• Published 13th Jul 2021
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Spike of the Talismans - Wildcard25

Spike discovers twelve magical talismans that give him powers like no other making him feel better about himself. But their original owner intends to take them back, even by force

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Magical Rocks

One morning Spike and Twilight were on their way to the ruins of the castle of the two sisters, “So why do we still need to spruce Celestia and Luna's old castle up again?” Spike wondered, “I mean we have our own castle now, so it's not like we're doing it for us.”

“The castle is still a historic landmark, Spike. You can bet ponies will want to check it out themselves,” Twilight explained, “The least we can all do is make it more presentable that way there's nothing too dangerous that could be harmful.”

Spike shuddered recalling all the traps and passage ways when they went to the old castle. The group thought the castle was haunted by the pony of shadows but it was just them scaring themselves silly.

“Besides, I'm sure there are still some old historic books I can salvage from the library there.” Twilight said hopefully.

“Oh, so you get to take stuff from the castle?” Spike asked rhetorically.

Twilight turned to Spike knowing what he was getting at, and scowled, “I only wish to look in the library, not search for something hidden away for a reason.”

“So sue me for trying to help a friend.” Spike scoffed, as they reached the castle.

As they entered, they walked the halls before reaching the throne room where the rest of the girls were already hard at work making the throne room more presentable. Rarity was mending the drapes and tapestries, while Fluttershy and Rainbow were cleaning the ceilings, Pinkie was scrubbing the floor with her mane and tail.

“Hope we don't mind we started without you.” Pinkie said, as she slid by.

“Well, it's nice you got a head start.” Twilight admitted, “Here let me help.” she trotted over.

“And I'll help to,” Spike offered, “Just tell me what you need and I'll do it,” he looked around seeing the girls weren't paying any attention to him, “Um, hello. I'm here to help too, ya know?”

“Don't worry, Spike. We got this!” Pinkie said, as she once again slid by.

Spike looked back at the girls, “Isn't there anything I can do?”

“Well, we would, Spike, but this kinda stuff is a lot of hard work, even for a young fella like yourself.” Applejack admitted.

“And no offense, but you're not exactly the most fit dragon for this kind of stuff.” Rainbow added.

Spike upon hearing those words felt a stab at his pride, before turning to Twilight, “Twilight?”

“I'm sorry, Spike. But it looks like we can handle it.” she said trying not to sound mean.

Spike couldn't believe all this, “So, it's back to this again?” he asked in an angry tone

“Spike?” Fluttershy asked hearing his change in mood.

“You woke me up and dragged me here all for nothing, again?” Spike asked Twilight, “Is that all I am, a tag-along?”

“Darling, don't think of yourself like that.” Rarity tried to ease his rising anger.

“Yeah, it's good to have you close by when we really need you.” Twilight reminded him.

“To do what?” Spike scoffed, “Make tea and snacks, just so I can be opened for more insults about how I'm not like other dragons?” he motioned to Rainbow Dash.

“Spike...” she trailed off.

“Whatever, apparently I'll never be strong enough or fast enough to help any of you. And by the time I will be, you'll already have other help.” Spike crossed his arms.

“Oh, Spike-” Twilight started, only for Spike to cut her off.

“Forget it. I'll just go someplace where I won't be in the way.” Spike turned and walked off before kicking a nearby bucket away.

“Oh, no.” Twilight dropped her head down.

Applejack lifted her head up, “Just let Spike cool off, sugarcube.”

“We'll figure out how to make it up to him later.” Rarity added.

Twilight sighed not wanting to leave Spike like this, but with what just happened didn't wanna make it any worse than it already was. Reluctantly, she returned to helping the girls with the cleaning.

In another section of the old castle, Spike stomped down the hall before entering another chamber appearing to an old ballroom. As he stomped he grumbled to himself, “I used to be somebody in this group. Loyal, devoted, number one assistant. Now I'm just in the way. I don't get it, they trust me with doing other things that feel like too much for me to handle, but when it's something I wanna personally help with they leave me out of it. Just like they leave me out of so many other things.”

Spike recalled the several times he was left out, like when Twilight's birthday was relocated to Canterlot so the girls could join Rarity, while he was left behind. He had never missed celebrating Twilight's birthday before, and she always made sure he was there to celebrate it with her. Or the gala, while he only wanted to attend it to be with the girls, they all split off to do their own things leaving him to himself. With nothing else to do he skipped the gala and went straight to Joe's. When Pinkie introduced the girls to her sister Maud, he was also left out even though he would've wanted to meet her, he was left with a list of chores and tasks Twilight wanted him to do. And just like last time they were all here at the castle, he was brushed aside and left out of helping to clean the castle even though they knew he was a hard and dedicated worker.

“Maybe I am just a tag-along to them. Never being part of the group officially even though I was there, they all got credit and appreciation by others. Even though I saved the Crystal Empire by getting the Crystal Heart to Cadence, they all celebrated Twilight for passing a test. Not to mention how much disrespect I receive for one reason or another. Applejack and Rainbow Dash hogtying and wrestling me as part of their Iron Pony challenge. That one pony delegate who didn't want my opinion just because I was some random dragon. Rarity using me for a pincushion, digging up gems, and modeling any of her outfits. I used to enjoy them because I could be near her. Now I'm starting to feel I'm doing it all for nothing. If I was stronger and faster I could show them I'm not a dragon to just toss aside and ignore when he offers his help. But I won't be getting any of that until I grow up. And by then I would've outlived that kind of usefulness to them.”

As Spike walked, he suddenly tripped over something and fell flat on his face, “Lousy old floor.” he grumbled before getting up and saw the loose board. He suddenly looked in the hole and saw something, “What's that?” curiously he pulled the board up further and discovered a chest. He tugged the chest up and placed it on the safer part of the floor.

“What's in here?” Spike wondered, before noting the padlock. Deciding to find out, he used his flames on the lock melting it off. He lifted the top opened and saw resting on a green velvet blanket were twelve octagon shaped rocks. Each rock had a certain symbol on it depicting an animal.

One had a tiger, another had a snake, a rooster, a sheep, an ox, a rat, a horse, a rabbit, a dragon, a monkey, a dog, and a pig.

“What're these things? And why would somepony bury them here?” Spike asked himself, as he looked down at the rocks before picking up the one that had the dragon symbol on it, “Well, this one's my sign.” he smirked at the rock, until it began glowing much to Spike's shock. What was more shocking was the rock started sinking into his claw before disappearing into his palm.

“Hey, what is-” Spike stopped as his eyes began to glow. In his mind, Spike could see a red astral wingless dragon flying around in circles before unleashing a powerful combustion of fire from its mouth. Spike blinked and gasped.

“Whoa! What was that?” he asked himself, while recalling the vision he just saw. When a thought came to him, he spoke, “I wonder.” he walked over to an open window while looking up at the sky. He took a deep breath and from his mouth came a powerful blast of regular red fire. As the fire dissolved as it entered the sky, Spike was taken aback.

“Wow! I've never been able to blast fire that big before,” he looked back over at the rocks in the chest while recalling the dragon one that was assimilated into him, “No way! These rocks are magic?” he asked in excitement, “This is the greatest thing ever!” he suddenly remembered, “Twilight said not to take anything from the castle again... Oh, tartarus with it. Let's see what else these things can do.”

Spike picked up the rock that had the symbol of a rabbit on it, “Will you be granting me good luck?” Spike asked the object, as it glowed and was assimilated into him. Like before he saw a vision, but this time he saw a pink astral rabbit that was hopping around as fast as lightning.

When Spike snapped out of it, he looked down at the end of the ballroom and concentrated. Suddenly as quick as a flash Spike found himself at the end of the ballroom, “Yes!” he cheered, as his voice echoed, before running back to where he started at the same lightning speed, “Rainbow Dash better watch out now that I have the speed to match her.” he snickered.

Spike picked up the one with the symbol of the ox, and it was assimilated into him. His vision following was a astral blue ox plowing through anything in its path like it was nothing. Spike looked over at a nearby pony statue and grinned. He walked up to it and punched it as hard as he could. This in return cause the statue to break in half and fall to the floor.

“Whoa! Now that's strength,” Spike smirked, “Let's see if Applejack thinks I'm not strong enough to help harvest apples now.” When Spike grabbed the one with the horse symbol that assimilated into him, he saw an astral horse approach a pony that was injured. The horse put its muzzle to the pony before it glowed, and the pony's injuries were cured.

Spike looked over at the statue, before placing his hand on one of the pieces before his eyes glowed. Suddenly the pieces of the statue came back together and was restored, “Good as new.” Spike said, as he patted the statue.

When he assimilated the rock with the rooster symbol, he saw a red astral rooster suddenly levitating up. Spike gasped, and asked himself, “Can it be?” he concentrated and suddenly found himself levitating off the ground and flying, “I'm flying. I'm flying!” he flew around just like regular dragons and the pegasi. He finally touched down and laughed in excitement, “So that's what it really feels like to fly instead of riding on somepony's back. Oh, I've missed out on so much.” Spike looked at the other rocks, and upon grabbing each one they all were assimilated into his body before he continued to see visions of said animals displaying the magic they possessed.

Once Spike had all twelve rocks bonded to him he looked himself over, “I feel the magic coursing through me. I feel better than I've ever felt in my life!” he cheered.

“Spike!” came Twilight's voice, as the girls arrived in the ballroom, “There you are.”

“What've you been doing?” Applejack asked.

Before Spike could even give an answer, Twilight spotted the opened chest next to the hole in the floor, “Spike, what is that?”

“Is it treasure?” Rainbow asked hopefully.

“Oh, I hope there are some good jewels I can use.” Rarity said equally excited.

Pinkie looked in the chest, “It's empty.”

“Well, that's a bust.” Rainbow crossed her arms.

Twilight looked to Spike and spoke in suspicion, “Spike, did you take something you shouldn't have?”

“Actually, what I took wasn't cursed.” Spike assured her.

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy wondered.

“Inside the chest were these twelve rocks with these animals symbols on them. One had a rabbit, one had a monkey, one had a snake, and there was even a dragon.” Spike began.

“So where are they?” Applejack asked.

“Well, I picked the dragon one up, then it started to glow and sink into my claw. Then I saw a vision of a dragon unleashing a powerful blast of combustion. I tried using my own flames and it was so powerful and big! The rocks were magic!”

“Spike, you shouldn't mess with magical objects you don't know about,” Twilight chided him, “Who knows what they could do.”

“Oh, I know exactly what these things can do, Twilight. Watch. Now you see me, now you don't!” suddenly Spike vanished into thin air.

“He's gone!” Pinkie gasped.

“Where'd he go?” Rainbow looked around.

As they all looked, Spike suddenly appeared in front of Pinkie, “Boo!” Pinkie screamed, before jumping up into Rainbow's arms. Spike laughed, and soon Pinkie laughed as well.

“Oh, you got me good, Spike.” she laughed, until Rainbow dropped her to the floor.

“Spike, where were you?” Twilight asked.

“I never left. I was just invisible.”

“Invisible?” Rarity asked.

“Uh-huh, that's the power of the snake. It gives a new meaning to the phrase 'snake in the grass' doesn't it?”

“So what else did those rocks give ya?” Applejack asked.

“Watch and observe.” Spike said, as he walked up to the statue he practiced with before picking it up from the bottom and held it over his head like it was nothing.

“Oh, my goodness.” Fluttershy gasped.

“Ah, don't believe it.” Applejack said in surprise.

“How can you lift that much stone?” Rainbow asked in confusion.

“I have the strength of an ox now.” Spike threw the statue across the ballroom making it shatter.

“Spike, we're suppose to preserve the castle and all within it, not damage anything.” Twilight reminded him.

Spike scowled, before answering, “Relax, I can fix it.”

“How are ya gonna do that?” Applejack asked.

“I'll show you.” suddenly he zipped all the way across the ballroom surprising the girls.

“How'd he get over there?” Rainbow asked in shock.

“He's faster now.” Rarity noted.

“He could be faster than you, Rainbow.” Pinkie noted, until Rainbow frowned at her.

They galloped over to Spike, “How did you move so fast?” Twilight asked.

“The lucky rabbit, Twilight.” he answered.

“So how pray tell do you plan to fix this?” Rarity motioned to the demolished statue.

“Like this.” Spike utilizing the horse magic again restored the statue surprising the girls.

“How?” Twilight asked in shock.

“The magic of the healing horse. Guaranteed to heal all your injuries, ailments, and broken stuff.” Spike explained like a salespony.

“Amazing,” Twilight admitted, “Such healing spells were ancient pretty much forgotten.”

Spike smirked, before looking at Fluttershy, “Fluttershy, name me an animal.”


“Just name an animal that comes to you.”

“Ok, a bunny.” she said.

“Too obvious, but ok.” Spike replied, as he concentrated and suddenly took the form of a rabbit, that had his same facial features.

“Spike?!” the girls gasped.

Fluttershy lowered herself down to Bunny Spike's level, “Is that really you?” Bunny Spike nodded, before changing back to normal, “Nice, huh? Let me show you some other examples." Spike transformed into his dog self when he and Twilight visited their friends at Canterlot high.

“Spike, you're a dog!” Rainbow gasped.

“And an adorable one at that.” Rarity admitted, as she looked him over.

Spike then transformed into an ostrich, a bear, a lion, a snake, and a monkey. He changed back, as Twilight spoke, “You can shapeshift like changelings now?”

“Yeah, but I'm only limited to animals apparently.”

“I have no problem with that.” Fluttershy smiled.

“And this next one's going to be a relief for you, Twilight. You'll never have to carry me on your back again.”

“How so?”

“Because now I can do this.” Spike said before flying off the ground.

“Spike, you're flying!” Pinkie cried in joy.

“But without wings?” Applejack asked in confusion.

“Crazy, isn't it?” Spike asked from above, as Rainbow flew up to him.

“Well, you may not have wings, but it's still awesome to see you doing this.” she admitted.

“Well, thanks.” Spike replied, still feeling bitter about the prejudice remark she made about him being a dragon when Tank was supposed to prepare to hibernate, “But you know you can help me experimenting with one of my other new abilities.”


“Buck me as hard as you can.” he ordered.

“What?” she asked.

“You heard me, buck me.”

“Spike, I don't think I should...”

“What, are you afraid, Crash!” Spike sneered.

Rainbow reacting upon hearing the worst nickname she could ever be called turned and bucked Spike so hard he flew backwards across the room before crashing into the wall, peeled off, and fell to the floor.

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight shouted.

“Sorry, I reacted on impulse!” Rainbow cried realizing what she did.

They ran over to Spike in concern, “Spike, are you ok?” Applejack asked.

“Spikey-wikey?” Rarity asked equally worried.

Spike just got up and brushed himself off looking unharmed, “Wow. That didn't hurt at all.”

“Huh?!” the girls were confused.

“Spike, you just got bucked from Rainbow Dash and crashed into the wall, how are you not injured?” Twilight asked, while shaking him.

Spike got Twilight to let go and spoke, “The Dog is a pony's best friend for a reason, Twilight. Especially when it grants you immortality. Of course without the horse magic I would've still felt the pain from it.”

“Oh, I wish I found those rocks and they bonded with me.” Rainbow said with envy.

“Actually, I don't think it would've worked.” Spike replied.

“Why do you say that?” the pegasus asked.

“When I touched them, they automatically assimilated into my body and their magics synced up with me perfectly. Whatever these rocks are it's like they were made for a dragon. Made for... Me.” Spike said.

“Ok, I am officially intrigued by all this,” Twilight confessed, “Who would bury magical stones here in the castle?”

“Celestia and Luna?” Fluttershy asked.

“If they knew those rocks had magic like this, I don't think they'd bury them, and here of all places.” Twilight denied.

“Perhaps you should inform them of this?” Rarity suggested.

“Good idea. Spike...” Twilight was stopped by Spike.

“Hold on, are you going to tell the princesses about this just so they can have them removed from me, because that is unfair to me.”

“I only want to see if they know about these rocks you found and where they came from. If we find out, then maybe you'll have a better way to control them.”

Spike suddenly perked up, “So I can keep them, even though we have no idea how to remove them?”

“As long as you don't use them to cause trouble.” Twilight warned him.

“Believe me, that's the last thing I wanna do with power like this.” Spike assured her.

“And, Spike, we all wanna apologize.” Twilight continued.

“Huh?” Spike raised a brow.

“We didn't mean to make you feel left out or that you can't do the kind of work we were doing.” Applejack continued.

“Applejack's right, darling. We feel so awful about it.” Rarity confessed.

“We didn't mean to make you feel unappreciated and not a part of the group.” Fluttershy apologized.

“Because you are,” Twilight assured him, “We just never took the time to show you how much your help really means to us.”

“What they said.” Rainbow added.

“Could you ever forgive us?” Twilight asked, as they all looked at Spike hoping for it.

Spike while still bitter about how they treated him in the past could tell they honestly meant with their apology. Swallowing any resentment answered, “Ok, I forgive you,” the girls smiled, “However. There's going to be some changes in our involvement.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“First off, if Applejack and Rainbow Dash need somepony for any of their future Iron Pony challenges I'm out of the question.” the two ponies sighed knowing that using Spike as the subject for their challenges wasn't fair to him.

“Second, I'm not going to be coming to the boutique to help so much, Rarity.”

“What?” Rarity gasped.

“Spike, that's a serious change. Why is that?” Twilight asked.

Spike looked to Rarity, before answering them, “My reasons are my own.” Rarity feeling it was something she might've done knew she'd be thinking hard about this.

“Other than that, don't think of me as a helpless baby dragon anymore, because I am capable of so much more now.” Spike finished.

“Done.” Twilight agreed.

“Now that that's settled, let's go to Sugarcube Corner for something sweet... And gem covered.” Pinkie winked at Spike, making him smile.

“Sounds good to me.” Applejack agreed.

“Same here.” Rainbow added.

“Then let's go,” Spike began, “Race you all there!” and as fast as lightning Spike was gone.

“Oh, man!” Rainbow cried, as she flew off to try and catch him.

So the others followed after them, “I just hope the Princesses have some clue about what those magic rocks are and why they were buried here.” Twilight hoped.

Meanwhile far from Ponyville, beyond even Equestria inside a dark cavern, a twenty foot withered creature was hanging by its wrists by shackle and chains. As it breathed heavily in the darkness, a pair of glowing red eyes shined through the dark, and a hissing voice came from it.

“My talismans!” it roared.

Author's Note:

For those of you who need to keep track of the talisman powers from Jackie Chan Adventures.

Rooster: Levitation and Telekinesis

Ox: Super Strength

Snake: Invisibility

Rabbit: Super Speed

Sheep: Astral Projection

Dragon: Combustion

Rat: Animation

Horse: Healing and Regeneration

Monkey: Animal Shapeshifting

Dog: Immortality and Rejuvenation

Pig: Heat Vision and Blasts

Tiger: Spiritual Balance