• Published 24th Sep 2021
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Somewhere He Belongs - SuperSamYoshi

A young boy gets sent to Equestria, in hopes to find a place where he can live a happier life. and is also bonded to a technorganic alien and must save his new home.

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Prologue: Goodbye Earth

Somewhere in The United Kingdom was a town called Romsey, in this town was a family of six. There were Diana and John the Parents, their oldest son Scott, their two daughters Rebecca and Kerry, and their youngest son Sam. Scott was the oldest at the age of 22, Rebecca and Kerry where born at the same time so they were both 16 and Sam was the youngest at the age of 10.

Diana and John met during their final year of college. It was love at first sight and they got married a few years later. On their honeymoon, they decided to do it and have kids. They loved their children very dearly and always spent time with them. Until Scott went off to university and Rebecca and Kerry off to college leaving them with Sam.

Then one day, when Sam was nine years old, John passed away after he had grown sick. Before he passed away he told his youngest son to fight on and be strong. After that, it was only Sam and Diana in their house.

Over the months, Sam promised to stay by his mother’s side until the day she would join John. Diana could only hug her son for that statement. However, that day would come sooner than they thought. Then one day, Diana read on the news that a new disease was spreading around the world turning people into animals, it was hard to believe but it was true. The news reporter even had fox ears to prove it.

Then one day when Sam was ten years old, it happened.

Sam came downstairs ready for breakfast. He greeted his mother in the kitchen who had placed a plate of pancakes on the table. Sam hugged his mother and sat at the table and started to eat the pancakes. As he ate, Diana suddenly felt dizzy, she went upstairs to the bathroom, and a few minutes later, screamed.

Sam jumped at her scream, he quickly finished his breakfast, and ran upstairs to check on his mother.

“Mum?!” he asked, only to go silent when Diana turned to look at him with a patch of grey fur on the top of her breasts. The transformation from human to animal happened over a week, and Sam and Diana dreaded the final day that Diana would be a donkey.

Monday, her ears started to become pointy as fur slowly grew over her body and a beginning of a tail started to grow. Tuesday, her ears had grown into donkey ears as her nose swollen and her tail grew longer. Wednesday, her hands became stiff and morph into hooves and her teeth became blockier. Thursday, fur had covered her body about from her feet and face. Friday, Diana had grown, and she couldn’t get into any of her clothes, as her feet started to morph into hooves too. Saturday, Diana was almost a donkey, she still had her human head left. Sam had been comforting her the whole time she’s been changing, but he was the one who need comfort too. It felt weird to be nuzzled by his mother, but she couldn’t hug him or anything otherwise she would.

Diana made Sam look into her eyes, “Sweetheart, no matter what happens to me, please do me a favour and don’t feel sad, be strong and I’ll always love you no matter what,” she said, as Sam broke down into tears and hugged his mother’s thick furry neck.

Sunday, the dreaded day had come. Sam didn’t sleep at all last night. He went downstairs and saw his mother standing in the middle of the living room. However, she had a donkey face, she had completely changed.

“Mum?” Sam asked to see if she was still herself, but Diana didn’t respond. She was no one, and in her place was a full-grown jenny.

Sam sighed, as tear leaked from his eyes, he then decided to let the jenny out. He made her follow him with some carrots and opened the front door, the Jenny wondered out once he placed the carrots on the ground.

Sam just sat on his couch in the living room, thinking of what to do now. He had no phone to call his family, but he assumed that they were turned into animals as well. After sitting there for about thirty minutes, Sam made a decision.

He packed up his things in his backpack and headed out of town and into the forest that was near his hometown.

“I’ve seen Bear Grills,” he said to his little chameleon plush, “even though it’s fake.” This was a thing Sam would often did, he would talk to himself out loud to make sure he would wouldn’t go insane. Sometimes he would have a plush toy with him, or he would talk to his imaginary friend, when his others weren’t around.

Sam soon entered the forest, as the time was nearly lunchtime by the time he had gotten into the forest, he found a tree to lay against and stopped to have a lunch break. Waking for so long made his feet hurt so after lunch, he had a little nap. By the time he woke up, he noticed that he had slept for a long time, as the sun was starting to set.

Sam assumed that it was maybe four or five o’clock, so he had to find somewhere to sleep for the night. After walking for about an hours or so, he found a cave.

“I hope it’s empty,” he remarked nervously. But he was wrong.

In the cave, snoring could be heard. Sam quietly crept in, he knew that this cave used to be empty, as he saw two bears sleeping, and there where no bears in this forest. Sam thought that the bears where a couple that were turned into bears. Judging by the bags, and tore up clothes, these two were college students recently turned into bears.

He noticed that the cave went onward, so he snuck around the bears as quietly as he could. Once getting pass the bears, he breathed a silent sigh of relief. And then accidently kicked a rock. He heard movement from behind him, Sam slowly looked behind himself as saw the two bears slowly move to face him.

Sam sighed, “Son of a…”

The bears growl as Sam made a run for it, running deeper into the cave. Sam wasn’t a good runner and the bears caught up with him. But like a dog in water, if Sam saw something he would keep running. And something he did see, the cave seemed to get lighter.

Soon Sam came to an opening, were light came from a hole in the ceiling, and there was a giant pool of water. He came to the edge of the pool and looked into the water. Then heard the bears from behind him, he wanted to run, but the bears blocked him.

Sam felt scared, as the bears came closer. One stood up on it’s back paws, this caused Sam to walked back and fall into the pool. Now Sam wasn’t the best swimmer but have a rucksack that was clipped to him, dragged him down to the seem to be bottomless lake. Sam was running out of oxygen, as he tried to unclip himself. But he couldn’t. His vision started to fade as he struggled to hold his breathe any longer. But just he was about to drown, he floated down into a giant hand. Sam gave look up before everything turned to black.

Sam suddenly gasped for air, breathing heavily as he spat out water that had entered his lungs. He then looked around, he saw that he was in the opening, but it looked different. For one thing, the pool was bluer, and the was greenery around the pool. Sam was a little confused.

“What happened?” he asked himself.

“I saved you,” said a voice, Sam jumped as he wasn’t expecting a reply.

Sam looked around but he couldn’t see who the voice belonged to. “Is anyone there?” Sam asked. Then suddenly, a holographic projection appeared in front of Sam. The hologram showed a figure that was silver and red, and looked a little like Iron man.

“I am a technorganic being known as Ultraman,” he said, “I come for a far away planet that has higher technology than you earthlings, and we used our technology to upgrade us to robotic forms possessed by the light from our Plasma Spark. And I was the one that save you before you drowned.”

Sam was taking aback, “Urm… thanks,” was all he could say.

“But unfortunately, I wasn’t appeal to save you fully,” Ultraman said, “so I have given you my light to live once more.”

“Say what now?” Sam said as he then followed where the projection was coming from, he looked down at his chest, and pulled down his shirt to see a light on his chest. “Ok, now I’m iron man.”

“Because I have given you my light, you can dawn my suit,” Ultraman said as the holographic projection faded. All of a sudden, Sam felt his body get covered by the suit. “You can call upon the Ultrasuit by said ‘Ultrasuit on’.”

Sam was so shocked he didn’t what to do, so he called out, “Ultrasuit off,” and the suit retracted into the colour timer on his chest.

“As I have mentally bonded to you, you can hear me in your head,” Ultraman said.

“Now, I need to know where I am,” Sam said out loud. He saw an exit, grabbed his things, and made his way out. He walked through a tunnel until he came out into a forest under the light of the moon. “Wow,” Sam said, as he made his way through the forest and came to a little cottage on the outside to the forest, the cottage led all the way to a small town. Sam walked up the path to the little cottage and saw that the lights were still on. He was about to knock when his hand stopped just before the hitting the door.

“Why did you halt?” Ultraman asked.

“I have Asperger’s,” Sam replied, and he told him what he can’t and can do, “I can’t ask for help or anything like that.”

“Well, I won’t press you on to do something you don’t want to do,” Ultraman said, “so I won’t bother you.”

Sam then decided to sleep on the doorstep that night, and hopefully inside would see him in the morning. Before Sam closed his eyes to sleep, he looked to the sky. “Goodnight mum,” he said as a tear falls from his eye. Just as he closed his eyes a went to sleep, the door opened, and a calm smoothing voice spoke.

“What is this at my door? Oh the poor thing must be cold.” Then the one to voice belong to picked up Sam and took him inside.

Author's Note:

HI guys

this is it, the beginning of my remastered version of His New Home in Equestria

I hope you guys like it, because will be the story I'll be making while I'm back at College, I don't mean I'll be making this at college but you get the idea