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I wrote hoers (Ko-Fi/Patreon)

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I'm not into the first or third thing listed with the spoiler tag, but dammit if the phrase "Perilous Penis Pumper" isn't hilarious.


I came for the plot, but instead I came to the plot.

Thank you, Flutterpriest, for letting me be a part of this. I had so much fun and the story came out perfect :heart:

this is stupid.

Don’t doubt that I infrequently colab on clop.

But when I do, I prefer there to perfectly plentiful amounts of alliteration.

Goofy and funny. :pinkiesmile: The constant puns are reminiscent of old comics, though in this case, perhaps a detective show with that sort of humor. Nice job.

This whole thing orbits around Dick Dick’s Dick.

I cannot get that out of my head. I had to think about it just enough for it to be literally the funniest thing I’ve read all month.

I would totally read this if it were a series.


Damned funny. thank you. i genuinely needed this laugh.

This was glorious, dumb, and funny

Man this was both amusing and hot to read. It was awesome to see a win-win situation here.

I read the description in the voice of the narrator who recounts the events of the previous episode(s) of The Legend of Korra.

Looks like the Cummy Bandit got "punn"ished in a way she desperately deserved! With loads of cum!

The stage was set. Dicktective Dick Magnum was ready to catch his newest target. Tonight, he was after Ponyville’s serial semen stealer, the unidentified Cummy Bandit that has left stallions sleeping in a mild orgasmic daze. It was his job to catch this testicular titillating terror and put them to justice.

OH this is gonna be good I can tell

The inevitable has happened! Cummy Bandit has been featured!

I guess this proves that a fic can be featured more than 20 hours after publishing, contrary to my beliefs.

Who ate all my cum? A mystery. Cum detective hot on the trail.

Later she revealed she is a cummonist, believing there should be no private property on cum.
Instead all cum should belong to everyone, causing her to claim her rightful price.

a fic of mine got featured like a week or two after i published it. it was the oddest thing...don't even really know why.

So much pun, I love it

Also it very sexy there should be more giraffe fics

Why is this a thing and why is it also fucking fantastic. Thank you and the others that helped for publishing this pinnacle of ponyfic!

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