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This story is a sequel to A Day in the Limelight

It's been a couple months since the Monkey Invasion, and Ponyville has settled down to...normal? During that time The Other Mane 6 have been busy. Now taking a well-deserved break, they try and relax. Luckily, these shadowy sentinels are around when the attack from horrible mo-wait no. The Bearers are taking care of that. Well, what about these strange statues tha-nope. The Doctor and companions are here for that one. Can these heroes just take a break and let other ponies handle it?

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EDIT: Why is Xander in the picture..?

1293143 Because the basic plot is similar to that of the episode pictured, and I suck at finding good cover pics. There are only so many involving the Other Mane 6.

1293570 I can't figure out which episode the picture is showing..

1293617 Look at the title to my fic. Take away a 's'


It is the one where Xander gets his uncle's car and has an adventure on his own while the rest of the gang is off fighting an evil they deem too dangerous to allow normal, non-special Xander to help with.

1295144 Had to google it. I remembered when it got to part where he meets his "new friends"

I partly agree with Carrot Top over there, it's about time the protagonist group starts making some progress, they've been fumbling around Ponyville for four chapters already. It's a pretty interesting story though, I suspect all the different problems are interconnected. The characterization is really interesting. The previous story was a bit too sharply divided between before and after the epiphany, it came out a bit too artificial in my opinion. I hope things develop a bit smoother this time.

Now what the hell is that cover picture is doing there? It reeks of off-topic in so many ways it hurts. (Edit: found the explanation on the other comments… but my point stands… it still feels that way.)

Thanks for the critique! Yeah, the thing was that story was originally written in script form, and while adapting I changed some stuff. The part you're talking about is where most of it changed, which explains the divide you mentioned.

Aw, next one is the final already? I was under the impression that this was only Act 2.

2700356 :derpyderp1: Really? Well, it MIGHT not be. Depending on how it turns out as I write it, the next chapter could just be the climax, and then another chapter with the resolution. But yeah, no matter what, expect a very long chapter next.

Reminds me of the ending of season 5 of Lost.
Nothing has been resolved. This doesn't sound like the end at all.

2829382 :raritystarry:

I don't know what you mean at all. At all.

2829399 What I'm trying to say is that there's no sense of closure there. I'm not sure how to elaborate without headcanonning heavily.

That's the problem! You marked this story as completed, but it isn’t. I was so confused to see an ending that wasn't an ending...

Good chapter by the way ^^

Thanks! Yeah, sorry. When I finished the last chapter, part of me was like, "What if I made them think that's the end? It would be hilarious!" In retrospect, messing with the reader was a bad idea. Glad you enjoyed the chapter though.

3438299 it's still marked as complete :B

3445482 Seriously though, how did you like that last chapter? I spent quiet a long time on it, so feedback would be appreciated:raritywink:

3445630 It's good story, but I have the exact same problem than the first story… it has a single confrontation. It really smells of hero's journey, it has most elements of it, but then what feels like the belly of the whale was the actual apotheosis. Basically what I'm saying is… a longer plot, with more than one up and down would be better. Also, the other ponies in Carrot's group could be a bit more relevant. That aside, it's gripping and well written, characterization is one of the best for Carrot Top I've ever read (and I read A LOT of pony), and you've got an interesting world going.

3446709 Thanks, I'll take that into consideration with the next one. :pinkiehappy:

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