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Gaze within the Holocron and see what stories it has to tell.

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Much love, and thank you again for making this :heart:

What kind of fetishes are in this story bone.

Ah. I thought we had some real fetishes here. Let's see what this is about then

Welp. That was pretty good. I'll give it a nice

There should really be a 'Colt x Mare' or 'Colts with Large Endowment' group.

I would love to have sequel, maybe he could knock up the rest of the Mane Six, maybe also Princess Cadance and Twilight Velvet.

This was beyond awesome.

This was really hot

So, kid with a giant dick is planning to drug the princess into fucking him, but it's fine because said princess is a massive pedophile.


I couldn't finish reading this as I realised he drugged the princess into having sex with her
Have my dislike

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