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A mysterious machine is discovered in the cellar of Canterlot Palace. Taking it back to Ponyville to study it, Twilight Sparkle learns that the machine is called a "supercomputer", and contains a mysterious virtual world--and a virtual mare who can't remember who she is. Even as Twilight and her friends learn they can enter the virtual world, something else that lives in that world awakens, and begins to attack the citizens of Ponyville...

("My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is the intellectual property of Hasbro. "Code Lyoko" is the intellectual property of MoonScoop.)

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It was only a matter of time, I knew I was going to see a code lyoko pony thing. I just don't know I can handle reading it. Please be good.

Edit: I'm liking it, so far.

Code Lyoko and ponies... all of my yes.
Not only that, but it's well written.
One favorite!

A couple of things.

First: I've deleted all comments by that bronies-are-fags troll, and anything related to his trolling. Kindly keep that shit off my comments threads, thanks. Nobody fucking cares. :ajbemused:

Now, an explanation for this story...
This is actually intended to be an example of a "risky" crossover; i.e., a story that for whatever reason is difficult if not impossible to pull off credibly. I can say with a minimal amount of ego that I can most likely make this one work, but it's a really big stretch to get something like this in any kind of shape to show off for general consumption. Absolutely no forethought went into this. I pulled this out of my ass in about 80 minutes. ...which is why it's probably going to end up being one of my most popular and requested stories on this site, because that's how these things tend to work.

Am I going to continue this? Probably. I'd probably be lynched if I didn't. However, please keep in mind that this was intended to be an example of a crossover doomed to failure. :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: By the way, the first chapter title (for those too lazy to Google the translation) translates to "A world without friendship".

Hmm I am interested seems good

Is it a coincidence that i was watching code lyoko on netflix b4 coming to the site and seeing that:twistnerd:
All of my sad interests:scootangel:

I know you said it was "doomed to fail," but please don't completely trash it. I loved Code Lyoko when I was a kid, so do your best my firend! And now in honor of Code Lyoko I present to you: A World Without Danger

didn't start reading but i like it already

1239018 "Un monde sans danger" is one of the best Western animated series theme songs ever, isn't it? :pinkiehappy: I'm slowly working my way through Code Lyoko again on Netflix. It's been ages...

And I'm definitely continuing this. I'd be castrated if I didn't. :derpyderp1:

wow, what the fuck? this shows up RIGHT AFTER i find Code Lyoko on Netflixs and start watching it! is the universe trying to say something, or am I going insane (assuming i had sanity)?


And now a moment from our pasts to play over the ending of the chapter:

Oh. My. God. :pinkiegasp:
My nostalgia forced me to read this, and I was not disappointed. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

I can't help but wonder what XANA will do now that he's in control of Smartypants... :twilightoops:

Holy. Shit.
I was obsessed with this show when I was little, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ruin it.

Insta-fav and insta-watch.

Edit: Wow, that was amazing! You might want to fix the bold problem at the end of the chapter, though.
Also, if you need any help, I would love to! I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally would like to work with you on this!

I've been waiting my whole life for this moment! denver.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/thumb/mlfw7719.png

Zero regrets! I love it and I can't wait to read more!:pinkiehappy::heart:
It seems amazing and I can't believe that this fits into the actual series! Just one thing though, I wondered why it took place in the desert sector.

1240528 Fixed. Can't believe I didn't catch that when I posted. :twilightsheepish:

Also, thanks for the offer of help, but I generally work alone. I do however appreciate comments, criticism, and feedback in general. :twilightsmile:

1240830 The desert and forest sectors were arbitrary choices. Other sectors will of course show up, and...perhaps there are sectors in Lyocolt that didn't exist in Lyoko...? ::raritywink::

1238717 This was much better than my crossover.
And you have no idea how much I want to help. If I can do ANYTHING, like being a proofreader or something, that would be great!

1241286 Just read and enjoy, best thing you can do. :pinkiehappy:


1241405 [gets on his knees]
You know I'll do it. I will beg for a job. I have no dignity.

Since I posted the "XANA Attacks" theme in the last chapter, I think it's only appropriate that I post the XANA Battle theme here for the battle in ths chapter:


1238717 When I saw this fanfic when searching for something new to read. I read the name then began to laugh with nostalgia.

going to have to bookmark this and read it later, but i totally freaked out when i saw the name! i love code lyoko and my little pony, so im predicting this'll be a blast to read! :twilightsmile:

Ahh, don't feel bad, I pulled [imy] first fic out of my ass, and that didnt turn out to badly. :pinkiehappy:
I never finished the actual show, to understand this fic better, is it better if I do so?

1244848 It isn't strictly necessary, but it WILL help. You'll understand why when chapter three hits.

1239080 I finished the entire series a few weeks ago, but yes that song freaking rocks! :eeyup:

I miss Code Lyoko. Though I wish this was Mane 6 meeting the actual characters of Code Lyoko, this seems to have its benefits as well. I'll be tracking this.

1257272 :trixieshiftright: Did anypony say it wouldn't be? I never said that...

Holy shit. I loved Code Lyoko when I was a kid! Throwing this on read later for now.

hmmmmmmmm. Following just for the chance that it might be interesting.
Now to let out my reactions to this story.
I'm not getting any significance out of the ponies getting hit. How much health do they have in the world to begin with? That might help carry how much the ponies are getting hit.
Everything seems real short in these stories. The real world doesn't seem to be actually affected other than the immediate stuff. Then again, as damage is dealt to the town, you could show how everyone else in the town is reacting. Vinyl getting her turn-table completely replaced, the mayor going over damage expenses, and other stuff that carries throughout the story to create a sense of an actual world that's being affected by XANA's attacks.
Other than that, I think you've got some real potential here. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Code Lyoko, y u no longer exist?

Also, I could have sworn I looked for Code Lyoko crossovers earlier... how long ago was this published?

but her lightning balls just bounced off the smooth metal.

...Eww. Wait, that wasn't what it meant? Oh. Sorry.

1270208 It's called "build-up". All this mess is just getting started; XANA hasn't done more than stretch and yawn yet. Things will get much, much worse. There won't be anything about damage estimates and cost reports though; that kind of thing is booooooooooring.:derpyderp1:

1270289 Less than a week ago. :derpyderp2:

EDIT: Regarding life points: For now, I'm leaving that deliberately vague, because in Code Lyoko, I don't think we EVER truly knew exactly how many life points the Lyoko Warriors or the monsters had. It seemed to arbitrarily change from episode to episode. Suffice it to say that Losing Life Points Is Bad, and if the dramatic tension calls for it, somepony will lose all their life points and get devirtualized.

Wow now I can’t wait for the next update this is getting good.:twilightsmile:

Thing's just got more interesting. What are these new sectors like?

You'll have to wait and see. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad to see that this story reads as a sequel to Lyoko, rather than a pony retelling.
Also, even though I agree with some of Grano Onis' statements, I understand what you mean about damage estimates and cost reports being boring,, but I say you should at least write in that "any damage cause by XANA is being taken care of by the Mayor, although some of the costs are pretty high," and that would be it. No further details than that, so that it won't be boring.

Also, I think it be cool if there were other hidden messages from the original Lyoko Warriors encoded in Lyocolt that our heroes would find during they adventures together so that way they learn more and more about Lyoko and what it was before XANA ruined it all. Maybe Twilight and Digital Dancer can find a digital "journal" kept by Jeremy and they can read up on what the human kids went through. Maybe in a "recap" episode?

Also, sense XANA is "warming up," I'm guessing that means he's going to do more than just control immediate objects, maybe other ponies? Maybe Celestia and Luna?

Also, for safety sakes, you should have Fluttershy and Spike get virtualized too that way XANA wouldn't be able to control them, since being virtualized makes one immune to XANA's control, just like in the original show, of course, after XANA takes control of one of them just for kicks, that is. >=3

Speaking of the original show, you know that there's a live-action sequel, "Code Lyoko: Evolution," coming out, right?:pinkiehappy:

Anyways, keep up the great work. This story is good.:twilightsmile::heart:

New sectors? Interesting.
Also, you better eventually do something like Ghost Channel. At least once.

1273141 Well aware of CL:E and eagerly awaiting English fansubs of it (because you KNOW it won't be ported...:pinkiesad2:)

As to the rest: All of the Mane Six and Spike will get to go to Lyocolt eventually, when XANA does any truly catastrophic damage it'll be addressed in some fashion (so far he hasn't done nearly as much damage as the Parasprites did), and there will be...other references to the original Lyoko Warriors. I'm not spilling just yet.

Anyway, beginning with chapter four: new sectors, new monsters, and new problems!

1238717 you're doing a great job keep it up

1273141 How am I just now finding out about this? Now I need to re-watch the entire series as part of a nostalgia bender.

PLEASE continue with this, I had tons of fun watching the show and reading this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't cancel this for any reason:fluttercry:

You have to make fluttershy's virtual form completely overpowered
and they don't find out because she hates hurting anything

Mythril, I swear, I'm hearing all the old sound effects and background music play in my head when I read this! I can even hear the instrumental version of the theme song when they get virtualized, and I freakin love that "Digital Dancer. ..Code Lyocolt" image thing!!! You have not dissapointed, look forward to chapter 4! :pinkiehappy:

Also didn't know if you addressed this or not, but will they have the capibility to use the "Return to the Past" function of the supercomputer? And are you going to introduce the Lyoko Warrior's ship the Skid? :duck:

1341662 Glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

To answer some questions specifically:

As mentioned in Aelita's video log in chapter three, the "Return to the Past" program has been disabled since XANA has been trapped in the supercomputer again.

As to the Skid, it was destroyed by the Kolossus, so no longer exists, and Twilight...well...isn't Jeremie. So no Skid. (Besides, where would it even GO? The supercomputer is like, literally the only computer in Equestria...)

(In case anyone missed it, THIS story isn't "It's Code Lyoko but with ponies", it's set SEVERAL decades past the end of Code Lyoko, and the original supercomputer and the original XANA are Equestria's problem now...)

1343475 Okay, sorry about that I was reading that chapter real late at night, and now that you mention it I forgot that there's no internet for them to explore. :twilightblush:

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