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Hello I'm Raygen and I am an SFW Fanfiction writer


With Wall-E and Eve's objectives completed and their usefulness run dry, they are deactivated and stored in a bunker safe from the environment with the Humans taking over the clean-up and rebuilding of society. Over 1000 years later, they are awoken by a mysterious force but to Grassy hills and Unique creatures instead of the Skyscrapers and Humans that they are used to.

Now it's the Robot duo's job to discover what happened to the Humans and where they went while trying to enjoy their own artificial lives together

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This is cute, I would like to read more of it!

It's great! I can't wait to see more of what Wall-E will get himself into! :pinkiehappy:

Love it there’s not any wall-e story’s excellent work can’t wait for next chapter

(before reading)

WALL.E is one of my most favourite Pixar movies, so i feel like I am going to like this 🌱

The world greatly needed more Wall-E stories, thank you :)

"Dear Princess Celestia, Today Applejack encountered a strange event today..."

Just thinking, that you can cut out a 'today'

Wall-E then pulls off his tracks before hanging them on a metal pole, leaving him in only his wheels as he goes back to his shelf and closes up his body into his cube form, riding back onto the shelf and rocking himself to sleep like he has done every night.

Awww... Just like in the movie

Wall-E, a movie I remember fondly. And by that I mean I totally 100% did not in any way, shape, or form did not have any kind or type of obsession with the movie.

please keep going this is so cool.

Can't wait for the next chapter

I don't know who you are or where you live, but, if you don't complete this, I will find you and I will Rick Roll you.

I love this, always wanted a Wall-E and MLP.

Excellent chapter keep up can’t wait to see what happens next

This is a very good chapter . I can't wait for Twilight to go full on egghead mod when she finds out about Wall-e and Eve.

Loved this chapter keep up the good work can't wait to see the next chapter

Honestly I'm surprised Eve didn't do the spinning attack after all her spinning around hyper-fast is an iconic scene in the beginning of the movie and her arms are far more blade shaped when not being used for hands. I get that she's arranged fighter with her plasma rifle arm but WALL-E also has a powerful cutting laser (which I suspect was upgraded by the systems on the Axiom much like their voice modules). I'm kind of surprised WALL-E didn't let a timberwolf get into his compactor area and then make a cube out of it. It is a brutal way to destroy something but considering a timberwolf can reassemble from even broken pieces of wood it would just be a restraining attack for a timberwolf.

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