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This story is a sequel to Crimson Lips

Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women in love try to find the answer to a very difficult question:

Selling your body is not the same as selling yourself, but does it matter when everyone else thinks it is?

A series of vignettes (except for when they're not vignettes, which happens more often than I'd like). Extensive amounts of research (and several interviews!) went into the creation of this fic so as to portray the topics in sensible and respectful ways.

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Oh, this is one hell of a start. Love seeing Celestia with some flair, and I can't wait to compare and contrast her relationship to Twi's.

Also looking forward to seeing Luna become the awesome Lady we all love.

Hey uh Mono
What the FUCK
You dastardly thing you
How could you sit on this for SO LONG??

God I love the narrator voice more every time I read a chapter.

And now begins the story of Sapphire Snow...

My, how the paths do weave together...

Being weak can be a good thing.




Wow, that is a strong start. Really excited to see where this ride goes.

Definitely wasn't expecting this so soon and I'm definitely glad it happened. :trollestia:


Huh. Was not expecting a connection between Sapphire Snow and Celestia. Although I suppose that could explain some of the current animosity between the two sisters.

Really nice start! Interesting to see how things were in the past, including a look at sex work not at the Carousel.

I see Luna was just as grumpy before everything went down.

Sapphire and Celestia being in a relationship didn't come off as a surprise, though I don't recall if that's because I figured it out myself or if because you straight up said so in your Discord at some point.

Both this and TEC starting off with flashbacks is an interesting parallel.

Ah, we begin again with a look into how things used to be.

Did we know their family name was Nova until now? Either way, that makes Luna's full name the same as the magic academy in Little Witch Adademia. Which is an amusing coincidence, if unintentional.

*excited squealing*
Ohmygosh I was NOT expecting this to come so early. It's like an early holiday season, but with 100% more drama and romance and Raritwi! (And legally distinct Rarilestia!)

Also, all the kudos and respect to Luna. Can't wait to see if she's going to be the most reasonable person around again, or if she's going to have to go trough character development

I think at this point we all know how this story is going to end. We all know this story is going to be both heartbreaking and tragic, yet at the same time beautiful.
It may hurt but its going to be so worth it. We are Ready Mono.
Bring on the Pain.

It''s too soon. Please don't break my heart too harshly, I'm still picking up the pieces from Crimson Lips...

As she lay there, counting the seconds until the clock on the wall struck five, she couldn’t help but wish the setting was different. A nicer place, maybe, rather than a rundown, sketchy hotel where the room had a peephole she’d covered with a cloth. She hated this place. The Tilted Inn. As awful as its name, but the only place that let her do her work with some modicum of safety.

That's rough.

Her brilliant blue eyes darted towards the clock on the wall.

Blue eyes, black hair, Coloratura? No, she doesn't have a southern accent.

Large banners hung from poles, all inviting passersby to come see the Heart’s Haven University Magic Showcase - 5:45p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Ooh, interesting.

“That’s not nice, Lulu,” said Sapphire Snow.

OC, got it.

“Please welcome Celestia Nova!”

Oh dear.

“Today,” said the teacher, “Celestia will be demonstrating the first fire spell of the night, in the form of three fire arrows!” She turned to Celestia, whose outstretched hand gripped the bow. “Are you ready?”

Get the feeling we're about to get what the title of the chapter's on about.

And then, she glanced ever so briefly towards the delighted Sapphire, and suddenly the flames turned sapphire blue.

“Goodness!” exclaimed Miss Heart, talking over the whooping. “A firefrost spell!”

Called it.

Because she’d been shot, too, with a fourth arrow that pierced her heart. Shot again and again and again when a grinning Celestia turned towards her, locked eyes with Sapphire Snow, and then with all the grace of a lady, curtsied.

You are smitten.

i... i love this stupid AU so much.... i told myself i would be strong... i would not start the sequel until TEC had another chapter published and Somebody to hold was done....


"I'm weak", Monochromatic, 2021.


One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I give in so easily
And no thank you,
is how it should've gone
I should stay strong

I'm surprised that folks are surprised over the relationship between Celestia and Sapphire. There was a solid 50/50 chance in my mind over that and Sapphire and Luna. Still, I am loving this. More please.

I'll read anything you write, but a vignette story eh? Hmm.

Here we go again... Good thing I've got health insurance for all the PAIN I'm about to experience.

And what’s wrong with that?
Boy, oh boy, I love it when I fall for that.

Oh, I love this so much. Such a great way to show how much they've grown, that they can work through this conflict, and their interactions with each other and Spike were so cute. Soul Fire is also a really cool idea and I need to steal it for stuff at some point.

I thought things would be easier.

This is a Monochromatic fic, you should have known better.

It seemed that I always had time for her. She’d ask me daily when would be a good time to meet, willing to work around the Sapphire clients she assumed I had, only to be met with: “Whenever works for you is fine with me, Twilight.”

“But what about your clients?” she’d ask next.

And every time I'd reply the same: “I’ll sort it out.”

... That, isn't, necessarily wise...

“It’s been good,” I replied, airily. “I’ve been running out of the fabrics I need, so I’ll have to go to the market tomorrow. Maybe they’ll have restocked my favorite colors, too.”

You know that isn't what she means.

Despite her reservations, she was still, shall we say, a useless lesbian and was thus a giggling, smitten mess when I pulled away.

Pretty sure you're both useless lesbians.

“Hold on. I need to do some mathematical calculations.”

"...Mathematical calculations?"

See, from anyone else, this would be trolling. But from Twilight...

“There’s…” Twilight paused, her voice trembling as much as her body. “There’s a wild dragon right behind you.”

Oh, that's just Spike.

And then, she looked at me for a second, confused, then frowned and said:

Not you, Rarity! I’m not worried for you. I don’t want you to scare it away!”

I adore Twilight.

“Rarity, it’s not a cat!” Twilight reprimanded indignantly, watching as I shamelessly coo'd while scratching the dragon’s chin like it were Opalescence. "That thing can probably maul your hand!"

So can a cat.

I tilted my head to the side, petting the dragon like some sort of fairytale villain. “Oh, Twilight, sweetheart. That’s only because I haven’t bedded you yet, dear.”

I love the 'yet'.

“Rarity,” she said. “Don’t scream.”


It was instant. One second, I was about to ask why would I scream, and the next, I had to physically clamp a hand over my mouth to stop myself from yelping at the sight of her hand catching fire, completely enveloped in bright blue flames.

Ah, that.

"What is it doing?" I whispered loudly. "Doesn't that hurt it?"

Dragons are fireproof.

"In his fourth book on the subject of dragons, Master Iron Crossfade wrote extensively about the magical properties of dragon fire. In chapter thirteen, he explains that dragon fire cannot burn beings the dragon trusts."

"And what if it doesn't trust you?!"

"Then I can finally try that spell I read from a medical book that's great for third degree burns and higher."

Oh my god.

"You thought there was a chance it wouldn't, and you did it anyway?!" I gasped. "What's wrong with you?! Are you mad?!"

Little bit.

"Rarity," she asked, retrieving her hand as the dragon stopped its fire. She looked straight at me. "Have you taken any work at the Sapphire Carousel recently?"

Ah, good, she's not stupid.

"Oh?" I replied, stung, my mood very quickly soured. "Funny, Twilight. I thought we were done with putting me on trial."


"You're right," she said. "I don't like your job."

At least you're honest.

"What if… What if I get burnt again?"

She pondered that a moment.


And then she smiled.

"Did I tell you I have a spell I want to try that's supposed to be great with third degree burns and higher?"

You sly fox.

"Aw," she said, turning to the dragon and scratching the top of its head, "look at her. Still lying. When will she learn?"

"I do!" I protested, still giggling. "I hate you! I loathe you, even!"

I'm sure ya do.

"No! No, I must!" I declared theatrically. "Exposure therapy is the key, isn't it? When I'm done with you, you'll know exactly if you're a dom or a sub or even a switch? And the ins and out of role-play—"

I wouldn't be opposed.

"Stop, or I'll make Spike burn you!"

"Spike?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh. Yes. That's what I named it, because of all the spikes on its body."


"Rarity! I can't keep him! Are you insane?! I can't just go back to the mansion with a dragon! What will Lady Celestia say?!"

That he's goddamn adorable.

Mono stop stealing my heart plez

good raritwi
brain tired
write better comment later

Tender moment between these dorks, mixed with some relationship troubles and spiced with some cute dragon shenanigans.
As always, a pleasure to read :raritystarry:.

Gimme that sweet Raritwi Fluff with a side of Spike fluff and a pinch of angst, all seasoned with Mono's stellar writing!

Today's gonna be a good day

We are blessed with more Sapphire, and it has me giggling throughout. Good fluff, and the wait for it was worth it. Let's see what comes next~

I like Twilight's handling of that conversation. It wasn't an easy topic, but she managed to navigate through it.

This was just so wonderful and sweet! Twilight facing down Rarity about her work in typical Twilight fashion, Rarity being flustered, and she flustering Twilight…made all the more perfect by bringing Spike into their lives.

Thank you, Mono.:raritywink:

Oh my dear gawd that was adorable. And good communication!

What a great chapter. What a really great balancing act of tension!

This is super adorable. Now that they know the importance of open communication, hopefully they can keep being super adorable. And with a new friend to boot!

OH THANK GOODNESS it stayed adorable.
A great chapter and I'm so happy that Spike came back. I nearly feared him to be only a plot device, never to be seen again.
Though he did become the catalyst for their Talk.
Can't wait to see more of this "family of three"!


Oh hey, Spike's back! And named now! The whole scene was really cool. Was not expecting Twilight to use Spike as a metaphor of sorts to nail in that Rarity needs to trust her. She's burned her before, yes, but she's trying to be better.

This was a great chapter, both in terms of sweet fluff and some nicely handled drama. It felt natural that Rarity would feel some shame still when interacting with Twilight, and it was good to see them work through that. On that note, it's an interesting but nice character note that Twilight still doesn't like Rarity's sex work, but doesn't want her to hide it from her, out of a need to understand it and her. Of course, all the stuff with Spike was great, especially the contrast in Twilight's reaction compared to Rift, and Rarity being upset she was more worried about the dragon. Hopefully Celestia treats him well.

Her eyes fluttered upwards towards the young maid hovering over a pot of chamomile and honey tea. The Lady watched as the younger woman deftly squeezed half a lemon into the mixture, then reached for a large spoonful of sugar and dumped it in.

Oh god.

“You won’t be a true lady, then. All ladies love tea.” To punctuate this, she took a sip and sighed with practiced bliss, masquerading her disgust at just how much sugar was in that thing. “Aaaah, delicious.”

That explains a lot.

Auntie!” I screeched while she laughed! She laughed at me, delighted. “I knew you were a big liar!” I buried myself under the covers, a furious little sickly lump. “I’m never talking to you again!”

That is very 9 year old Rarity.

Forgive me, but let’s put a pin in this, shall we? I promise we’ll get back to it before this session ends.

If you say so.

My cheeks grew hot when they laughed after I failed to reply. “Whatever,” I said, trying to move things along. I turned to Cadance. “You did get me a present, didn’t you? Where is it?”

That's VERY 9 year old behavior.

“You’re like her mom,” the teenager noted, a twinkle in her eyes.

Lady Celestia replied immediately. Almost too quick.

“Oh no,” she said. “Don’t be silly.”


I think it’s complicated. My relationship towards Celestia, and the one towards my mother of flesh and blood are complicated affairs, just like so many relationships are.


What’s important is the opposite side of that proverbial coin. A side that, unlike the other, isn’t blurred or nebulous or scarred with scratches.

Oh boy.

Never has there been a mother in the whole wide world who loved her daughter as much as Lady Celestia loved me.

For better or worse.


"Tell me about your childhood"
- Grim Reaper, therapist

"Strap in bitch it's gonna be a rough ride"
- Rarity Belle, about to gaslight gatekeep girlboss her way back to life


So Cadance is now a factor. Or at least...she was at one point. Now I'm curious as to what she's doing/where she is in the present of this story. And man, seeing Celestia and Rarity's relationship here just makes their fallout that much more painful.

Loved this chapter, it was great to see more about Celestia's past!

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