• Published 10th Aug 2021
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Stock Imagery - MrNumbers

Pinkie Pie's planned a provocative piece, an exhibitionism exhibit. A public stocks, free for anyone to use. The point isn't expecting anyone to really use them: The point is making you think about it. And gosh, do her friends think about it.

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It's funny, people always look at me weird when I say that I would absolutely (consensually) fuck Pinkie Pie with no hesitation. You know that girl poly, kinky, pan, switchy, bratty as fuck. And probably an amazing cuddle buddy and drug doing partner.

... Dammit dude brb gonna go look at Ponkers bdsm porn on derpibooru and it's all your fault.


Oh gosh. That was excellent. Sexy, cerebral, and character-oriented all at once. And it hits very different notes from what I'd normally expect from an m-rated, non-porn bdsm fic. All in all excellent work.

I know it would've distracted from the introspective, interpersonal themes, but I feel like at least somebody would've tried it. For example, I wouldn't put it behind Discord to lock himself in only to also make himself intangible and laugh at whoever tried.

Beautiful character studies. I do think there's a lot of space to explore the characterizations of the characters in a more... sexually-mature light, and get some interesting moment and insights in that way, but I've never really been able to figure out how. This fic has given me a lot to think about, and making me think about a number of things (one of these thought you might appreciate because reading this reminded me of some of Chuck Finley's fics, but much less pornographic).

This was awesome! So sexual without the actual stocks being used. You absolutely get art in a way that I don't. This must've taken ages to figure out--or did it arrive fully formed out of nowhere?

Dear Celestia this was well written. Nicely done.


Doing it that way would be mocking the idea and the people participating in it. And, as a result, a serious insult towards Pinkie, Twilight and Rarity. Discord really is smarter than this.

This has better characterization than it had any right to. A great, and suprisingly non-cloppy, read.

Look at you, engaging with the art in the way it wants you to. Dreadful.

...Off to get off to Twilight myself lmao

Loved this. Awesome blend of sexy, funny, and introspective. Also sexy, lots of sexy.
Characterisation is spot-on, and the last chapter works really well to release the sexual tension the story spends so long building, without betraying the out-of-reach temptation of the stockade.
I won't say I left satisfied, because I'm not sure that's the point - but I enjoyed this immensely.
And those little romances made me really happy too.

Wonderful story. Incredibly well thought out, and well written :pinkiesmile:

This is so much better than it has any right to be. I'm really, really impressed. Finding such a thoughtful and insightful exploration on what fantasy and social pressures mean to us is a rare treat.

Amazing story, the exploration of the characters and their interaction with the piece was superb.
Won't deny I'm curious to know what would have changed if someone had gotten into the stocks, but I lean towards "nothing much" if it happened after the first three had played their parts.

before i read: what ships are in this

Rariry/Random hippogriff, Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy/Twilight

Also Rainbow and Applejack, apparently, though neither's not interested in the stocks.


ah, so garbage ships
thanks for the advance warning

Fluttershy is a cottage core lesbian and will never love your OC. :)

shit b8 my mans

Is it hot in here or is it just me? :raritywink:


Have you ever ended up talking to someone about something they have a lot of knowledge in and enthusiasm for, but that you don't know the first thing about? So, like, they're talking and explaining and expounding on it and... you can kind of follow what they're saying a fair bit of the time and a lot of the little details and minutiae are understandable, but because you lack the absolute fundamentals of the subject that lets you connect it all, the discussion as a whole just leaves you feeling confused and unmoored?

Well, I'm Ace and... that's kind of what this story makes me feel.

I hope that doesn't come across as an insult - it's certainly not intended as one. I just thought it could be interesting that it had gotten that reaction. If not, I apologize, but I still felt like I should get it down and put it into words.


Hey! Yeah this is why I had Applejack and Rainbow at the end of the story not get it either. I knew - know - there are always people who won't get this kind of thing, but I wanted to be clear that it's just another way to be, and I wanted to represent that as well. So, no, I don't feel insulted, and it is interesting to know that's how it comes across, and I appreciate you taking the time to express that.

Very potent mixture of sex, philosophy and corruption here. Which seems to be spilling over to the comments section :twilightblush:

*picks up jaw* that was awesome!

This story is... a head-scratcher. And I mean that in the best way possible! I am a big fan of introspective pieces when they're done well and this is very well done!

I'm not a big fan of modern art, as I find it usually too simplistic and/or pretentious. Of you were to ask me my thoughts on modern art, I would probably describe it as "a style that leans far too heavily upon meaning and interpretation from an 'Enlightened' audience, rather than the true skill ofthe artist's mind and hand." For me, most modern art is blobs and colors with no rhyme or reason.

Now, with that said, the story is probably my favorite form of modern art: complex, but not condescending. It spells out what it's meaning is, but it doesn't judge the reader if they don't understand.

I don't think I would necessarily approve of anexhibit like this site to my religious beliefs, but I do understand the artist's intent, and that is a fairly big victory.

Overall, this story left me confused, delighted, appalled and thoughtful.

Very well done.

Also, as a side note, I'd probably participate, but not for the reason you may think.

It's the sandwiches! I mean, come on! Those things are gonna go stale if we just leave em out!

Man, I was expecting some typical low-brow clop. But this fic has honestly been mind blowing. I love the cerebral aspects to it, as well as the way the characters' personalities interact with the story's core concept.

Good sir (or madam), I applaud your work!


I'm a little unsure how they would walk (or pronk, or gallop) on something like that. (My personal headcanon is that they have some sort of touch telekinesis thing going on: not sure if it would extend to pinching. Anyway, my objection about noses vs snouts remains. :raritywink:)

This was the hottest nom-pron I've ever read, I think.
It's definitely gonna go on one of my bookshelves as soon as I figure out where it belongs.

You know...the question that kept entering my head (and one not mentioned in the entirety of the story): what if I put.myself in the stockade, and no one wants to do ANYTHING to me?

Admittedly, I come from a kind of messed up past, but still...what would you do? How would you feel?

This is really good! I know I'm a weirdo, but I love when the sex part of M fics actually has a point overall. Yeah, smut for smut is great, but having something to back it up always makes it better.

Great job!

at least we're honest with ourselves

Fluttershy definitely needed those hugs. It's good that Pinky's art managed to help her friends, and help Flutters to talk and feel given permission. Just loved the thoughtfulness and character-driven nature of it all, and it was very hot without showing anything specific even though sexy times did clearly happen. And I particularly like the discussion of the line between fantasy and reality in relationships and sex.

This gives me life. I have been all of these players. My husband and I are swingers and basically cucks for eachother. I've been the tied up rope bunny in a room of men. I've been the one stroking the tied up to get the party going, more often than not I'm the first pair of tits and the first lude joke at a party to open up the sexual tension. And just last weekend I got my new girlfriend fucked by her main man and my main man as I cooed in her ear begging her to tell M how much she likes his cock. I adore this concept and how many ways you portrayed a normal bdsm scene.l, very real. Okay bragging over lol

This was just a lovely piece of character work! And, ah... Damn hot, too.

The Pinkie scene, and the "You'll see when you'll see" line, and the scene of Fluttershy solo and scene of Pinkie with her together talking at the exhibit expertly leading into the scene in the bathroom make me want to sit curled up on a couch and furiously take notes on the Pow! effectiveness of all these scenes and thorough strong scene writing and character writing

Finally got around to reading this, and wow, you did some damn good work with this. I generally don't read NSFW fics or find them appealing, but it's a different beast entirely when it's focused on characterization like this. It was interesting seeing everyone's reactions and they were all characterized really well. The bits of shipping we got were also really nice. And I suppose I should also mention the sexual parts were well done too, especially given they were mainly just thoughts. I particularly liked how what Rarity, Twilight, and Fluttershy actually wanted from sex didn't match their wild fantasies.

It's funny to note how this art exhibit mainly works because of the nature of the show. There's a reasonable expectation that everyone there will be nice and, well, won't be an uggo.

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