• Published 16th Aug 2021
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A Letter To Levi - butters

Blu writes a bunch of letters to the colt he knows and loves. Through the plans he's about to execute against Equestria.

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Dear Levin; Again,

“Dear Levin,

Today was just as queer as any other- no pun intended. After all, I was just on my way to lead another battalion into town once again, to finish what we’d started. However, I ended up ordering Trojan to keep things in a more aerial position since we were carrying more “precious” cargo.

By then I’d just chalked it up to me finally finding something of value and wanting to keep it out of enemy reach. Suddenly it doesn’t make sense. I found myself going back on that day just as often, weighing my options. What would I do if there were suddenly more of you? Suddenly dozens of different other foals of similar appearance, bearing your wings, or your cry, or, hell, even your smile?

Well, nothing.

They wouldn’t be able to take those things away from you. You were always special in my eyes from the get-go, I just hadn’t been open minded enough to see.

From the moment our eyes met, you became my everything. And that meant keeping you out of the way of enemy fire. So, I watched from a distance. With you, huddled up in my wing like the saccharine little bundle of joy you were. Since the other night’s excursions, I’d just decided I would keep you in proximity the whole time as I watched the town’s destruction. The children crying, the dozens of ponies scooping them up and hurrying them into hiding spots; behind hay bales, behind tanks, behind debris wasn’t enough to distract me from my duties as your captor. And even then, I wasn’t even good at being that.

Until they arrived.

When the invasion was just about over- I realized with a smirk that there was no stone un-burned. No house that was un-flipped, no one that could hide from my ‘righteous’ light. You’ll realize now why I reflect on this with such chagrin, right? Even then, I watched as two guards were brought forcefully into the ship by its ultraviolet glimmer and gleam- a large beam of pearlescent light burned brightly inside the room; that’s when I realized their presence.

One was obviously very battered and bruised just from the commotion outside. His uniform was tattered and dented in a few places, the supposed gleaming iron turned dusty and pale. He glared daggers into my eyes as a petty attempt at intimidation- but I would have my reservations as well if I were attacked by an assumed ally.

His friend was a mare, just equally as tattered and bruised- both shared the same emerald eyes, I’d assumed they were either married or twins at that point. Nothing was off the table with these two- nothing will ever be off the table with strangers, Levin. Anything is possible.

Then again, the griffon’s greed embedded deep within my heritage played a key factor in why I wanted to ‘harness’ what knowledge I would’ve thought you to have. But I could tell that this exact assumption played blissfully at the edges of their judgemental gazes. That was an assumption that was very on the table, if anything.

I have led many battalions. I have conquered many lands, those of whose protection had failed to see the man behind the slaughter. :trollestia:

But these two, to see a griffon leading those attacks? Conquering what would have to be land that belonged to an ally? If this information were released, I could get every large kingdom in Equestria to turn against each other and really hit them where it hurt before they’d even notice.

Then again, they would catch on.

One single griffon, leading an army of what was most likely several renegade changelings to conquer land that didn’t belong to them? If anything it would only strike them as a select few looking to deviate from the path and conquer any small land they could to build a sizable kingdom to play with. I wasn’t about to take that chance and blow my cover. Well, more than I already had.

So I ordered my personal guards to escort them to the cells. It wasn’t very likely that they would make it out alive, especially not with the way they looked at you.

“Is that a foal?”

“What the hay else would it be?”

“What does he want with it?”

“Screw that, he might hurt it, we gotta take action.”

Action?I gave them a glare that didn’t match my malevolent grin, stroking your adorable tuft of mane like I was showing off a new prized pet. “Pray tell, how will you take out this ‘action’ against me? Are you planning a strategy? Oh dear, not in those cells…”

I knew exactly what I was talking about by then, Levi.

The cells I was planning to throw them in were completely soundproof. Electric force fields and preventative spells to keep them from using their horns and wings. In this case I’d have no trouble since they both happened to be earth ponies, but hypothetically it would work either way.

They wouldn’t be able to see or speak to each other for as long as I would keep them in there. I was absolutely insane. But I didn’t have any qualms about it as long as I was getting what I’d promised myself since rebirth.

World domination.

I watched them get tossed into those little electric boxes like fleshy pieces of garbage. And again, I had no qualms.

“I think we’re clear and ready to head into Canterlot,” I heard Trojan call from the front monitoring system, staring out the wide-view window and smiling at the scenery. Somehow, in helping me with my devious plans, he’d found time to start cloud watching. I cradled you and rocked you back and forth while I approached him, then bundling you in a wing, and saying,

“Troje, you do realize that you don’t have to mann the controls right now? I usually fly the ship, don’t I? I’m the leader, I’m generally supposed to do all of the external work.”

“Oh yes, like demanding people to do things for you.” His gaze averted as his goggles flopped down over his eyes, yet he took no time to adjust them and just turned to look at me with those large compound eyes of his. Bugs could be incredibly freaky if you worked with one up close. “I’ll do it for you, before you demand me to.”

“I...but…” I found my gaze falling to the iron tiled floor. Surely, I was coming down with something. I felt my heart drop in a way that made me feel....smaller. Insignificant, in the eyes of the stallion standing in front of me. I felt...small.

“I can do things without you ordering me to, sir. Just let me handle things for once, alright?”

And then he just brushed past me.

What on Equus was that?”

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