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Benedictus et effectus


Everything’s been kind of weird in Equestria lately. Last night I’ve been looking at those “most eerie places on Equus” and came across Stygian’s Grasp, not too far off Ponyville in the Everfree. This guy, Griff Adler, who died- they found some kind of letter he wrote and released it to the public.

Something about curling up in the fetal position?

Weird. I have the same name as his dead ferret.


Discusses the topic of suicide rather often and is heavily implied. Reader discretion advised.

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Yikes… that was interesting.


Well, they definitely made it a public document. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t filter some other things. Griff’s comments about Celestia’s governing techniques is probably a top contributor.

I...I can't describe it, so let's go with...deep and moving

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