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My name is Minuette, but a privileged few know me as Agent Colgate, Dental Practitioner. We hide in the shadows, ever watching out for pony's teeth. When cavities strike, we are there. Saving Equestria, one toothache at a time.

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(darn picture not working)

This is brilliant! Made me laugh quite a few times, and I love Colgate's fiery character.

What is this I dont even.

I did lol, though. :rainbowlaugh:


That was the point!

1253371 God dammit. I RUINED THE JOKE!

Awesome job Raven, and here is my edit (better late than never). In the beginning you wrote "simple while chair" when it should be "simple white chair". You might want to attend to that.:rainbowlaugh: Otherwise, fantastic story.

:rainbowlaugh:Three of the stories on the front page have the same cover art, how ludicrous!:rainbowlaugh:

One of these pics is not like the other, one of these pics just doesn't belong~ One if these pics is not like the other, see if you can spot them all!

1253511 This is blasphemy... this is madness! THIS IS SPARTA! :pinkiegasp:

But seriously, what's up with that? Is this a conspiracy?! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::pinkiegasp:

Oh the goddesses :trollestia:
the LULZ in that story:rainbowlaugh:

Wait a sec... are you making references to the SCP? :pinkiehappy:


I do love the SCP...

almost a pity it was a one shot :rainbowlaugh:

I won't expand on it, but I am planing on writing something else in a similar style (First Person, but with shifting characters, because complicating my life is fun!)

Dear... GOD.


This is probably one of the best one-shot fics I have ever, ever read. Holy crap, man--YOU know how to write! Dude... God bless you!

I loved the tone, I loved the humor, I loved how you kept it in voice and took a totally-serious, yet subtle tongue-in-cheek approach. Secret Agent Colgate? Wow, dude. I've never been interested in her character, but now, I am a fan. :pinkiehappy:

You've definitely won an Inky Award.


Does that mean Snip and Snails are the class Ds?:pinkiegasp:

1253371 i dont understand can someone explain?:derpytongue2:

There was an... event of sorts, sponsored by SALT (a group of editors) where everyone wrote a story with a similar prompt and the same image.

1434846 no i mean the story


I mean...

Which part?

ou played off the secret agent very well, and great details on the mom part (with arms crossed)

So awesome!! You're a great writer! Very entertaining! If you write any more Colgate stories, I'd love to read them!


Ah, I don't think I will. This was just a test of sorts, to try a new style (cocky first person) I might try it again in a later fic.

My father hasn't been to a dentist in over 10 years. One of his teeth has now broken off.

Please send Agent Colgate! STAT!!

Brush brush brush brush brush brush brush, brushie brushie brushie brush brush!

This is why Colgate is one of my favorite background ponies! I'm surprised you didn't have any references to the game 'Colgate's Minty-Fresh Adventure', unless the giant brush was the reference. In any case, excellent job!

No, I'm not familiar with the game actually.

What in the literal buck is this?
Whatever it is...
I like it.

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