• Published 13th Jul 2021
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Spike of the Talismans - Wildcard25

Spike discovers twelve magical talismans that give him powers like no other making him feel better about himself. But their original owner intends to take them back, even by force

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The Keeper of the Talismans

At Sugarcube Corner, Spike and the girls were there enjoying some sugary snacks, with Spike's being covered in gems.

“Mm, this hits the spot.” Spike said, as he ate a gem covered cupcake.

“You bet.” Pinkie agreed, as she devoured a whole cake.

As the girls and Spike ate, Twilight had finished writing a letter to her mentor, “Done. Ok, Spike. Send it. And make sure you use your teleporting fire and not your real fire.” she warned him.

“Relax, Twilight. I know what to do.” Spike used his magical flames to transport the letter to Princess Celestia.

“Now all we can do is wait, and hope they have answers for us.” Twilight said.

“Does it really matter where those rocks came from, Twilight?” Rainbow asked, as she sipped her milkshake.

“It matters a lot, Rainbow,” Twilight answered seriously, “Where did they come from, who made them, and why?”

“Whoever did make them must've really had a lot of time on their hoofs.” Applejack replied.

“But then why bury them, and at Celestia and Luna's castle?” Fluttershy wondered.

Suddenly Spike belched up a new scroll, as Twilight levitated it to her and looked it over, “We'll find out soon enough. The Princesses are coming to Ponyville now.”

“Which means we should better get to the castle,” Spike guessed, “Well, I'll see you there.” and like before he took off like a shot.

Twilight sighed, “I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to that.” So the girls headed off to the castle.

Soon enough, the group was in the castle sitting in their respective thrones surrounding the Friendship Map. They were biding their time in waiting for the royal ones to arrive, and soon enough the doors opened and walking in was Celestia and Luna.

“Princess Celestia. Princess Luna.” Twilight greeted.

“Good afternoon, my little ponies,” Celestia greeted, “And Spike.” Spike nodded.

“Spike, is it true you found magical objects hidden beneath our old castle?” Luna inquired.

“I sure did.” he confirmed.

“Could you give us a demonstration?” Celestia requested.

“Sure thing.” Spike answered, as he used the speed power to zip around the whole throne room. He extended his claw out to several of Twilight's books that were lying around, and they began to levitate before forming a very tall stack. He levitated the stack over, and held it up using only one claw. Spike benched the tall stack with his one claw as if it was weightless.

Spike levitated the stack down gently, before disappearing, much to the sisters surprise. Before reappearing behind them. Spike then flew upward and his eyes started to glow red. Suddenly firing out from his eyes were beams of heat. He aimed them at the wall moving in motion, until he stopped firing to reveal he carved an image of his face in the wall using the beams of heat.

“I am an artist.” Spike said proudly.

“Spike, the wall!” Twilight complained.

“What it just shows, I was here,” Spike joked, as he levitated down, and spoke to the Princesses, “Pretty amazing, huh?”

They looked to see the Princesses had shocked expressions on their faces. Spike seeing this gave them a dry look before speaking in sarcasm, “Please, try to contain your excitement.”

“Forgive us, Spike. It's not that we're not impressed.” Luna answered.

“Then why're you as shocked as we are when Spike showed us his new powers?” Applejack asked.

“Because this isn't the first time those powers have been used by a dragon.” Celestia answered.

“It isn't?” Fluttershy asked, as the sisters shook their heads.

“Who else could be capable of what Spike can do now thanks to those rocks?” Rarity inquired.

“Those rocks, Rarity, are talismans.” Luna answered.

“Talismans?” the girls and Spike asked.

“Correct,” Celestia confirmed, as she levitated an old book onto the map table, “There has only been one dragon capable of such magic.”

“And that would be?” Spike inquired.

“Shendu.” Celestia and Luna answered.

“Shendu?” the girls asked.

“Who's Shendu?” Pinkie wondered.

Celestia used her magic on the book that projected a visual display of a twenty foot tall wingless dragon with an impressive build. He had greenish skin, red eyes, and was wearing purple shorts. The sight of the dragon frightened Fluttershy who hid her face behind her mane.

“Shendu was an evil warlord over dragonkind thousands of years ago,” Celestia explained, as the visual of Shendu looked down upon hundreds of other dragons, “His powers originated from twelve animal guardians who possessed its own individual power. But Shendu utilizing dark magic was able to usurp the power from those animals, and using their magic took over the Dragon Lands, becoming supreme ruler over all dragons.”

“Whoa.” Spike gasped.

“For years he ruled over dragons with an iron claw demanding their loyalty and praise,” Luna continued, “Until one day, his subjects rebelled against him by seeking out Starswirl the Bearded, and using a powerful spell defeated Shendu and removed his powers from him taking the form of twelve magical talismans, that were hidden away out of evil reach.” they watched as Shendu's powers were pulled from his body and took the form of the twelve talismans.

“And they were buried under your own castle.” Twilight noted.

“This was long before our time as rulers. Whoever buried them there never would've imagined our first castle would be constructed in that exact spot.” Celestia suspected.

“So what happened to Shendu?” Spike asked.

“He was imprisoned in a far away land beyond Equestria. No dragon has seen or heard of him since then.” The princess of the sun explained.

“He'd have to be ancient by now.” Rarity gasped.

“That's assuming he's still alive.” Rainbow added.

“This is definitely something to keep track of.” Twilight said, as she had been chronicling Celestia and Luna's story.

Spike looked at his claws while feeling the magic within him, “So these powers were was once used by an evil dragon?”

“Yes, Spike.” Celestia confirmed.

“It was fortunate you of all dragons were the one to find them and bond to them.” Luna added.

“She's right,” Twilight agreed, while looking at Spike, “Imagine if some other dragon found them and bonded with them. I doubt they would've used them the way you have been using them so far.” Spike could already imagine if a dragon like Garble of any of his flunkies found them they could do all sorts of destruction with one power alone to anywhere in Equestria.

“Yeah. That kind of magic would be like an all you can eat buffet for Tirek.” Pinkie added.

“If any other magic obsessed creature you knew you had that kind of power, they'd be all over you like mah whole family at an apple smorgasbord.” Applejack put in.

Spike started realizing the downside of having so much power would make him stand out, but remembered he didn't wanna be thought of as helpless anymore remained brave, “If any creature wants this magic they'll have to pry it from me. I'll take on any who want to take this magic.”

“By yourself?” Fluttershy asked in concern.

Spike thought about it and realized he wouldn't wanna be alone, spoke to the girls, “Well, it would be nice to have you all around for support.” the girls smiled at his answer.

Celestia spoke, “Remember, Spike, magic like that is very tempting, especially to the young. Do not let your new powers consume you and make you feel you can do anything that you please. Otherwise you will end up no different than Shendu.”

Spike nodded, “I understand, Princess. I really wanna use these powers to help others, while occasionally having a bit of fun in my free time.

Celestia turned to the girls, “And can I trust you girls will make sure Spike does not succumb to the temptation of what he can really use such power for?”

“You can count on us, Princess.” Twilight promised.

“We'll always be there for our dear Spike.” Rarity assured.

Luna nodded, “Then we wish you the best of luck on handling your new powers, Spike.”

“Thanks.” Spike smiled.

Twilight spoke to her mentor, “Could I borrow this books, Princess. I'd like to know more about Shendu and the talismans.”

“Of course. You and Spike should learn from it together.” Celestia said.

“Well, we better get back to Canterlot. Have a good day, all of you.” Luna said, as the two sisters took their leave.

“That was some history lesson, huh, Spike?” Pinkie asked the dragon.

“Yeah. Imagine one dragon using all this power to enslave his own kind.” Spike said in shock.

“Hope you don't get any ideas like that.” Applejack hoped.

“Yeah, the last thing we need is another repeat of what Trixie did here.” Rainbow reminded him.

“Like I told you all, I have no interest in using my new powers for that kind of greed.” Spike assured them.

“I should hope so,” Twilight said, “I also hope this won't lead to any real problems.”

“You worry too much, Twilight.” Pinkie ruffled her mane.

“Yeah. I mean what could be out there that we really need to worry about?” Rainbow asked rhetorically.

That night far away in the cavern prison, the dragon known as Shendu still chained and shackled by his wrists concentrated, as his eyes glowed.

“Rise my army of darkness!” he hissed.

The shadows from all around started moving and rising up from them were these tall figures wearing black uniforms and masks that concealed all but their glowing red eyes.

“My shadowkhan,” Shendu began, “Though I am old and withered from centuries of being separated from my powers, I still have enough magic within me to summon you.”

One of the creatures known as shadowkan jumped upward and whipped out a sword trying to slice one of the chains connected to Shendu's shackle, but the chain glowed and repelled the strike.

“It is no use. The chains which bind me are infused with good magic making you incapable of setting me free. The only way for me to escape these shackles is to become one with my talismans again!” the creatures looked up at their master, who continued, “I have recently sensed their magics resurfacing. Meaning some creature has found and used them. I must have my talismans so my strength and powers can be restored!” he bellowed, before calming down.

“You will find me my talismans, and bring them to me no matter what.” Shendu instructed them, as he managed to extend his right claw out and his own flesh started molting off it taking the form of an object that one of the shadowkhan caught. The object was a torch-like clay sculpture with four dragons in its head, situated like the four compass points.

The shadowkhan held the device out in a direction and one of the dragon heads eyes glowed pointing the way, “Yes, the dragons will show you the way. Go now, my minions.” the shadowkhan vanished, “Soon, I will have my powers back, and this land will know true fear!” Shendu roared.

Author's Note:

I know a lot of you think I'm going to be doing the entire rest of series with my own versions of seasons 6-9 in this story, but this is merely a stand alone story. Unless I decide to make another story focusing in another season dealing with something else. Regardless I want you all to enjoy what I have planned.