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Keep one foot in front of the other to move on

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Just do more the dame story!

Alright, lad just gives me a few hours for me to work today and I'll do chapter two when I get off.

You know, I was just browsing on FIMFIC and saw your story and it got me interested. Because, one: I played FNV and two: I'm making a FOE FNV story as well!

I recommend this to my best friend, and you sir just got 2 new followers!

I hope this story stays...because this is already interesting with a double isekai event.

Looks good keep it up

The only other double isekai event, was in the rising of the shield hero, and one fan fiction on it as well, it is a healthy change of pace.

Send me a PM linked to the story

I hope ya finish this one this time XD

Needs some polishing, but I am going to keep an eye on it! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah I'm a bit rusty after my long hiatus but now that I'm free from my mother and step-father expect to see faster updates

This is the third Version of this story you’ve done I only wish you would set the old versions as canceled but leave them up so I can read what was there while I wait for updates on the new version

Me gustó mucho la historia espero que saques más capítulos 😁

Sure thing.....I am just waiting for approval, hehehe :twilightsheepish:

Damn, there's already some story in the foreground that we can try to discover, got me hooked yet again, brav.

just write about ponies on the pony website, ffs.

write about other stuff someplace else.

>,> UH,.......YES SO MUCH YES

as far as I can tell this story has the intent to take place in some version of equestria, so what are you screeching about?

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