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Gaze within the Holocron and see what stories it has to tell.

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Much love, and thank you again for making this :heart:

What kind of fetishes are in this story bone.

Ah. I thought we had some real fetishes here. Let's see what this is about then

Welp. That was pretty good. I'll give it a nice

There should really be a 'Colt x Mare' or 'Colts with Large Endowment' group.

I would love to have sequel, maybe he could knock up the rest of the Mane Six, maybe also Princess Cadance and Twilight Velvet.

This was beyond awesome.

So, kid with a giant dick is planning to drug the princess into fucking him, but it's fine because said princess is a massive pedophile.


I couldn't finish reading this as I realised he drugged the princess into having sex with her
Have my dislike

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