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The Guy who wrote "Dibs on My Sister". Editor for Clopficsinthecomments and Prereader for Firesight. I love Bat Ponies. Eeee!

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You sure did. Thank you so much, this just featured!

A superb start, sir! Everything struck me as in character even under Discord’s corrupting influence. I enjoyed editing it greatly.

Comment posted by Johnny Walker deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Fair but I want people to understand in the wake of the PC drama that we're not doing that here.

Yeah it's annoying as shit. It's getting so bad to the point I actually fear one day Fimfiction might go ahead and decide to ban all foalcon content and practically anything else that's considered ""harmful""

You know, I wouldn't care so much if they did ban foalcon but I'll be damned if I'm going to let the heckler get his veto on what does and does not get posted on Fimfiction. To me, that is where the battle lines are drawn. No backwards step, comrades!


The day they do that is the day I leave and take my stories with me.

Kaisar #9 · Jul 24th, 2021 · · 24 ·

The content? No, that won't get banned, but this constant fighting and bickering from BOTH SIDES of the argument is going to make something happen if you don't cut it out. Can't go a single fic anymore without people arguing or ranting in the comments. Claiming you are ready to drop Fimfiction so fast (So loyal to a site that has never once even thought of banning your precious foalcon, btw...) or talking about how you are fighting some war. (both sides, mind. Both the moral high horse folks and the armchair lawyers)

Can't you enjoy a fic without having to talk about how you are ready to burn everything to the ground at the drop of a hat?

Comment posted by SweetBanana deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Continuing to rabble-rouse only makes it more likely that staff will take action. That you're on the side who doesn't want action to be taken, yet also the one that brought it up...

Comment posted by heirofaniu deleted Jul 24th, 2021

I'm not bickering, I'm posting content.

And you're here memeing about it so now you're riding along in the dumpster. Great job.

My comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular. Just anyone participating in the rants.

You know what? That's fair enough. I kinda wish this would all calm down and the people who dislike this content can just downvote it and go about their day. All I wanted to do was oblige the person requesting my story.

I believe that the ones who complain the most will lose this battle.
Call it a societal phase shift for some odd reason.
Good Luck anti-foalcon people, you're gonna need it.
Otherwise, I don't know why I commented.
I don't exist.

Comment posted by Johnny Walker deleted Jul 26th, 2021

So like do you do anything else other than wait for someone to upload a story you dont like to cry about it or

I don't know what you are implying about Derpibooru. Have they changed the ways they do things over there?

Comment posted by Johnny Walker deleted Jul 26th, 2021
Comment posted by SweetBanana deleted Jul 24th, 2021

Don't reply to Sweet Banana anymore, he's she's been blocked.

For the record to anyone reading this: Aryanne is not White Supremacist, she is a satire of it. I'm adding "fake news" to the list of things that gets your account blocked and your comments removed.

This user is blocked. Let it be...

its not child abuse if there not real

Which I said on my long description but setting that aside, do you have any thoughts about the story? Does anyone?

Ah, I see this hit the Featured box, and that explains my blogs feed notifications going through the roof. The foalcon debate has become A Thing again. One of the joys of following lots of authors who all have different opinions and write different things. :twilightoops:

There are people who just write this stuff and they don't deal with it. Next time I write this, I'm hiding behind an alt account. What a waste of my time.

Glad I helped? :applejackconfused:


There are people who just write this stuff and they don't deal with it.

I think the key there is a straight-up ":yay: the haters" attitude. Not saying adding the disclaimer was wrong but it acknowledged the debate rather that starting from the position of "press Alt-F4 to dislike".

I think one of the biggest problems with this issue stems from two things.
1 passing this stuff of as safe for general consumption. Not this story but other covering the topic of foalcon have tried to pass themselves off as SFW witch personally I don't think it is. A fetish maybe a harmless what if in cartoons probably, but the moment you try to pass it of as a non mature content I think that's an issue and it's what starter a lot of these debates.

2 poor classification systems. Most sites for good or bad when they realise they have this or any other similar fetish based content take steps to allow audiences segregate it off. Wether that be a button in search or settings that say don't show me this content or the ability to remove it from searches. The problem isn't not having this system but rather no specific classification. For better or worse Foalcon is with in the same classification as Costume Sexy times because they're both "Fetishes" and that needs to change.

It's not bashing on Foalcon as a whole just the system that makes it hard to differentiate between different content without having to read the description. Even "harmless Foalcon" of which I personally don't think there is none is still undifferentiated from other stories not even touching the subject.

I'd say it's the same with other Fetish content too and that needs to change but Foalcon was the subject of discussion.

When I finished I just thought, "Need sequal.".


I don't mean to presume, but I'd imagine you'd like a little feedback that, y'know, has something to do with the story and isn't some pointless posturing.

Since foalcon's really not my baileywick, I skimmed those parts. From what I saw? Decently written smut. I imagine the folks who enjoy that kind of thing got what they wanted.

As for the story as a whole? It's a fun concept. I'd almost entirely forgotten the whole "Big Mac as a dog" thing from the Return of Harmony, so that was a nice little bit of nostalgia. And the idea of Sweetie having a schoolgirl crush on her friend's big brother, not gonna lie, is fertile story ground. With the ending the way it is, I could see a continuation of this with some nice, juicy drama.


“Wait! Big Maaaaac! You are a bad, bad boy! Sweetie Belle gave him chase but by the time she’d reached the door, he was sliding across the road as if he’d been on ice skates.

Missed a quotation there, friendo.

On the whole (and from what I actually read) not a badly written little fic. I hope Anonymous got what he wanted from the exchange!

That was well done! Ended up being quite cute and romantic. Plus how the CMC were all together as Sweetie was casually clopping away was really cute, and it set up that mare on filly, or filly on filly acceptance quite well. Great work and I hope to see more like this in the future!

Hehe cool story bro.

Cool sorry mate:twilightsmile:

Thank for writing, have a nice day :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Johnny Walker deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Great story. The sex was great, setting it during Discord's reign over Ponyville was a creative touch that brought some extra fun to the table, and characterization was spot on. I really liked how you wrote Sweetie Belle here, especially how she so obviously respects Rarity as a role model.

Comment posted by assbutt2 deleted Jul 26th, 2021
Kaisar #40 · Jul 25th, 2021 · · 7 ·

You can downvote my comments all day, but you won't change facts.
Some facts:
- Knighty isn't banning foalcon, ever. He thinks writing any horse fic is weird, regardless.
- No, foalcon isn't illegal...
- No, I don't support or even condone foalcon. I can see this fic has it and therefore I won't read it.
- Because I didn't read it, I can't upvote it OR downvote it. That should be the way. If you downvoted it without reading it, you are an ass. If you read it just to downvote it on foalcon, you subjected yourself to it.
- No, this isn't normalizing child abuse, pedophilia, or whatever else crap you think. You sound like the "video games cause mass shootings" people. I'm sure all of you on your moral high horse play those....

Can't we have some common decency anymore? Some etiquette? If not, at least direct all your hate to CrimsonEquine.

Honestly I wouldn't of added anything, and I can't believe Derpibooru went so SJW as to alienate it's own userbase and source of income. Unbelievable just how far some people go to destroy things simply to push some stupid narrative.

Comment posted by No Raisin deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Sweet Banana is also a cunt so

In this case it doesn't matter. Intentionally misgendering makes you the bad guy, so don't do it.

If someone doesn't know the gender of someone because they don't care enough to go looking for it, you can't blame someone for defaulting to 'he'. Automatically assuming they did it purposefully is just so they can go 'look at how bad this person is for misgendering me/this person ;(' Everyone can see this tactic so nobody cares.


Nobody really likes or accepts them because a lot of them are obnoxious about their fetish being a part of their identity and there's plenty of horror stories about these creepy as hell perverts in fur suits with a bestiality fetish.

If you think outsiders view MLP fan authors more favorably than they view furries, you've been immersed in this fandom too long.

If you think stories about people who look like horses and have horse-like traits having sex with each other doesn't directly and obviously normalize bestiality, you've been immersed in this fandom too long.

I'm not saying any of that is bad, but "normal" people do not think any of what we do is normal, healthy, or appropriate for the use of a children's cartoon. It's easy to forget that when you live in horsebucktopia in your mind.

Comment posted by No Raisin deleted Jul 26th, 2021

Please re-read. The comment I was replying to was defending misgendering someone on the basis that they're an asshole. I was saying that isn't an excuse for misgendering them once you know their gender.

I apologize for making it seem my comment was directed specifically at you. It was more so directed at Someraisin. Regardless, it's no justification.

Heartless manipulator

Where the hell do you people get this shit from? You make claims about people you don't actually know and make this shit up based on absolutely nothing. Again, as I said with TS and your unfounded claim of 'self-admitted fascist'. Provide one example of this, and I'll delete my account. But you won't, because you're an actual liar.

I'm still waiting for proof of your claims regarding TS BTW.

You hover your cursor over SweetBanana's profile for literally an instant and you see that she's a trans girl. It's in her bio.

:unsuresweetie: Lmao.
Anyway, if my intention was to immediately block an individual, I wouldn't read anything because I wouldn't care enough. You automatically assumed that AJ Afficiando was acting from a place of malice when they called SB a 'he' but you're presuming intent because you want to label them the bad guy for no real reason. You have nothing so you have to grasp at straws. You're making a wrongful assumption based solely on the fact you dislike this individual. Probably for the same reasons SB did and that's because this fic is foalcon.

Regardless, Donger's comment remains true: Sweetbanana is a cunt.

How do you know it was intentional? Maybe the author doesn't pay attention to people being toxic to him and assumed

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