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After some fashion tips and prodding from Rarity, Fluttershy decides to lose some weight. Unfortunately, this springs conflict as the shy yellow pony begins to feel that she will never be skinny enough, and begins a horrifying descent into severe mental illness.

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Wow. the spacing is a bit wierd, but the story is looking good!

*Notices the sad and tragedy tags*

I swear, if you kill Fluttershy...

Tracking due to morbid curiosity. It is the best kind of curiosity.

Ooh, I'm too curious, as well. Writing a story on such a topic needs to be handled carefully, and making sure no one is out of character too much while unintentionally setting off another character's need to stop eating much, but you seem to handle this fine. Although Rarity saying there are not fat models is pretty harsh, I suppose she means no harm to Fluttershy in particular. Just because she has a bit more stomach doesn't automatically make her fat. I can't imagine what Rarity must feel for unknowingly tossing Fluttershy into this perdicament. However, if there's anything you can do with the strange spacing which throws the reading off a bit, then that'd be great.

Hmm. Wonder who the author is?

No... no anorexic Fluttershy dying please. It's not an issue to laugh at.

This is what happens when you write fics in something like Microsloth Wurd. (Not that my WordPress editing is all that swift.)

On t'other hoof, the legalese at the beginning is hilarious.

Agreed, we need more chapters! And when they come out, I know it's gonna be SO AWESOME :rainbowkiss:

1256734 no truer words have never been spoken and mr author guy? DETAILS U NEEDS THEM:scootangel:

This was absolutely horrible. It was too rushed and disgusting. This makes clopfics seem like gods.

1848255 Oh please bestow me with your great and powerful wisdom on why it was disgusting, oh great and powerful wizard! </scarcasm>

If it's "absolutely horrible" and "terrible" because of an anorexic and possibly bulimic pony who may end up dying because she now has a terrible mental illness, then I pray you don't do an Adam Lanza and go shoot up a rehab clinic.

The story has been awful good so far, perhaps a little more scenery detail but I can't wait for another :heart:

Hmm... Pacing was a little fast, but not the worst I've seen.

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