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"Old men in stripey trousers, rule the world with plastic smiles."


Picture the scene: You've just watched the final episode of your favourite show. Then just as you're getting ready to move on with your life, a van pulls up outside.. and you have a new equine neighbour. How do you react? Hopefully not like this guy.

Does the phrase 'never meet your heroes' mean anything? Just who is the real victim here? Read on, and judge for yourself.

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“S-So that means…” Twilight’s face was an unreadable mixture of a menagerie of expressions, none of them good. In the end though, they all seemed to settle on just one word to show their mutual fury…


Can't wait for Spike to explain how it's not his fault.

Funnily enough, if it weren't for the final episode of the show, I wouldn't have gotten into MLP.

Don't worry, he always seems to find some excuse. Plus how can you stay mad at him for long? :moustache: :raritystarry:

Really? I started at the beginning. :twistnerd:

Yep. You're lucky to have experienced the fandom in its glory days (I think).

Well, Eddie's day just got more interesting...and then some. Though I wonder why it didn't seem odd to Twilight the Eddie wasn't a little kid when she saw him.

Maybe the answer would come later, or the reason why was there, but like a dumbass, I missed it:twilightblush:

The answer was going to be revealed later, but ponies don't know much about the ageing process of humans yet, so she got confused. :twilightoops:


I see. It's possible that Twilight didn't know how old CHS's students were and thus clueless about how old they were. Or EQG doesn't exist in this story--in which case, what Twilight knows about EQG humans in canon is null and void.

They weren't exactly 'humans' as we know them, though. For a start, they're different colours. And it's not Earth they were on, but an entirely new world. But what you said is also right. Either way, Twilight has a lot to learn about our planet... :scootangel:

Good to know. Hopefully others will feel the same way... :coolphoto:

Okay, the title took my curiosity, but the chapter and comments itself took my attention.

You sir. Has make me add on my favorites and on my Hue files. Loved all your fictions XD

Great! Building up quite the readership here. The more enthusiasm I get for my projects, the more encouragement I have to write. Thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

Congrats to be featured dude.

Only with the censor on so mature fics are blocked. But... HURRAY! :pinkiehappy: :duck:

A victory is still a victory. When I get non mature featured it makes me happy XD

please continue this, this is gold already

Forget the Bible, Torah, or any lame self-help guide. All of life’s answers can be found in a garishly day-glo flash-animated children’s television show...


I'm interested.

I'm considering it.

I'm in, what's next?

Good to have you here. As for what's next...:trixieshiftleft:

Got a pretty good laugh outta me ill admit, but i wonder where this will even go after that realization. Whats keeping her there? :rainbowhuh:

Guess we'll see

What a professional! :moustache:

What is it they say? 'Life is never a straight line?' "There's no such thing as a simple plan?' Well, something like that anyway. Hope you enjoy what's ahead... :twilightsmile:

Former version of Celestia? Do you mean the pink mane one?

No, I mean as in 'former ruler of Equestria'. :rainbowderp:

Oh... Well it's strange Twilight who looks like the first appearance style allicorn say something like that to Princess Celestia. Usually she would call her Princess Celestia even if she was retired...


You could be right, I suppose. Hence, why the edit button is an author's best friend. :rainbowkiss:

I’m sure there was a logical explanation for his (and her) physical regression, but right now that was the very least of my questions.

Yep that would be my thoughts too if I was Eddie.:rainbowlaugh:

Trying to keep it relatable, mostly anyway... :raritywink:

The others are here, time for true chaos to ensue. And by chaos, I of course mean Pinkie.

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