Roseluck goes to Sugarcube Corner to enjoy some banana bread.

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This story is dark, but nothing, I repeat, nothing can ruin the godly gift that is banana bread.

It's a GOOD life!


Well, that was horrifying. I can only assume that was the goal, so... Good job?

I have...questions...

Jesus, that was probably one of the more horrific stories I've read recently, loved it though.

I have several questions and concerns. Hope you're doing well, Skirts.

Skirts wrote another eldritch cosmic horror surrealist story again, everyone. Buckle up.

Just another happy day in Ponyville?

Can't spell slaughter without laughter. Honestly this gives me Background Pony vibes with the Adventure into the Firmaments with the sounds of metal scraping.

I really enjoyed this. This has most likely happened before at least more than once because of how they more or less knew what not to do. How many have been desiccated by this thing tethered to Pinkie? Is it her fault in the first place Lyra wasn't here, so if it's in the same timeline, perhaps this is a side effect, or is she cursed?

On the positive side, after the Necroponycon got mixed in with the cookbooks, Princess Twilight was able to push the death penalty for unsanctioned reshelving through the Courts.

Kinda feels like a day at work.

Fuuuuuuudge! Good but dammmmmmmm that gives yah tension on the back of your neck.

Somepony forgot to take their mandatory daily dose of SMILE.

You are a superb writer...good golly.

I-I don't... I don't understand...

A bit confused, is somepony else able to explain this?


Same feeling, to be honest. Definitely not the best work I've seen from the author since the utter lack of even the most basic of explanations just makes this feel like gore for the sake of gore. My only thought after finishing this was, "Well, that happened. I guess."

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