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Vashta Nerada?

seems Equestria has fallen to one of the old gods

Many ponies wouldn't admit this, but even victory meant nothing if all one hoped for in life was happiness.

Umm...did you watch too much Rick And Morty?

Either she has slept for longer than she thought, or she's tripping out and looks like an idiot in the middle of town

Well, that was horrible. Thanks for the nightmares by the way.

R.I.P. cocktail pony.

Regidar #6 · Sep 13th, 2021 · · 10 ·

and so it continues, the gradual decay of people who were once the leaders of their art, the pioneers of their field—crushed by a medium they long ago outstripped, destroyed by a world that has outgrown the need for them. chewed up and consumed like the worthless and fleeting delicacy they are.
miserable. fucking hated it. upvoted and favorited.
ah yes, rick and morty, notoriously the only piece of media that embodies cynicism in our otherwise hopeful and beautiful world

i hunger

Holy shit...

What did I just read?

how she woefully wished that horses had the blissful gift of regurgitation.

Pinkie Pie can do it, but she IS Pinkie Pie.

tbf pizza isn't really that gr8. Also malaise.

So can Applejack.

Even worse ending: Everyone except her dies because the monsters don't like her berry flavored flesh and she wanders alone forever.

That is dark. Like, really really dark.

And I mean every word of that.

I don't remember that episode. Which one was it?

Either way I guess Berry's just built different.

The Lovecraft version of Argembarger's "The Spiderses".


The episode with the baked bads.

Have no idea what just happened, but cool.

This is a good read. Although I have no idea what I just read.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

This was good. The sense of utter confusion. So much confusion that she doesn’t even have room in her head for hopelessness. Not really. A little bit of fear, but that’s it.

I liked it.

Oh, that ending was yucky. The instant I realized what the not-night was, I couldn't keep reading fully and had to skim it to keep my witts about me.
Coincidentally, halfway through this I developed a tummy ache of my own (due to gassy veggies and burning incense in a closed room).

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