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awesome story mate keep it up can't wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment. I appreciate the feedback.

Very lovely, great descriptions, and sappy dialogue. Perfect for a short sparity fic!


Glad you liked it. I admit i never really saw this as a really separate story, but rather just the NSFW part of Inspirational Block. Perhaps that's part of the reason for the rather many dislikes this story got - that people didn't read that this is a second part and disliked that it has no setup or introduction. But then it could also be that i didn't mimic the speech patterns well enough, or that i used 'mirror' three times in a single sentence. Since no one who downvoted left a comment, i might never know.

Eh, I would say not to let it affect you. In my experience, alot of the downvotes in these types of stories is just because somebody didn't approve of the pairing. Many times, they don't even read the story, just downvote the pair.

But like I said, it's a good story (or sequel, or continuation), with good scenes and excellent grammar. You did god. Kudos to you, and please feel free to write more!


Unfortunately i am quite inclined to agree with you. On the day i posted this story, all my stories received a downvote - including The Black Guard which didn't even get any views that day. I talked with a moderator about this, but he thinks it is entirely plausible that someone read one of my stories, found it sufficiently lacking that he thought it was worth a downvote but couldn't quite believe someone might be that bad a writer so he checked out the next of my stories and just kept doing that even though every story they found of me was one that they strongly disliked - and he had previously downloaded some of my stories and read them offline, he just forgot to downvote them until my post reminded him.

Personally, i quite appreciate constructive negative criticism. I constantly seek to improve myself, so i see nothing negative in receiving feedback on where i am still lacking. But it really does seem to me like the voting system on FimFiction is downright useless since you as well gave me advice to just disregard the results, and to make things worse, it is tied in with which stories are featured which affects viewing numbers. And while i don't care that much about viewing numbers or numbers of followers, what i do care about are conversations like this one, and the number of those is directly correlated to the number of people reading a story. But really the worst part i think is that this - probably fairly miniscule - part of the community is poisoning it, attacking anyone who has somewhat different interests or preferences than themselves, and the mods and the rest of the community are unwilling to do anything about it. I've seen posts in comment sections that left me flabberghasted. Back when i was last active i came across quite a number of profiles from interesting writers who stated that they were leaving because they didn't want to deal with such things any more, or explained how they tried to improve the situation but failed to reach consensus with the mods.

I loved it 😍

I am glad the story could bring you some enjoyment. Also, i am sorry that there were not more entries for your contest, and hope that whatever caused you stress last month has passed without lingering consequences.


Happy it brought you enjoyment. : - )

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