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When Smolder mentions the word “slap,” her friends only meet her with blank stares. How can this school not teach the important things in life?

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Damn, Sandbar is a masochist.

A girl's gotta keep her pimp hand strong

Only the most exquisite, philosophical and emotional stories on Fimfiction, as we can see.


“Hand!” Lyra called from the courtyard outside. “And the little bits are fingers!”

Out of nowhere Lyra Heartstrings nice lol

Poor sandbar I feel like he was the punching bag but it was pretty funny

Sandbar is willing to suffer for the sake of higher education, I respect that

I wanted to do a cigarette bid for dragons and this one gave me an idea, thanks.

Wouldn't punches be more effective?

Saw this story while scrolling, just want to warn you that you might get in trouble with the admins for having a swear in the title of a teen story. Not trying to be a dickhead, just trying to help.

That's not the point.

Yonabar is canon, remember?

HA, and they proceeded to just beat the shit out of each other. Ah. I did so miss the slapstick from the earlier seasons.

Profanity is a tag which is unlockable by teen rating. Swearing is fine as far as I understand as long as it doesn't cross the adult border of swearing. Besides, damn /dammit -- story spoilers are srs bidness! -- aren't even considered swearing but rather crass in half the world :moustache:

I love how Sandbar was just immediately volunteered to be the guinea pig for this, and nobody, not even Sandbar, objects to that at any time. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't believe you titled this.

Ok class, our next lesson will be on first aid for concussions.

Sandbar’s eyes flicked back and forth between Yona and Smolder. He licked his bleeding lip. “…Yes?” he croaked.


Upvoting and faving just for the name will comment again once I've read it

“What is that thing?” Gallus asked, pointing at it with a wingtip instead of a talon, even though he knew it pissed her off when he did that.

Love this.

Sandbar’s eyes flicked back and forth between Yona and Smolder. He licked his bleeding lip. “…Yes?” he croaked.

Spectacular. At first I was feeling bad for Sandbar but I guess he’s into it so now I’m happy for everyone involved.

Yeah uh holy FUCK this is great. It’s got two of the best things in life: the satisfying act of slapping the living shit out of someone, and the Young Six.

dialogue good
Smolder monologue good
everything good


Picture this scene, but with Sandbar taking it like a champ. :rainbowlaugh:

Wanderer D

And now we know why he married Yona.

Does Yona ever need to be able to slap someone though? Seems like she has other options.

Sandbar really said "I need a big strong yak gf to beat the shit out of me 😔" and honestly I respect his hustle

Sandbar’s eyes flicked back and forth between Yona and Smolder. He licked his bleeding lip. “…Yes?” he croaked.

Was feeling bad for Sandbar the whole time wondering why he wasn’t asking to stop. Looks like our boy has a thing for pain lol

This was hilarious btw

Today, there is nothing funnier than Silverstream eagerly about learning to slap a bitch.

It's truly an art, hell this whole fic is art! Just thinking about what kind of shenanigans they'd get up to, and then you giving it some life from imagination, oh it's friggin' grand! Hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this hilarious fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/7rqqdRJat14

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Next lesson, boink him in the eyes.

All I can really say about this story is that... well...

... it slaps.

And that was how Equestria was introduced to the holiday of Slapsgiving.

Poor Sandbar.

Thanks for the reading! This was fun. At first I couldn't tell it was you doing all the voices. It sounded like you'd gotten a couple of other VAs.

This was stupid and unnecessary.

Write a sequel.

Then she took a mighty swing and clocked Sandbar in the mouth, knocking him over the table and into the wall.
Isn't it suppose to be cocked?

Nah, clock can be a slang term for hit.

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