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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011


While cleaning up the Castle of the Two Sisters, Spike discovers a chest containing twelve magical talismans that grant him special powers. Using these powers Spike shows the girls and anypony else he is no longer the little helpless dragon they make him out to be. Unfortunately the original owner of the talismans has no intention of letting another use them.

Alternate Universe before the events of seasons 6-9

Elements of Jackie Chan Adventures

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Oh boy… Shendu is seriously pissed that a inferior dragon absorb his talismans. (His words)

awesome chapter mate keep it up mate cant wait for the next chapter i love Jackie Chan Adventures when i was little it bring back memories for me :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Jul 13th, 2021

I can already tell this is going to be fun!

something tells me this will end as a new big sires.

Mushu: “Uh oh…”

That one pony delegate who didn't want my onion just because I was some random dragon.

Onion? You mean opinion.

Meanwhile far from Ponyville, beyond even Equestria inside a dark cavern, a twenty foot withered creature was hanging by its wrists by shackle and chains. As it breathed heavily in the darkness, a pair of glowing red eyes shined through the dark, and a hissing voice came from it.

Huh. Shendu’s not encased in stone.

…But will he still summon Shadowkhan ninjas and send goons to retrieve his talismans?

“Bad day,” — Jackie Chan.

This is gonna get ugly! Nice opening

Yes, this is getting good!😍 Please Pleassssse Contiue!

"one more thing." (finger smacks jackie) "you lost the talismans so you have to find them!" -Uncle chan

Certainly interested in seeing how cool things get for Spike there.

Had such fond memories of watching that Jackie Chan cartoon there.

Whoo! A Jackie Chan Adventures story???!!! And it's with the Talismans, cool.

And besides Shendu and his demon family. Will Tarakudo, his Oni Generals/Oni Masks, and Shadowkhan Army show up?!

“Well, thanks.” Spike replied, still feeling bitter about the prejudice remark she made about him being a dragon when Tank was supposed to prepare to hibernate, “But you know you can help me experimenting with one of my other new abilities.”

Oh yeah, she still didn't apologize for that?

“And, Spike, we all wanna apologize.” Twilight continued.

“Huh?” Spike raised a brow.

“We didn't mean to make you feel left out or that you can't do the kind of work we were doing.” Applejack continued.

“Applejack's right, darling. We feel so awful about it.” Rarity confessed.

“We didn't mean to make you feel unappreciated and not a part of the group.” Fluttershy apologized.

“Because you are,” Twilight assured him, “We just never took the time to show you how much your help really means to us.”

“What they said.” Rainbow added.

“Could you ever forgive us?” Twilight asked, as they all looked at Spike hoping for it.

Spike while still bitter about how they treated him in the past could tell they honestly meant with their apology. Swallowing any resentment answered, “Ok, I forgive you,” the girls smiled, “However. There's going to be some changes in our involvement.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“First off, if Applejack and Rainbow Dash need somepony for any of their future Iron Pony challenges I'm out of the question.” the two ponies sighed knowing that using Spike as the subject for their challenges wasn't fair to him.

“Second, I'm not going to be coming to the boutique to help so much, Rarity.”

“What?” Rarity gasped.

“Spike, that's a serious change. Why is that?” Twilight asked.

Spike looked to Rarity, before answering them, “My reasons are my own.” Rarity feeling it was something she might've done knew she'd be thinking hard about this.

“Other than that, don't think of me as a helpless baby dragon anymore, because I am capable of so much more now.” Spike finished.

“Done.” Twilight agreed.

Close enough, but still. :ajbemused:

NOICE! Can't wait for more! Any plans on doing variations of this, such as Spike finding an Oni Mask or Demon Chi?

This is gonna be fun. I grew up with that show. I would watch it all the time.

If you like Jackie Chan and ponies, there is a rather big crossover story that, for some reason, doesn't come up on the FiMfiction search engine if you search for "Jackie Chan".



Oh yeah, that famous story of having the CMC be displaced in the Jackie Chan Adventure's World. And be adopted by Uncle and the Chan family.

Made by Tatsurou that likes to displace MLP Characters in other Franchises. And be adopted by famous characters.

Despite being a very good story, I sadly didn't read it yet. Because, it is super-duper long!!! And it's STILL not even completed yet??!!

I'm actually very impressed by his author and writing skills.

Goddamn... I grew up with this show. It was my childhood...

Excited to read this.

Likewise, loved this show growing up.
However being born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, I was a little upset on the tiger talisman's power, I was expecting something more powerful

Have to agree though. If I recall correctly, it just splits your consciousness into your "good" and "evil" sides.

Being born in the year of the Dog, it'd be pretty cool to not get injured at all and stay limber and agile.

Alternate Universe before the events of seasons 6-9

So, this all happens before the canon major events:

  1. Flurry Heart's crystalling.
  2. Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer's amendment.
  3. The start of Starlight Glimmer and Trixie's friendship.
  4. Gabby Griffin's debut.
  5. The Changelings big comeback.
  6. The Storm King's invasion.
  7. The Pillars' return from limbo.
  8. etc.

I wonder how different they'll be, now that Spike's got the talismans in this story, with Shendu looking to get them back.

Ooh! If Spike's disenchanted from his crush for Rarity, then when Gabby comes into the picture, can she and Spike be real close? Oh, I can just see the stark raving jealous look on Rarity increase tenfold. How will she like them apples?

One MORE thing, AIYAAA!!

yeah, immortality is a pretty good ability

Ah, Jackie Chan Adventures. I knew thee well.

I have to admit I'm curious...is this the same Shendu from the original series, or an original version that left that world behind to escape his siblings? Or is that a spoiler for later? Also, interesting that any dragon can absorb that power all things considered, but then, since Shendu was the last, maybe he wasn't specific on how to use that power, given he stole the Talisman/Zodiac powers.

Let the misadventures for Spike begin!

By the way, who will take up the role of Uncle Chan in this story?

I grew up with Jackie Chan adventures. So excited that someone else remembers it

I mean, they probably didn't want his onion, either.

Gonna mark this as Read Later and get to it when I have more time. Thank you for sharing, Angry Crow. :twilightsmile:

Time for a change in Spike.

Great start. Can't wait to see what's to come.

Can someone put the bad day count here as well? Because I lost the count on 3 more things...

Is Shendu in his serpent form or his true body?

True body, but like Tirek he is withered and weak having been separated from his Talismans for so long

If Spike said the talismans were made for him. That means he was Shandu's son, right?

He said they were made for a dragon, meaning only a dragon could bond with them.

When will the next chapter come out?

Spiiike you must make sure no one ever finds these talismans, smack spike on forehead with 2 fingers, one more thing make sure to bring more tea.

Wonder how things will go for Luna in this as well?

Curious on whats going to happen next and such.

Oh this is going to be awesome. I hope this is a beginning of a brand new life for Spike. And maybe Ember and Smolder will want to become Spike's mates now. Since female Dragons love strong male dragons. To show that they will be able to protect their young.

Already loving this

Celestia used her magic on the book that projected a visual display of a twenty foot tall wingless dragon with an impressive build. He had greenish skin, red eyes, and was wearing purple shorts. The sight of the dragon frightened Fluttershy who hid her face behind her mane.

Wait shendu is a guy!?

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