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Found this website through a YouTuber, I got an idea, began writing. So...uh...life is odd.


This story is a sequel to The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Hunt Turned War

Six weeks after the Battle Of The Bands at CHS, the Nightwatcher and the Teen Mutant Alliance continue their war against the Black Snake. Now the group faces a new challenge. Preventing an act that they used to commit. Join Nightwatcher, the Teen Mutant Alliance, and their new friends as they continue their odyessy in Canterlot

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Big Momma, whose house where the Diamond Dawgs were meeting next to, is the mother of the two boys who founded the Cobra Kings. The “Big” in Big Momma is no metaphor. She was at least 400 lbs, six feet, and five inches. Her boys are just as big but weigh less. One of them is in a maximum-security penitentiary for killing seven people.

Dear lord

Nightwatcher can't expect everyone to fear his weapons. Sometimes a demonstration is needed for the especially thick adversaries.

Welp, Orange bunny instigating situations is something that comes as no suprise.

The assasination does, though the title of the story should've hinted at that. Your setting up to it pretty well so far though. I wonder how much help the rainbooms are gonna be though.

Ok, drowning that damned bunny was pretty funny. (Side note: angel bunny would probably pop a boner if he ever met that rabbit considering how similar they are)

So, that romantic pairing is now in the open.

Lets see how things develop from here.

Nice, Now things will heat up!

This felt kinda like a transition chapter, which works for me because it's leading up to a bigger scene

In a calm and low voice, Daniel replied, “I’m the heat you can’t take.”

Well, they almost died. Perhaps some better planning would've stopped that from happening. Regardless, the lightning transformation was awesome. I KNEW you were leading up to something big.

“Get a uniform upgrade. You look sloppy and unprofessional. Not exactly what the city needs from its heroes.” Mayor Mare said.

dang, talk about ungrateful. I'd expected that from Rarity, not her.

Good job with Daniel's POV. The fight scene felt kinda short, but maybe that's the point. Also, if that budding romance continues you may need a romance tag

of COURSE it was bucking flash who spilled the beans.

But good clean up chapter! I can't wait to see more! (And hopefully more followup to the romance between Daniel and Sunset, heh!)

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