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Next week's story: Fluttershy returning to the forest to have sex with that manticore. Then after that, Rarity bumps into Steven Magnet at the lake and decides to see how that moustache feels in between her legs.

mega unf

Very nice nightly adventure 👍:rainbowdetermined2:

Original art that, to my knowledge, hasn't been posted anywhere yet.

If anyone uploads it to Derpi, just link the story in the description please

Sexy. I'd kinda hoped it was actually Nightmare Moon trying a different form of seduction, years later, after everypony had let down her guard-- and it could've been followed by her seducing all the other Mane 6.

Pinkie Pie fucks a tree.
And Applejack...


That's not what Leech was hinting at at the end. There was only one cum-slathered stump: the one Dash had been draped over when Luna's stallions finished.

I'd like to think Luna personally cleaned Dash afterward. With her tongue...


That's what I was trying to say: the stallions weren't stumps. As far as I can tell, having check twice now, there's nothing in this story saying they were.

The only stump involved was the one she got plapped on

Author's Note: No lumber was harmed in the writing of this story

Kinks Include: Male on Female

Dear god!

Luna exercising her illusion magic to make dash think she's fine I bet when she's in the bathroom it's gonna fall away and dash is gonna scream :trollestia:


Had she accepted the villain’s proposal, becoming the captain of the Shadowbolts, her life would have undoubtedly shaped up much, much differently.

For the briefest of moments, she assumed she was peering at Dross’ hind leg, yet that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Long, girthy, and as dark as pitch, his flaccid stallionhood shamelessly hung from his groin and steamed in the cool air. It took her less than a second to realize what she was looking at, immediately blushing and looking to his partner, where a similar sight was unfolding.

Luna said earlier she the were "exquisitely well-trained".
Their current behavior proofs she either trained them badly since they can't contain themselves in front of a sexy cute mare, or it means she trained them very well, making sure they know exactly how to serve their captain...

If she was going to cave to her lecherous cravings, by Celestia, she was going to enjoy everything they had to offer.

You would need to be Some kind of Leech to write something like this.

Though the comment was a subtle reminder of the voyeuristic alicorn’s presence, Dash did her best to disregard it. Considering Luna had set the whole thing up, introducing her to the duo of dreamboats, she’d gone past the point of caring about casual exhibitionism; since there was a very real possibility that none of it was real, she saw no harm - for buck’s sake, the Princess could and more than likely had seen more outrageous scenarios in her head.

Luna: "Don't worry Dash, your dreams are actually quite tame in comparison to those of one of your friends..."
:rainbowderp:: "Which of my friends do you mean? I have several of those, you know."
Luna. "Oh, I'll leave that to you to figure out..."

“Such a good mare,” Luna remarked, gingerly twisting the prismatic pegasus’ nipples. “Just give in and submit to that feeling welling up inside you…”


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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