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Diabolus Foalt

Heyo. I'm the alt of a writer you may know. I write super weird shit here. Ratings off because Celestia forbid any of this gets featured. This account will only post, not follow or rate.

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So good to see this fine pony take the time to check for allergies before playing with his new toy. A real gentlecolt, that one.

The buzzy thing slid back into her heiney and started buzzing again, making the little filly squirm and thrust as the uncapped desire began to build once more, driven both by his words and the buzzy thing itself. The last thing Starlight heard was some sort of magic twinkling, and then one final command, one final thing she could do to please her owner:

“Don’t think.”

And then there was bliss.

I love this part a lot. Great work!

I'm guessing she grew up inspired to spread the gift of mindless bliss to every pony.

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