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I don't like ponies.

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So bad it's good.

Why do mods let this stuff go past? >.>

All of teh lulz??

Ok im all for letting bad stories through if the author tried or is a troll fic with effort, but this was neither funny nor rage inducing. I think your about 12 and have yet to control ur pubecent mind. If u want to write something please make it entertaining atleast. Also gonna give a life spoiler for you and say based on the number of times youve used the word dick in this that you are in fact gay and should prepare yourself for a shitty juniorhigh and highschool experience. On a positive note, college will totally rock.

1245867 Punctuation and Grammar. You don't has dem. For example, the correct usages are your, not "ur", you,not "u", and you've, not "youve". There are also spaces between "junior" and 'high" as well as the latter and "school". Not to mention the various syntax and comma errors, as previously stated.

1245880 i goggled at your posts, good sir!

1245912 My thanks for this compliment.

I'm pretty sure I'm 16, not 12.
I'm pretty sure I don't try to make any of my fics good.
I'm pretty sure I'm in a straight relationship.
I'm pretty sure I've had successful fics before this one.

1245916 sorry i meant to say giggled!:ajsleepy:

1245967 I was wondering what goggled meant.:moustache:

Lmao, as always.:yay:

Lmao. Rubbled ALL THE JAMMIES!

And thats how Equestria was unmade!:pinkiehappy:

I hate my life

I think I... liked it?
But seriously, to resurrect an old saying, WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

Come on, man, you can do better than this.


1246329 Aw, why? D:

I think I'm gonna write something new.
But I'm gonna write it for my followers, not because I want to.
I need more ideas...

WTF. You and your silly stories. They always make me giggle.

By the ways, if you're gonna write it for your followers and not you, will you still enjoy writing it? I'd rather you enjoy the story you write instead of writing it just for us.

Yeah. It's still not very fun...
But I just need a few good ideas.

OK Fap....this one was funny as hell! I dig your humor Bo!


ah yes, the kamehafusrodah wave. the most powerful move ever made up, no wonder the changelings lost. but why the hate towards rarity? :raritydespair:

the insanity is lacking in this one. not enough random shit going on. and no i am not being sarcastic.


Actually, studies have shown that when men write romance or even just smut, they spend a lot of time describing the dick, even if they're straight. Grow up and stop being a douche. :heart:

scix #30 · Nov 5th, 2012 · · · 1 ·

Why the fuck aren't we teaching this in schools?

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