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The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination - IWasAnonymous

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Chapter 8

Hey, everyone. It’s Matthew again. I hope you enjoyed the storytelling from Daniel and Devin's point of view. It shakes things up a bit.

Returning to the story, we finally arrived back at the apartment. Everyone greeted us and was glad that we were alive. We told them that Mayor Mare was alive and safe. After that, we removed our masks.

Jessie went to kiss me but she saw the cut across my chest where a Black Snake terrorist had cut me. She flipped out and ran to get some alcohol and a rag. Hannah got up and tended to Devin's wounds. Brody announced that he had an injured leg and almost died. He sat down and stretched his leg to get the soreness out. Orange Bunny only laughed at his misfortune.

I immediately went to my bedroom and laid on my bed. I kid you not, sleep came within five minutes. Morning came quicker than expected, so did the fact that my katana’s hilt was digging into my skull.

All weekend, the extraction team and I rested and tried to heal up for the upcoming school week. Eventually, our time of rest came to an end with the crappiest 7:00 am alarm chime of my life.

When the TMA arrived at CHS, the students were talking about masked and flaming vigilantes saving the mayor’s life. Some of the students heard it from their parents or a Saturday morning news report. Others read it in the Sunday newspaper. Most of the students believed the information, while the rest thought it was a rumor. Our bruises did catch a lot of the student’s attention and we had to come up with a reason that wasn’t too far-fetched. But they remained primarily focused on the vigilantes.

Later that day, we found out that Mayor Mare was holding a televised press conference at City Hall’s auditorium. She was going to tell the public and the press about what happened on Friday night. The press conference would occur during our lunch period. Many students requested that the conference would be shown. Principal Celestia agreed and said the TVs in the cafeteria would show the conference.

Almost every student was anxious. The TVs were behind were me, the TMA, and the Rainbooms sat, so everyone else was crowded around us. I could barely move my arms to eat. Dalton was squashed between the linemen. Finally, the press conference came on.

The camera zoomed in on the mayor’s face. Within seconds, she began to speak. This is what she said:

“My fellow citizens, you may have heard the rumors that masked vigilantes saved my life from the terrorist group, the Black Snake. I’m here to put those rumors to rest. They are true. Allow me to explain the events that transpired. On Friday night, there was an attempt made on my life by the Black Snake, but their plans were thwarted. Four vigilantes, who go by the names Nightwatcher, Mind Probe, Shadow Charger, and Lava Pit, saved my life from the terrorists. I didn’t get to say this to the vigilantes because they disappeared just as quickly as they arrived, but thank you for saving my life and standing up to the Black Snake. I don’t know who or what you are but you have done this city a great service. As for the Black Snake, I regret to say that we have underestimated their power. I have underestimated them. We’ve laughed at their antics and their leader. Due to this, the terrorists run rampant through the streets. Twenty-five of our police officers are dead and the most violent gangs in our fair city have free reign. The Black Snake instills fear in our hearts. We are not strong enough to face them on our own. So, I ask you, if there is anyone else like the Nightwatcher, Mind Probe, Shadow Charger, and Lava Pit, will you help me? Will you save Canterlot from the terrorists that scourge us? That’s all I ask. Now, I will answer any questions you have.”

Right about then, people began to lose interest and go their separate ways. Everyone at our table was relieved that we had room.

“So, what did you think about the press conference?” I asked.

“It was really good, in my opinion,” Brody replied.

“A bit short for a press conference but it was a good speech,” Dalton said.

“The press conference was okay,” Devin said.

Dylan kind of had the same response as his brother. Almost everyone had the same answer. Including the Rainbooms, except for Pinkie Pie, of all people, had an insightful response.

“It was courageous of her to admit that she underestimated the Black Snake. To be honest, I think I did, as well. At first, I thought they were a group of psychos. Now, I see they are powerful and really, really dangerous.”

“I think we are all guilty of that,” Rarity admitted.

“Yeah, same here. It was a rude awakening for all of us. It took a cut across the chest, getting hit in the face with a rifle butt, and dead-legged for us to figure it out,” Brody said.

“On the bright side, we are a little more prepared for what they are capable of now,” I added.

“It seems to me that if they fight dirty, so should we. You know, fight a little fire with fire,” Daniel announced.

“No pun intended?” Hannah asked.

“No pun-...you know what? Screw it. Pun intended.”

The rest of the school day was laid back and easy-going. No fights broke out, no one lost their cool, and no one had anything against one another. That’s what I call a good day.

Later that day, Daniel went to Coach Fast Ball and apologized for his outburst in his class. He also apologized to Fast Pitch for attacking her with the pen and threatening her. They both accepted Daniel's apology and forgave him. That afternoon, the roles for accepting apologies and forgiving were switched.

All of the TMA were in the apartment. Jessie was laying on the couch because she was recovering from softball practice. I was sitting next to her, listening to some music. The rest were playing video games, doing homework, and whatnot. About 6 o’clock, there was a knock on the door. Devin put down his homework and opened the door. It was Flash Sentry.

“Hi, Devin. Is Daniel around by chance?” Flash asked.

“Yeah, he is.”

Devin turned his head towards the bathroom and called for Daniel. He told him that someone was at the door that wanted him. Within a few seconds, he appeared with only a pair of gym shorts on. Daniel saw Flash but was unfazed.

“Hey, Daniel. Can I talk to you for a second?” Flash asked

“Sure. What’s up?” Daniel answered.

“I heard about what happened between you and Fast Pitch. It didn’t take me long to find out what you attacked her for,” Flash said.

“Oh, really,” Daniel replied

“I came over here to apologize for telling her about what you thought about Sunset. Fast Pitch, a group of her friends, and I were in a game of Truth or Dare. I got caught up in the Truth part and I told your secret. I’m so sorry, Daniel. I should’ve kept my mouth shut. Can you forgive me?” Flash explained

“I don’t have much of a choice, Flash,”

“You don’t?”

“Nope. Forgiveness is something God asks his children to do. We are supposed to forgive the same way He forgives us. Yes, I do forgive you, man.”

“So we’re good?”

“We’re good, Flash. Thanks for stopping by.”

“Oh, that reminds me. This Friday night, I’m having a party at my house because my parents put in a new inground pool and it needs a test drive. The DJ that I hired backed out yesterday so I need some entertainment. So, do think that TOCB can show up. Levi, Dalton, and Eric can do their music as well. I’ll have pizza, drinks, finger food, etc. Nothing too big, since my parents are strict on that thing.”

“Jessie, you are the manager. What do you think?” Daniel asked.

“Sure. If it is alright with the rest of the band,” she responded.

“You had me at pizza,” Levi said

“Screw that, you had me at ‘Friday’ and ‘party’,” Lance shouted.

“I guess that decides it. TOCB will be there. What time do you want sound checks?” I asked.

“6:30 would be fine. The party is at 7,” Flash replied.

“Sounds good. See you later, Flash,” Daniel said.

Flash waved “bye” and Daniel closed the door. Then, he went to his bed and laid down on his cot. It was good to have Daniel back. He was a valuable asset to the team and a good friend.

I never told the team that Daniel almost walked out. It is not being dishonest but I thought some things are best left unsaid. Some of you may agree with me and others may not.

In the following weeks, the Teen Mutant Alliance and I waged war on the Black Snake. Everything we were taught and what we stood for was put to the test. The Black Snake became more ruthless by the day but we were ready. The people of Canterlot became more aware of who we were and how many there were of us.

Every couple of days, a new member of the TMA would go into the field. Soon all of Canterlot knew every member of the Alliance.

A local news station started doing a news report called the “War Over Canterlot”. They would give updates about the war and introduce us to Canterlot, so to speak. The news station also started a competition to give each of us a nickname. I think the prize was $500 or even $1000. Some of us got good nicknames.

Brody got the nickname, “Electric Ninja”. Devin got, "The Interrogator". Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the competition. The people of Canterlot were idolizing us even after our horrible ways of fighting the war. That changed when I received my nickname. A 7-year old girl won the prize for this nickname, "Guardian of Canterlot". I thought it was a decent nickname that came from a second-grader.

It seemed that the fair citizens of Canterlot received us pretty well. Notice that I said, “seemed”. Not everyone liked us or appreciated what we were doing. But that is another story for another time.

Author's Note:

Hey, everyone. This concludes Book 2 of the TNC series. Book 3 will be released on October 23. I need a little more time to get it ready. For now, I will be focusing on my other story, I Am Anonymous. If you would like to read that, go ahead. I won't be offended if you don't. Anyway, thanks for reading Book 2.
The Nightwatcher Chronicles
Book 3: Narcotics
Chapter 1 release: October 23, 2021.

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