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Jin is tasked with a confusing yet impossible mission by an old diary belonging to his father and by miscellaneous notes written in the same strange language. Now it’s just deciphering what it means but he’ll need the help of his band mates to do that even if he is hesitant to bring them into the fold.

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Kpop more like k poop

oh wow, this was something i remember randomly looking for, and here it is. i'll probably get reading to it. also did you make those vectors. if only i could tell which one was which

We have a kpop Stan in the site

Let me help you with that: left to right: Suga, Jimin, V, Jk, Jin, RM, JHope.

So? What’s wrong with that? I’m not the only one.

Pretty good so far. My critics are some capitalization errors and also the dialogue. There doesn't have to be a verb after every piece of dialogue. This is something that happened in my first fic.

Here's what you wrote:
“How are you doing?” Inquire the boys. “We’re all worried about you.”

“I could honestly be better,” groans Jin in absolute and total complete pain. “But thanks for asking.”

Now here's how I rewrote it:
“How are you doing?" asked the boys. “We’re all worried about you.”

Jin groans in absolute and total complete pain. “I could honestly be better but thanks for asking.”

And another thing I noticed is that sometimes this would happen in the dialogue:
“Yeah,” says Jin’s dad as he sees the photograph, “that picture is the last picture my friend and I took before he was cruelly murdered in front of me and our other friends. See that shadow in the background. That’s the supposed murderer.”

There should be a period after the word photograph and 'that' should be capitalized. Here is how I rewrote it:
“Yeah," Jin’s dad says as he looks at the photograph. “That picture is the last picture my friend and I took before he was cruelly murdered in front of me and our other friends. See that shadow in the background. That’s the supposed murderer.”

Thanks for that. I don’t catch grammar stuff like that all the time. Thanks for the help. I’ll fix it eventually and try to watch out for it more as I go along now.

You inspired me to make a kpop x mlp fanfic as well. instead of bts it's going to be a different kpop group being txt. though, idk how i'm... 'going to make it out' and idk much about the txt members

Well research into their storyline because they have one just like bts does because they’re BTS’s junior group. That’s what I did but for BTS duh. Also look up backgrounds on the boys and their families. It helps mold them as characters. Once you have it figured out, I’d love to draw up the characters for you if you don’t want to do it yourself that is!

That sounds great, but no need. I surprisingly found the cover by just searching up can't we just leave the monster alive

Ok. Cool! I can’t wait to read it once it’s finished!!! Good luck! It’s so so fun! Doing crossover stories that is!

Don't get your hopes up high too much. There's a chance that it'll be bad or even not made at all. Though I really want to write one so the second statement has a low chance of occuring

It's nice to see you still continuing the story. I'm intrigued on what's gonna happen next

So when is the McDonkeys BTC Promotion chapter?

holy crap :O

Bangtan as in Bangtan Boys, or in this case Bangtan Colts. This based on the K-pop group BTS, otherwise known as Bangtan Boys previously mentioned

Oh no. Just as things calmed down from the previous chapter

Oh yes. I told you this story has no true chill.

Idk if the next chapter will be the finale, but hopefully (world wide handsome ;) Jin is alive. Also here are some other thoughts.

Jin and his father sit motionless, knocked out, magic drained by the goons.
tennis ball in the g5 movie

Over the following days, the concerts and performances just aren’t the same without Jin and Suga
wait, what happened to Suga?

Wait? Did I say something happened to Suga? I didn’t catch that.

Also, this is g4 universe, there’s magic draining tech and I say as much in the following sentences.

holy crap :O . i'm surprised it's still continuing

Aw dang. Well the previous chapter pretty much, 'kinda summed it up'. Jin thankfully survived but his dad didn't. But I think this chapter finished up the story

I’m glad you think so. This story was a fun one! But at the same time, I’m glad it’s done!

Lol. I know there are stories that are long, if not, longer than this one with all the time and effort put into them, but this is one of those stories where I actually decided to read. It's probably because I was interested the instant I saw this and because you always update me on the next chapter. Nice job! :D

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