• Published 28th Jul 2021
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Seaborn - EdBoii

To be human is to be resourceful. For Saul this must hold true like never before. Alone in a land of warlike unicorns in an age beyond Equestria and devoid of harmony, Saul must make a life for himself in a world of mares, blood and cold iron. (RGRE)

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Thoughts on the music, btw? I don't usually do that, but I thought it added a bit of Cool to the scenes here.

reminds me of HFY stories nicely done, really want to know saul backstory that makes him such a badass

I'm not sure what to think of Saul's decision here. I get he's trying to save himself. If he gives them everything the Blood Queen wants, and she murders a bunch of innocent creatures, that blood will be on his hands. Hope he finds it worth it.

As for the music, I'm not one to listen to music while reading, so I cannot give useful input.

Now we can kill the crazy person with black powder grenades. It'll be fun, its not like they were notorious for being incredibly finicky and dangerous to friend and foe alike.

The second Song was a good choice as it fit the scene, while the first one didn't really give the reader indication that intense combat was going on, more of a brutal beatdown. The First song also threw me out of the story as it didn't fit the medieval theme.

I think most of it is just being much bigger than the ponies, tbh. It's clear Saul isn't greatly skilled in melee combat, he's just big and clever. He knows how to throw a punch but most of his victory here is the ponies' own unwillingness to fight and either underestimating him or being scared by him.
He just tanks more than the ponies expect and is able to put them out in a few hits because of the difference in strength. It's made pretty clear by what happens when he fights a combatant who's ready for him: he loses. (Granted by that point he's severely wounded and he's nowhere near as well equipped, but he's not winning this fight on skill so much as brute force and intimidation, is what I mean)

Have fun out there!

And then he mentions that he's never used a real weapon against another before...

Wow, that fight scene alone was pretty good. Add all the character thoughts/feelings really made it come alive. The princess is utterly insane but definitely helped tie it all together. I eagerly await more.

Ah, I can Feel the famous quote here: "Let the Galaxy Burn!"

Out of all the things you could offer to colorful quadpeds ruled by a crazy princess, and you have to go for the gunpowder...

At least downgrade it to Greek fire, napalm, or FABs. The latter being a great option for flocks of angry pegasi.

What a twist...

5 chapters and in fairness I can’t think of a single bad point!?

Honestly an invention even more beneficial to a medieval seafaring Queendom than gunpowder would probably be modern mechanical timekeeping

Pretty nice so far

any siege machinery for a war-hungry leader would also be more sought after. I don't think the princess really cares for anything else

it just not that it his mind set, the way he act, if i was in his situation i would be panicking and never be able to talk so confidently

Great chapter concept

Confusing as fuck to me in action

Catched up and I love this story. Most OCs are written really bad, but yours is fantastic. Looking forward for more.

I was kind of happy about him being considerate and not doing lethal damage… until Arrowberry… just OOF, the poor thing.

Also, very well portrayed the way he fights. Despite him being untrained, for a cuadruped like a pony, a human would be surprisingly agile and unpredictable in his moves, and being that big compared to those ponies… very intimidating. Also, humans are known for being crafty.

I half expected him to draw a gun instead of a stone against Rainstorm. That would have been anticlimatic, but Indiana Jones levels of funny.

I'll defeat you with the power of friendship, and this gun I found!

I mean… he had his original clothes and nobody checked what he had in his pockets.

Love the story keep up the good work.

Saul of the Brine... quite the powerful title. Lets see him bring the thunder of black powder to these pitiful ponies, aye?

I am gonna squee! :rainbowkiss:

Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend! It means a lot coming from you. Your work is amazing, both written and drawn!

Well...um...I gotta say. This took a werid turn, but it will do. Saul reminds me of Guts from Beserk. Also, can you add titles to your chapters here? If not then thats ok, just throwing it out there.

Sure can! I was actually thinking of doing it the other day, but never got around to it. :derpytongue2:

In almost (if not all) discriptions of ponies in this story they are discribed as atleast a third or less of the humans height, yet the pony on the cover is above his wasteline, i dont think this is a huge problem its just a little pet peeve of mine and might confuse some readers.

Also this is the first new story of 2021 im really enjoying, keep it up!

The height difference in the cover design is out of necessity. :twilightsheepish: If the pony were more along the height described, it'd leave a lot of empty space and make it harder to make out the silhouette when shrunk down. I did add a disclaimer though! It's pretty tiny tho.

Thank you! I'm hard at work with newer chapters as we speak! :rainbowkiss:

Edboii, you son of a shepherd you've done it again

That… was intense!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first clicked on this story but after reading these first five chapters (and prologue) I’m happy that I did! Your writing style has a nice balance of action and description, painting a very clear picture of each scene without getting bogged down in the details.

Excellent story!

Very much looking forward to see what Act II brings!

Thanks a bunch! :rainbowkiss: I'm very glad you're enjoying the story!

Just curious, what’s HFY stand for?

For some dumb reason, I finished chapter 4 and forgot to read chapter 5 until today. I was pumped, thinking, ‘finally! A new update!’

Not quiet an update, but I enjoyed it none the less. Keep writing, I’m looking forward to what you add in the future!

You know, it’s the weirdest thing!

I read the first four chapters in one sitting about a week ago and I could have sworn that I didn’t see Chapter 5 available until yesterday.

I'll be honest, I kinda preferred the original version. The lack of insight into the princesses mind at the start really gave the chapter an intense/unknowing feeling. To know her mindset right at the start kinda takes away from that, in my opinion at least. Still a good chapter with a great fight scene.

That the newest gen? I keep loosing track which gen was Magic of Friendship.

I am very impressed with the worldbuilding level of this fic, the attention to detail is remarkable and the organic way in which a non-human species is presented to us (Equestrian Ponykind -RGRE-) reminds me of works like Old Man's War series by John Scalzi or The Drenai Saga by David Gemmell.
Please continue with this great work that promises much, the Emperor bless you soldier and may the sun shine on you :yay:

Hmmm not entirely sure what’s going on here right now. But seems enjoyable so far. Do hope to see more.

Amazing story so far.

Ah, thank you ^^

Yes sorry bout that was half awake, Anyway looking forward to see where u go with this, got my attention

Your comment isn't visible, my dude. :derpytongue2:

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