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"You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."- John Lennon (Dashie | she/her)


Written for the 2021 Pillars Shipping Contest

History often muddles the relationship of ponies from ages past. We often don’t know whether of not these ponies were in a relationship or just friends.

Thus, two historians debate that late one night, specifically about Mage Meadowbrook and Somnambula, two legendary Equestrian ponies.

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Thanks for the submission! We look forward to reading this piece and wish you best of luck in judging!

I honestly forgot I suggested this so this was a pleasent surprise! I think you built on whatever it is I suggested pretty well and I liked this concept (even if I suggested part of it). You built it up pretty well, but I do wish the characters had a bit more pop than they do. I think that the twist of the story kind of undermines the first half by making their conversation somewhat irrelelvent, perhaps if they felt more like historians the twist could land better? Also, I felt that the characterizations of Meadowbrook and Somnambula were somewhat off. Still, this was a nice compact story! Thank you for participating!

I kidna agree with the need for a longer story. But I cant help but think that this would be the kind of discussion I’d be up to my neck in with a group of friends I usually hang out with every Friday.

A group of friends who just happen to be historians and reenactors for various museums and time periods (including yours truly). Hell, one time we went over the merits of firing a dildo out of a mortar, so I can guarantee that this could be the type of discussion historians would dive into, especially if they’re engrossed in defending a thesis they’ve been working on for years. Was actually thinking of doing something with Rarity and a reenactor OC of mine for a fic at one point based on those experiences.

If you’re ever considering a rewrite, and are curious just what historians get up to in their off hours, feel free to ask for an invite. You won’t be disappointed. XD

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