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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Wow 46 seconds ago, that’s a new best! Can’t even make a “last time I was this early” since I’ve never been this early.

Leexo looks like the offspring of Leech, Zecora, and Magpiepony.

Nice to see my boy, Czu's, art being used for the cover here. Based.

Ye, Czu is cool AF

Wow, this was a long chapter, yet it felt rewarding. Good job. Hope to see Leexo again soon.

sykko #6 · July 8th · · ·

I hope to see Leexo in future stories.

Add another vote to the 'want to see more' list. maby a public date :twilightsmile:

If/when I get more free time, I fully plan on writing more with little Leexo
Maybe some public crossdressing, more chastity, makeup, or being a bit bolder with his urges...

So when it says

Zebra-Sized Creampie

what you mean by that exactly? as in there is a zebra in the story?

also sorry if I'm coming off as a lot just having a frustrating few days

Exclusively zebras in this story. Leexo, the protagonist and character in the cover, is a zebra.

Life isn't easy as a small, effeminate stallion

I don't know. Life seems to be pretty good for them in the Leechverse (Someverse?).

> Someverse

I'm stealing that

It does have a ring to it.

ah ok I was confused since at the time there was no zebra tag on the story but thank you for the reply and hope you have a great weekend

Honestly, I didn't even think about the zebra tag

it's hard for me to like this story. On one hand, it was hot af and I really enjoyed it, but on the other, it just feels like poor Leexo was coerced and manipulated into being this dude's fucktoy just to be used and discarded, especially if his previous 'marefriend' left him. I can only assume he'd be abusive. Maybe I'm just a sucker for happy endings, but this doesn't feel like it has one. Feels like the sequel is Leexo just being tossed aside for some other, younger and more effeminate colt and realizing that he was just a toy to that guy. Maybe that's the point of these kinds of stories lol but I've never been a fan of endings like this.

If/when I get around to writing more, it'll get a happier ending
I'm a sucker for happy endings myself

I'm glad to hear that. The way it ended just made it feel like he was being used and almost forced into a super toxic relationship. I'd be interested to see what you come up with for a sequel :)

ah ok well hope you're having a good weekend

So far, so good. Hope yours is going well

Nah nah nah. Trust me, he's secretly into it ;>u>

Oh wow. This was good.
Teetering a little on the abusive side, but as you mentioned hopefully the sequel should fix that.

Is really love to hear @ScarletBlade reading this one that's for sure (he always does a good job with your stories)

Feel free to suggest it! ^^

Degenerate but Sexy Sissification| Down The Rabbit Hole with Some Leechsen

Done, I'm not a Patreon of theirs anymore (had to tighten the belt a bit) but we will see!

lol, glad you liked the reference

Always enjoyable to see a sissy find their true selves: as girly submissive fucktoys for real men.

Absolutely, 100% this

It's the natural order of things

Yeah, I heard. We actually talked briefly yesterday

This was an absolutely amazing and enjoyable read~ really wish there was even more to it~ epecially given the mention that Tenzi dated another mare like Lexxo. Would the femcolt remain with him and be completely submissive, or would that change in time as she embraced her true self?

I'm planning on continuing this, don't worry

Stay tuned

I really did like the story and the characters and the sex was really great.

One sentence I was kinda waiting for but didn't come is that he is a proper mare. He just happened to be a male one.

Perhaps for the sequel

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