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I watch a series or video game... and the Mane 6 play the original characters!!!


Twilight's life changes when she is accepted into a new college: the Canterlot College of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

There, she will make new friends, but also enemies, who will help her fulfill her destiny. One that she was not expecting.

Based on the "Harry Potter" film saga

Volume 1 (The Unicorn's Stone): Prologue - (In progress)

Chapters (4)
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"Yer a wizard Twilight"
"Uh ya, kinda got the whole horn thing going on"

Good start but maybe don't copy the harry potter series 1:1, twilight has to have room to be herself and do the things she'd do

In response, the snake simply shook its head. Fluttershy reads the small sign in front of the glass before turning to the snake.

Why Fluttershy? There was Twilight just moment ago.

He can write it however he wants boi

Also question for the author, you labeled this story with romance. Is that something that’ll come much later in the story or soon? Also is there anything you can say that wouldn’t be spoilers about that? I’m a bit of a romance novel reader and I’m curious

Romance you'll have to wait until volume 4

Alright, consider me on board the train that is this story :pinkiehappy:

I hope you change the story a little bit because this chapter is almost a carbon copy of the first Harry Potter book with the characters changed to MLP characters.

Oh alright, I'll play nice. Who is going to be Malfoys?

Wait until we arrive at Canterlot High and you will know

"How weird..." Harry said curiously "I've never received mail before".

"Why is there no mail on Sunday?" guessed Harry.

Lol got some oops for ya

You might want to check out the site rules about crossovers here, what you have is bordering plagiarism which could get you banned.

Also I absolutely love the cover art

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant want for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Well, for the next chapter, I need you to tell me which MLP character would fit the role of Professor Quirrell (other than Discord, because I have it reserved for another character)

"Car accident?" asked Spike "How could Twilight Velvet and Night Light die like this!?"

You know, because magic supposed to be secret, that's how

Let's see people, for the next chapter, I need you to tell me which MLP character would fit the role of Professor Quirrell...

Because right now I have an inspirational block and I can't think of who could interpret it!!

Hey you kind of put the names from the Harry Potter books instead of the, well you know sometimes

But other than that, it's pretty great so far

I don’t remember anything from the movies so I don’t know if that’ll make this better or worse :rainbowlaugh:

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