metters.”

“Well Sam, can you tell us how you got here?” Celestia asked.

Upon her saying that, Sam’s mood soon dropped. His smile fell into a frown as he looked down in sadness. Celestia and Luna grew concerned.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Celestia asked.

“I can tell you where he came from and what happened to him,” Twilight said. She told the Princesses about Sam, about where he came from, where he lived and what happened to make him come here, after Twilight finished, both Princesses were completely speechless and felt sorry for Sam. Celestia knelt down and nuzzled Sam’s cheek.

“Please don’t upset, sweetheart,” Celestia said softly and motherly, “with us, you’ll never be alone or abandoned again.”

Sam wrapped his arms around Celestia neck. He fur was equally as soft and Twilight’s and the rest. Celestia placed a hoof around his back. And spoke softly and calmly to him. Sam soon started to calm down, Celestia reminded him of his mother a lot. But just as he started to smile, a female guard burst in the throne room.

“Your Highnesses!” She sound panicked, “a monster has appeared in town!”

“WHAT!” Celestia shouted, “Go help to ponies to get to cover.”

“Roger,” and the guard flew to the streets.

“Come on let’s go see what we can do,” Twilight said, her friends agreed and ran off. Sam was going to follow but Celestia put a hoof in front of him.

“Sam you stay here were it’s safe,” Celestia told him.

“I want to help,” Sam said.

“No its too dangerous,” Celestia replied.

“She’s right,” Luna responded, “this monster could be dangerous.”

“Ok,” Sam said sounding defeated.

“Good, let’s go,” Celestia declared as they all ran off to the monster.

However, Sam may have sounded defeated, but once everyone had left and the throne doors shut behind them, He smirked, and went to a window.

The monster in question was about 10 meters tall, was green, had a horn on its head, and had tuffs of fur on it’s head. No one knew its name, but they were calling it Gomess after an ancient that looked like it. Gomess was rampaging through the streets, roaring at the screaming ponies it was barely missing with its large feet.

Celestia had lined up her unicorn guards to fire at Gomess. “Ready, aim, fire,” she shouted. The unicorn started to fire blast of magic at Gomess, but this only annoyed it. Luna then tried her pegasus guards to try and lead the monster out of the streets. But Gomess just swotted at them away or to the ground. Celestia and Luna were running out of idea.

“I don’t know what else to do,” Celestia said.

“Neither do I,” Luna responded.

“If only some superhero could just show up and take care of the monster,” Pinkie commented.

“Yeah but what are the chances that’s going to happen,” Rainbow Remarked. As if by magic, a bolt of energy shot at Gomess that made it cry out and fall to the ground. Everyone looked to the sky and saw a red and silver suit of armour land on the ground and pull a battle stance. Of course this was Sam in the Ultraman Suit, but no one knew.

Rainbow’s jaw dropped, not believing that Pinkie was right. Pinkie was shocked too and wanted to test her luck again. “I wish I had some cupcakes in all my favourite flavour,” she said, but nothing happened, “aww, what a shame.”

Meanwhile, Gomess had gotten back up and then swiped at Sam, but his claws did nothing to the suit’s armour. Sam punch Gomess in the stomach, then kicked it in the head, then grabbed its head and threw it to the side. Gomess was thrown around, then Sam grabbed it’s tail and yanked it then started to spin around and around then when at a good speed, let go of Gomess and the monster went flying. It flew so far, that it flew of the edge of Canterlot and fell all the way to the ground where it exploded.

Sam smiled from inside the suit as he shrank back down to a more suitable size. He was about to fly back to the throne room. But he notice everyone was looking at him, he just saluted and took to the skies. The ponies watched him fly around the castle and disappear.

Sam quickly called off the armour once he go back in the Throne room. He didn’t have to wait long until the rest came back. They were talking about the strange being in the armour.

“What happened?” Sam asked, pretending to not know what happened, “I couldn’t see much from up here, all I saw was this cool looking superhero fly away.”

“That superhero beat up the monster then threw it of the side of Canterlot,” Rainbow exclaimed, “it was awesome!”

“Are you ok though, Sam?” Celestia asked, “the being didn’t hurt you when it flew round?”

“Of course not,” Sam assured them.

“That’s good,” Twilight said as she hugged him.

Soon, after having lunch with the Princesses where Rainbow tried to scare Sam about how scare Gomess was in which she was slapped around the head by Applejack and being showed around the castle while riding on Celestia’s back, Twilight and everyone thought it was time to go home. They bid farewell to the Princesses and after Sam gave one last hug to Celestia and Luna they left the castle.

Sam felt really tired again, so he rested on Twilight side. He hoped that he wouldn’t get the monster in his nightmares again. He really wished that Luna could fine a way into his dream.

Later that night, Luna was in her dreamscape, and was walking down a long hall with doors on each side that led to ponies dreams, but she wasn’t minding about these doors. She had one door on her mind. She soon came it a lone door on her right, it was chained up and bolted shut and had a sort of shield around it.

“Well, I now know this is Sam’s dream door,” she said to herself, “I just need to find a way to open it.” She put a note of the door that said, Sam’s dreams. She tried blasting the door, but it did nothing. She sighed and then went to the do her duty.

Author's Note:

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