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*Sequel to Devil's Due.

After being chased from Ponyville by the griffons, Ryan chooses to head to the desert with Dallas and Atlanta. With a vendetta and a .45, he is determined to right all those who wrong him one way or another.

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No! Stay back Sleep, I don't need you right now!

shrek reference for the win!

this reminds me of both slender and amnesia


Kind of the point. Had to try it.


The sequel we've been waiting for. The greatness that is our favorite American pony writer.
I don't feel I should have to tell you how much I enjoy your writing but I do, I enjoy it to no end.
Great work.


This and my last story are really just practice novels. I might try and do something I can publish next.

If you publish something with the same thought and flair that you put into these stories you would have me as one of the first people getting it.


Put in a trigger happy sociopath that still has a rational mind and feelings? Got it.

Now you're getting it, everyone loves trigger happy sociopaths.

I seem to recall him having the ability to magically repair machinery as well. or was that from an edited chapter in the previous one?


Just the guns and H2. Nothing more.

I already read Ryan in Max Paine's voice and now he's having Max Paine dreams? WTF:rainbowderp:. Creepy chapter is creepy and I like it.

1548910 okay, if he still has that ability then why doesn't he repair the H2 with it? I mean besides the pain which he'd be able to deal with anyway

Atlanta shot awake, 'he' heart probably ready to burst from his chest.
In the first chapter, should be 'his'. IF you wanna bother with it

He can only maintain the engine. Everything else is falling apart around it.

Just another thing on the writing bucket list I have accomplished. You like it?

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll go kick my editor's ass now.

1551292 I know right! I had a whole argument with AA about this on one of his blogs.

1551292 and 1551376


This is Shirotora's OC. Go yell at him. I just put Dallas in for giggles. Just enjoy the damn story.

I had the Beastie Boy's Paul Revere playing in my head throughout this chapter. Needless to say its good to see the sequel up and running.

Damn, shit is getting trippy.:twilightoops:

Anyone else get the whole Silent Hill vibe from this chapter? I was half expecting the walls to turn into flesh or something.

"Atlanta gave me a looked before stepped out from in front of me."
By god, what have you done?

1551292>>1551376 Dallas, real name Midnight Star, is from my Dawn Shield series. He uses a rune on his forehead to create solidified magic energy.

weew when devils due ended my reaction was between shit just hit the fan meister man and abrupt ending table flip

yay update! is Luna a supporter of him or is she with Celestia and the griffins


Make a guess. That is part of the fun.

if i had to guess i would say shes trying to help him, because she didn't try to capture him on sight.


Or the fact it wasn't reality and Ryan is armed to the teeth...

it was mentioned that celestias shield magic could stop bullets, so theres no reason why lunas couldn't as well

What in the fuck is that?
It scares me.

What does that have to do with anything?
Also, pretty sure it was Shining Armor that made a shield. (Celestia, what in the fuck?)

Dat swag. Ryan gets all 'dem mares. :rainbowlaugh:

I was surprised to see this back up. I would have read it sooner, but I've been busy with my own story. It's actually quite popular. Anyway, I can't wait to see where you go with this. I'm kinda hoping for some back story on Atlanta and Dallas (especially Dallas for obvious reasons:twilightsmile:)

:facehoof: Now their stuck foalsitting. That CAN'T end badly.

Sweet chapter man:twilightsmile:

i just cant get my mind off of Ryan seeing ponyville again


Neither can I but I must pace this properly...

Oh, snap. He's back in town. I am curious as to how you're going to handle Dallas's back story in this. I doubt it's going to be the same as mine (though if it is, Ryan's reaction to that would be interesting). I'm definitely enjoying this one about as much as Devil's Due. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

P.S. First!

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