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I have decided to create an anthology of Ship-fics of Flash Sentry. More so for my own amusement. The idea is that I ship Flash with someone, write a story, and post here for funsies. I have decided to brand my bullshit form of shipping as Bull-Ship.

This will be a Teen level story, so keep that in mind. I'll add extra descriptions for each story in the author's notes at the beginning.

All chapters are one-shots and have no canon to any other chapters. Even if a ship appears more than once, it will not be the same story. I'm going to have the status set to "Complete" because every story is complete, even if I'll be adding more stories.

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My Bullshit Shipping. Bull-Ship, if you will.
I like to think it's a decent idea at branding and getting attention better than a more generic title. Besides, I'm going to try to ship more using less common pairs.

This sound fun. It's off to a good start with Trixe.

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