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If i'm alice, then it means I can write. :D


Six months ago, Farley Richard was sent to Equestria by unknown means; where he became a Pegasus librarian named Far Reach.

Now, encouraged by his best friend, a guardsmare named Violet Alloy, Reach starts compiling all the knowledge about the Equestrian races, their culture, subspecies and even religion.

All without knowing about the shadows that are moving in the dark.

A Chapter every Sunday. :pinkiehappy:

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Does King Sombra appear in this story?

This story is happening some time before the events of the show, so Sombra has yet to return; even so, the consequences of his actions still linger and are affecting heavily the current events. :twilightsmile:

"Exactly" Night Lamp took a steep forward and extended a hand, "Your captain told me much about you, and I believe that together we can achieve our goal."

After a brief handshake, Alloy recompose herself enough to ask the question that started bugging in her mind.

"Mister Night Light, you spoke of a goal, but what the goal is?"

The unicorn took a quick look at Gravel Wings, that nodded to him. He then took a deep breath.

"We have been receiving reports of strange activity in the docks of Horse Shoe Bay, and we believe that the culprit is somepony extremely dangerous."

"Do you know who?"

"If the descriptions we receive are correct, then we believe that this is the criminal" The serious tone of Gravel's voice made Alloy shiver." His name is Callaghan, a rogue griffon with a reward of more than 10,000.00 Bits for his head."

"Wait, MORE than 10,000.00 bits!"

"Yes." This time it was Night Lamp who spoke "he was on our list for some time, and this is the first time we got a chance to catch him in years."

"That's when you enter" Gravel Wings continued, her wings extending a little with excitement "I, Night Light,

You sure his name isn't Night Light Lamp??

Frazikar, thank you for showing me this.
I believe it was an oversight of mine, but it is already fixed.

And the character's name is Night Light.

Okay cool we're seeing Twilight's dad here

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