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A weighty sigh escapes my chest, stiff nipples and perky tits settle down as my body begins to relax.

Sooooo the human is a futanari?

I haven't seen you in a minute

Yes, I’ve seen two different types futanari, and this is one without a vagina.

Bit of a strange thing to say as this is my first posted story. Did we ever talk in a comment section before?

Ah no sorry my friend. I was talking about tinman. Tinman has similar tastes in stories as I but I haven't seen one of his comments in a long time.

You should really say that in the description.

This was a blast chapter is was fun and sweet beginning.

Thanks, glad you like the story!

Please can you so something about Twilight I feel bad for him and I want her to join in one day but not hurt him.

So not fullfledged futa?

Don’t really have anything planned with her but I’ll see how the story turns out.

No vagina so no not complete futanari

I'm hopping for impreg in this story. Not a bad story. not at all

Thanks for the compliment! And that’s something I’ve been thinking about, gonna try to work it into the story.

Hurray for futa!!!

I've been trying to write something very similar to this fic, actually. Just with a larger emphasis on wish fulfillment lol.
good shit, mang. keep it up!

so are the ponies "ponies" or anthro/human?

This has my full attention.

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