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When the smart kid says "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me" so you beat him with a dictionary.

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That description was so bad this must be parody. But there's no comedy tag. So I'm guessing it's real :rainbowlaugh:

Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap?

Yeah that's the joke

This feels like a classical Displaced story, I like it.:pinkiehappy: Just make sure that it doesn't spiral out of control by adding more and more things from other franchises. It can make you sidetrack and lose focus on were the story is going, it's a mistake that has force many writers to either abandon or cancel their stories.
This I feel will be quite a joy ride if you keep a relatively lighthearted tone, with a bit of dark because Jojo. Fluttershy is going to love the shark puppies. :twilightsmile:

PS. You should probably fix the description once you know what you want out of this story. Otherwise people might ignore it.

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Yeah just clumsily wrote this in the middle of night gonna fix this as well as the chapter itself.

It's also the name of Funny Valentine's ultimate attack in at least one game, as something of a troll move.


Just make sure that it doesn't spiral out of control by adding more and more things from other franchises.

With something like Jojo's it doesn't even need the "from other franchises" bit to go full crazy. This is a series that Japan felt warranted putting "Bizarre" in the title of, after all...

Don't be angry of why he has no knowledge of mlp? Honestly, I welcome it. The least mentally prepared the MC is, the more potiental growth they are given as they do learn about this new world. I've seen WAY too many HiE / Displaced who use their knowledge to change the world/future.

It's annoying really & they fuck it up

or worst, the events are still the same aka copy the mlp script cliche.

So the cringy blog post style description is on purpose for a joke and you only forgot the comedy tag?

Nice updated version, the pictures at the end really helped with some of the unknowns for me.

Questions: Is Funny going to be speaking japanese the entire time? Or was it just a gag for this chapter?
Is this version of Equestria a fusion with North America from Jojo? Are you going to include Stands for the ponies?

Since you gave him White Snake's ability as well, I can see Funny making allies by killing bad Stand users and give Stands to those that could use them better.

Speaking of: What's your favorite Stand from Jojo?

Za hando, Bad Company, D4C, Killer Queen (part 8), Metallica, Made in Heaven, C-Moon, White Snake, Death 13, & Soft and Wet.

No it's not a fusion of North America it's just regular Equestria. For allies I might have him do the same thing as Atom Heart Father when he was protecting his son from the group or as Keicho Ninjimura going around making Stand Users. Him speaking Japanese is a partial gag to seeing how nobody knows what the language is. Oh he'll definitely kill people if they're like CIOCCOLATA (forgot about him) or somewhat like Kira.

Nice chapter, but I do hope that the ponies aren't too xenophobic to the point were they'll be hostile.
Cautious? OK! Violent? NO!
The Spike drawings are almost exactly the same in design, but I like the upper one more.

The MC doesn't know that yet. I'm just going off the show similar to how zecora showed up.

That's good to know, but what actually happens in this story?

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