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Congratulations, you joined the Dark Side. We have Filly Scouts and Filly Scout cookies.

That's great to know! :heart:

Did you have a proof-reader? If not, you have a seriously good eye for catching your own mistakes. Usually these little porno stories come riddled with errors that make them nearly unreadable, but this is textbook. You were even consistent with how you utilized your commas.

Oh, and the porn was cute, too. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon forever!

Nope, everything was handled by yours truly, but a friend did help me take some creative decisions, if we're being honest.

Thank you for the kind words as well! :twilightsmile:

Oh, and the porn was cute, too.

Now that was 100% my intention, glad you enjoyed~

This was good. I wish people wouldn't dislike things just because they don't like the idea of the material.

This was really well written clip. It feels a little rushed, but just barely a little. Give just a little more time between positions. That's really all there is to say about this

Well, that, and the fact that you have written a very believable threesome. The way they take turns is perfectly natural feeling.


I wish people wouldn't dislike things just because they don't like the idea of the material.

Indeed, but I don't really care about the votes, so hey, if I feel like writin' about filly love, I'll just do it :trollestia:

And thank you for the feedback! I shall keep your advice in mind.

Yeah. Like I said, the issue almost wasn't even there. Just, like, a couple more descriptive sentences between the switches. Or just making a note of them stopping to catch their breath. Something like that.

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Comment posted by Sister Star deleted Oct 2nd, 2021

I'm not sure why my comment was deleted. I didn't say anything negative about the story or the author.

What I said was, this story has a lot of dislikes, especially compared to the prequel, and there has been a pattern of people disliking just because stories contain foalcon.

So, without having read the story yet, I wish I could tell going into it whether the dislikes were earned, or if people downvoted it exclusively BECAUSE it includes foalcon.

I brought it up in the first place because, quite frankly, I've got a lot of porn queued up in my to-read list, and I can't read everything, so the rating of the story affects how high in the list it goes. But then again, not all NEGATIVE reviews are legitimate either, so I wish I could tell whether they were "real" dislikes (i.e. from people who actually read the story) or not.

So, again, not sure why my comment was deleted, but in case it was misinterpreted, there it is again, but in a bit more detail.

Huh? My reply is deleted too, that's odd.

But, well, with foalcon you can expect a lot of dislikes from people who are dead set against it, you can ask people like Deus Foalt.

Not that it's gonna stop me from posting filly love if I feel like it though :trollestia:

I can tell you what I thought of it, at least. Technically it is excellent. The grammar is perfect, and the pacing is deliberate. It is porn, despite being a sequel to an E-rated story, and it wastes little time getting to the action. Descriptiveness is limited to what is necessary, as the author uses a style reminiscent of genre writing. It plays with a clothing fetish, but the sex is vanilla, as much as very underaged lesbian horses can be anyway. With the characters continuing to behave like the three adorable little girls who were drinking milkshakes and playing with a claw machine in the previous story, the porn takes on a decidedly precious quality. This story is unique in that regard, although it does share that quality with visual pornographic depictions of these three. I have long enjoyed how the most hissable villains on the show tend to be depicted by fans as just the sweetest little angels in porn, and this story does that tradition proud.

you did a very good job on this story i thought it came out great

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