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Gallus has everything, a home, a new life within Equestria, and a chance to prove himself as the royal Captain of Twilight's guard, but what makes him feel so unsure? Why does he feel like a monster?

Cover art credit: ART

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Will we get more of the sweet Gallbar?

Very fun little short story, watching Gallus talk himself through things with Twilight's help, all so he can be the gayest birb we all know him to be. You go Gallus. Be a gay birb.

This really got me. Lovely story.

Very sweet. Please tell us how it goes with Sandbar!

MORE birbcat? more fwoof?

much yush

To the author - you should know i was a bit skeptical of your story and here's why...
thought to myself '' what's up with this cover art! is that picture gonna be connected to the work?'' then i scrolled down to the comment section. i do that sometimes just to see what other readers think about said fic and form my own views:twilightblush:

p.s: btw gallbar (gallus x sandbar) i will always be one of my favorite m/m ships:heart:

please write a sequel some people are asking for it!:scootangel:

Same; there was nothing in the tags or description to indicate Sandbar having anything to do with it, but reading the story explained it.

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