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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.


It all began with a misunderstanding--A lie, told from one to another. This lie led to action, and from action grew guilt. And yet, through all of this, it's important to know that even if you think otherwise, there's always someone, somewhere looking out for you.

But sometimes, this guilt lingers. It haunts our memory, surfacing like an ever-present phantom in the dead of night. Sometimes, it's these very memories that hold us back from regaining the confidence we had lost so long ago.

Odium knows this well.

Editor: TheMajorTechie

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You 2 are collaborating a lot…….

…….could this mean……….


……….theirs a huge multi chapter story coming……..

…..or Maybe…….


it's called i'm bored and he wants an editor :V

Okay I figured and was mostly joking but was partly wondering if you guys were friends.

i guess you could say that. we're on the same writing-focused discord server as each other :V

it's a workshopping server. me and a buncha other folks hang around to help others with their writing :V

ouch, this is like have an editor? NIce :3

anyway did you teach him how to write?

Hopefully. Heroic said he wants to try writing something on his own again next. This and the previous fic were both heavily edited.

.... ouch. Then you should start criticism him already, that will teach him a lot (Don't worry, he will listen)

There's plenty of that happening over on Discord.

nice. (I wish I have an editor) Anyway, next time you just see and criticize, others just let him fix, ok? Like I did in one of his fics. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/497861/my-little-pony-friendship-is-infinite

This has been happening behind the scenes for ages now. I only started editing recently because I wanted to change tactics. Criticism only brings down his mental state. I want to try and lift him up, not push him down even further.

It's okay, Techie. I'm fine with criticism as long as it's constructive. Thanks, though. You too, Dragon Shimmer.

Don't worry, Dragon Shimmer. I'm fine with criticism as long as it's constructive. Thanks, though.

Don't worry. I am gonna judge the content too... That if you can pass the constructive stage.

Hey, Dragon Shimmer.

Yes? (I should change my name into Mir)

Can you give me some feedback and constructive criticism on the story?

Also, why change the name?

Oh right. what story?

P/S just for fun

Oh. Okay. A Wolf's Blizzard.

Well... the plot and characterize are always your problem and this one still has that problem. I will pretend as I don't know your OC.

Reader: What the hell? Who is Odium and what is he look like? And why are this wolf and the main 6 fightings? Meh, this one is no need to read. *Click to go back*

You told too much and did not show much. The "Told" and "Show" in the story are important to develop the character and plot.

Oh. Okay. Sorry about that.

I'm still working on the rewrite to his original debut story and still learning how to get better at plot and characterization.

Oh. Well, how do I fix that?

Well... Honestly just give the protagonist an appearance and show the reader what he can do or what is his weakness? About the plot... just make sure that you do not do that as cringe.

How do I "Show" the reader his character without relying on info-dumps? Sorry. It's just that I'm having trouble with how to do that without ruining the story, possibly even further.

Action, feeling, react, ect... many ways to show that.

Oh no Heroic I feel betrayed!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Well anyway much love.

Here’s you’re review: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/962439/story-review-5

What’s with the dream?

I still don't understand.


The smoke encircling his waist slipped away, forming a small blob hovering before him. His eyes widened as his face emerged from the cloud once more.

“Thank you.”

“Wait—” Odium blinked. “Wait, wha—”

“You’ve said all you needed to say. Farewell, Odium.”

He watched as the smoky face rose into the endless sky.

“I believe our time here is over as well.” The collective voices of the mares echoed over the brightening plane. “There is nothing more that needs to be done.”

A confused grumble arose from Odium as they too began to fade.


Oh. Well, it shows his emotional plight and how it's ending as he wakes up and realizes that he can't let it control him forever.

Ohh. Also, did you write a story with odium in it before?

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