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After finishing a performance, Adagio Dazzle makes her way to her group's van, only to find former Princess Celestia waiting for her.

(Written for the Uncommon Dazzling Ships promoted ship of Adagio and Celestia)

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This was nice! Showed Adagio being pragmatic but not too self-pitying. I wonder where it all might lead!

I would be interested in reading further about the developing friendship between these two, a friendship based on shared age and experience. Not many stories portray the Dazzlings as contemporaries of Celestia after all.

Sure, I'll friendship it.

Need more story.

A nice little piece, I do like seeing Adagio trying to move on. Would be fun to see it continued, as given their longevity there is certainly room for a headcanon that they are the other two who can truly understand each other.

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