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Intelligence is a weapon, not a virtue

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Ooh those themes interest me, I'll take a peek here later


For real though, you managed to jam an ungodly amount of wholesomeness into my brain hole with this.

This is actually illegal, who told you that you were allowed to do this. You have affronted all that is good and holy on god's green earth and I love it so much.

I was curious about the downvotes before reading, but after I can see why. They're not justified in any way, I honestly loved this story and have an OC of my own who's genderfluid, but at least I know the LGBTQ+ hate is the reason for it. An amazing and extremely well written story, with great themes and concepts.

I just. I apologize. It's very hard to compose coherent thoughts and opinions about a work of fiction that makes me feel this seen. How did you even do that? Who gave you the right to make something I love this much?

There are a lot of assholes on this site who just blanket-downvote anything with Transgender people in it. It got particularly bad in the various Pride Month contests. But what else do you expect from a fandom that comes from 4Chan? Thankfully, they're a small but vocal minority. This is a wonderful fic and the author should be proud of it and ignore the right-wing snowflakes!

Jest #7 · Aug 12th, 2021 · · 2 ·

This fic is like a marshmallow, soft, sweet, and belongs in my mouth. Nice job.

In their twisted minds, writing a story with LGBTQ themes is 'pushing it' on them. It's just recycled "be quiet homo" rhetoric.

When you get to know the 4chan side of the community they are honestly pathetic in a variety of ways. Beyond just the glaring bigotry.


This was marvelous. Your detailed characterization really ups the ante from “cute porn fic” to ”adorable romance that almost incidentally has sex in it“. Both of them were unbearably endearing throughout in their own ways. You really pulled off Twi’s “experiment”, too – in most porn fics that kind of transformation feels forced, just there for the kink factor, but you wove it in in a way that felt completely natural and wholesome on top of being pretty hot. Kudos.

As funny as the reactionary downvotes are, I’d just count them as a badge of honor with this one. :raritywink::twilightsmile:

This story was shockingly good. I love how you've managed to turn "Twilight is a sex god" into "Twilight is just a exceptional learner, and sex was one of her subjects." And she still feels like Twilight even when she's dominating Rarity. And then when she tries Prince Twilight, he still feels like her. And Rarity's reactions. And the whole story. It's so dense. Sometimes I can skim a story and get the gist of it, but here I had to really pay attention.

I really enjoyed this. I'd like more of whatever you've got.

Edit: OMG you wrote Flimsy Pretexts too? I should've known.

Heh. This is adorable, and especially so at the end. I found it more romantic than sexy, but that's not to detract from the erotic elements. Well done.

zooba #12 · Aug 12th, 2021 · · 58 ·

Gays and lesbians are fine, transgenders are mentally ill though and therefore not fine. At least in reality. Fiction is more debatable since magic and magic-esque technology exists in stories.


Get blocked before I change your pronouns to was/were :heart:


before I change your pronouns to was/were

The only good use of the One Joke lmao

That is an opinion you are having. Please take it elsewhere.


I'm a trans biologist, and although my identity is supported by millenia of cultural and medical science, the distinct lack of empathy and hatred toward others for no logical reason that people like you have is indeed considered a mental disorder.

Specifically attributed to a broad spectrum of personality disorders, usually anti-social personality disorder.

I blocked them, they can't reply, so I appreciate the supportive comments but I'll just be pushing people out the airlock rather than hosting that conversation here. I'll also be deleting comments like that as I see them from now on, I only need the first one to illustrate the point.


before I change your pronouns to was/were

oh this kills me:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Lord Headcheez deleted Aug 18th, 2021

I'm pretty sure this isn't my first time seeing it, but Google says it's not quite a meme yet. (Side note: nitpicking the grammar of a death threat is legally considered suicide in Ankh-Morpork)

There was a time when gays and lesbians were also "mentally ill". Thankfully, the general population is more accepting of people discovering themselves nowadays. And it will only become more so as time marches forward.

Comment posted by Dewdrops on the Grass deleted Sep 16th, 2021


This is really relieving to hear and I'm grateful to get a comment like this. I am a cis guy, but I try very hard to make sure that's not obvious from my writing. I'm pan, so I'm very lucky to have had a wide spectrum of partners, and I've done my absolute best to listen to them and educate myself, but it's a conscious effort and I haven't always been the best at this.

It was my biggest hope that queer readers felt represented well, here. I know there's a discourse going on right now that reduces trans identities to being a fetish[1], but I'm also aware that a lot of the pushback leads queer people to feel ashamed about how their gender identity informs their sexual preferences because of it - that they're less legitimate if it does.

I really hoped that by showing the shifting dom/sub dynamics, it could show Twilight's gender was just another facet of their sexuality, and that exploring that was an extremely positive thing. That Twilight's Gender Thoughtstm were still incredibly real even though they came up in the context of sex, because that is a normal time and place to have them.

But you know. Absolutely terrified of getting that wrong.

[1] In the clearest terms available for those who need to hear it: 'Autogynephelia' is as scientific as flat-Eartherism and I'm sorry that Twitter exists.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't have read this if I had known about the gender flip and I would have been poorer for it. Amazing work, especially since this is the first fic I have read which is mostly about sex and actually read. I'm normally more distracted by other things if you get my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

All jokes aside I loved this story and I will be reading the others you have written.

Comment posted by Dewdrops on the Grass deleted Aug 14th, 2021

Twilight grimaced. “Is it because I was so, ah, assertive just now? Because I really dislike a phallic-centric model of domination,” Twilight admitted, “I could give you one and still be the top. Actually, that sounds fun...”

Now this is a rare and very interesting development.

I do not like Marshmallow Horse at all, but you still write very well and your stories are good.

As lovely as this was, I'm ashamed to admit I really wish it was just a little less softcore

I’m so glad I found this. Twilight is my favorite of the bunch, and I’ve always resonated with her, which has in terms led to a few headcanons of my own that I know are largely derived from my own projections. That being said, seeing Twilight explore their gender is just always so nice to see, especially considering how rarely I come across it.

This is a story that’s most certainly getting added to my reread list, and it only serves to make me more excited to continue onto your other creations.

Finishes reading the story. I love stories like this..... It's a romance where a character discovers that they feel comfortable in the skin of the other gender and yet this one has a unique twist to that concept, Twilight feels comfortable in the skin of both genders. Stares at my phone for a moment This is a single chapter story.... A very well written one.... That needs to be extended into a larger story, badly. This is a unique take on the relationship that I would love to see more of. I don't know if you have any plans to continue this as a new story or would be willing to entertain the possibility of turning this one into a longer story but I hope that one of those possibilities is open. This one is going in my absolute favorites list. :yay:

Note: after typing this out I went back to your stories list and discovered that you wrote one of my favorites of all I've read on here, the mare who once lived on the moon:pinkiehappy:, now I really find myself hoping that you could write more of this story.


I'm currently working on some other commissions right now, but I also have one on the pile for writing a sequel to Flimsy Pretexts, which you'd probably like as well. I'm rather proud of that one.

Flimsy pretexts was a good story. I'll be sure to check out the sequel to it.

WELL. Again with finding myself reading porn for the characterization... And Twilight having an attack of Gender Thoughts and realizing that most people don't in fact feel like that is too too relatable. Also see, having read this, now I know what people mean when they talk about subspace.

I think this story single-handedly got me to appreciate Rarity's character, where before I merely accepted it, perhaps begrudgingly.

I also haven't thought this deeply about transgenderness/genderfluidity before? Just by virtue of how this story explores it, not in terms of "how the world perceives it", but rather, "how the bearer perceives it". I can't really put words to the thoughts it gave me, but I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to have them. I think it was executed with great care, and great pay-off.

For a story that starts at pre-sex and ends at post-sex (if the day after counts, and I ignore that it also ends at pre-sex), this couldn't have read less porny. And at that, the sex itself... Even in amazing stories, that come close to — or match — this level of quality in character depth and interaction, sex scenes can often feel... claustrophobic. Rushing, repetitive, overly focusing on unnecessary detail, unimaginative even. This was none of that to me, not even remotely.

Wholesome? Yes. Hot? Very much also yes!

This was really sweet. I loved seeing Twilight be so confident while Rarity was, well, overwhelmed; followed by the turnabout when Twilight becomes a stallion. It was really neat how you incorporated Twilight working through their gender fluidity and Rarity's support. I mentioned in my comment for Stock Imagery that I'm generally not a fan of NSFW stories, and part of that's because detailed sex scenes make me uncomfortable. That was the case here, alas, but I still enjoyed the story overall.

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