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The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination - IWasAnonymous

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Chapter 7

Hello readers, my name is Daniel Baxter. Most of you know me as Lava Pit. Like with Devin in Chapter 6, Matthew let me tell part of the story. So let’s get to it. We are going to backtrack a bit; like right after Matthew, Devin, and Brody left.

The picture Matthew showed me burned a hole in my heart. Everyone thought I was going on the mission and I chose to stay behind and fester my burning rage at Flash Sentry. What would my friends think? What would Sunset Shimmer think?

I did have a slight crush on Sunset at the time. After about four weeks of getting to know her, I began to have feelings for her. I only told Flash that I thought she was attractive so I wouldn’t expose myself.

Anyway, I felt like a fool. I sat up and began to think. Leaving my friends because “secret information” had gotten out about me was stupid. I was fed up with myself.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. Not a loud or normal voice but a tender whisper. It was so quiet that I could barely hear it. Orange Bunny had left the apartment to go to the woods to meditate or something, so it couldn't be her playing one of her annoying tricks.

The voice said, “Don’t be hard on yourself, my son. You have been forgiven.”

I stood up and set myself on fire. No one was around me. Where did that voice come from, was the question that was going on in my head?

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Turn around, Daniel,” the voice commanded.

I turned around and I saw a floating, burning branch. What was weird was that the branch was not even burning up. That reminded me of how God appeared to Moses through a burning bush, except there was only a branch.

“Who are you?” I asked again.

“I Am Who I Am,” the voice said.

I quickly knelt before the branch. Silly, right? Not to me. God was speaking to me. I felt honored but also afraid.

“What is it that you need, my king?” I asked.

“I need you to rise, Daniel, so I may see your face.”

I stood up and stared at the floating stick.

“Do you know what I see when I look at your face?” He asked.

“Which face?” I questioned. “Flesh or flame?”


“Umm...fear. Terror. Burning hate. Explosive temper.”

“That’s not what I see. I see bravery, courage, honor, and kindness.”

“Well, what I said is what people see me as.”

“So you value how people see you over how I see you?”

That struck home. I lived most of my life thinking it mattered how people saw me. When people told me horrible things about myself, I believed it. That’s why I reacted horribly when Rainbow Dash called me a coward.

“Yes, I have,” replied looking down at my feet.

“Don’t believe everything people tell you, my son. I look at you as if those things you named never existed. You are my wonderful creation, and your powers are equally wonderful. Daniel, go help your friends. They will need it.”

Instantly, the stick’s flame flickered out, and it dropped on my cot. I picked it up but I heard a knock on the door. Then, I hurried over to the door. I opened it and there stood everyone who was praying over the team.

“What are you doing here?” Fluttershy asked.

“I...I...I was thinking,” I stuttered.

“About what?” Eric asked.

“Something important. Besides, I’m not supposed to leave until five minutes ' till eight.”


I let everyone in. My heart began to race when I saw Sunset Shimmer walk in. She blushed as she walked by me. I think we exchanged a silent hello.

We sat down but we remained silent. My eyes kept glancing back and forth between my feet and the stove clock. I was so nervous that Jessie had to ask me to stop tapping on the metal bar on my cot. I didn’t even realize I was doing that.

Finally, the clock changed to 7:55. I stood up and went to the door. I opened it and stepped into the cool evening.

Before I could set myself ablaze, I heard Sunset Shimmer call to me. “Daniel, be safe.”

I sighed and replied honestly, “I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try.”

After I closed the door, my body erupted into flames. I crouched and jumped into the air. My body instinctively knew to fly. I flew about 500 feet and then I stopped. I faced the direction of the city hall. Taking a deep breath, I flattened out my body and flew as fast as my body could go.

The wind rushed by me as I flew. It was somewhat enjoyable but I kept myself focused. Then, a gust of wind caused me to fly out of control. I accidentally flew through a billboard that was advertising new propane lighters. I tried to regain control but it was no use. Eventually, I landed in the middle of the street, creating an eight-foot crater. People screamed and ran. Some of them pulled out their phones and started taking pictures. I got up, turned to the sky, and went on my way.

Finally, I saw the city hall but I ran into a problem. I saw the Black Snake sniper take the shot. Horrible thoughts ran through my head. Mainly what-if questions.

Out of a burst of fear, I threw my left hand out to shoot a stream of fire but a large fireball flew out. The fireball hit the sniper and caused a massive explosion. I flew down to where the sniper had been. There was not much left of him or where he was laying.

Bits of burnt clothes and flesh were everywhere. I could have sworn there were pieces of his head. Where he was laying, there was a gaping hole. I saw a room with a bed and desk. No one was in the room. The only intact thing was his rifle.

The rifle was a Barrett M107A1 sniper rifle, I know little about guns but from what I’ve heard, those guys have one heck of a kick.

As I was examining the remains of the sniper post, there were shouts in Japanese and automatic gunfire. I turned around and seven Black Snake terrorists charged at me. What was weird was that they looked like a formal military.

Bullets and shotgun pellets hit me but my obsidian body held strong. This is where you see the real fight.

I slung my hand and shot a shard of obsidian at the closest terrorist. The shard struck him in the chest. He and his rifle fell to the ground. By that time, the other terrorist reached me. One swung his fist at me but I caught his fist and melted it. He screamed but I fired another obsidian shard into his chest with my other hand. The next one swung a katana at my head. I stepped back and pulled out my katanas.

You see, my katanas are different. They are fused to my body and they disappear when I return to normal. Why that happens, I don’t have a single clue.

Anyway, I fought the terrorist for under a minute until I plunged one of my katanas into his head.

Eventually, I killed all of the attacking terrorists. I heard shouts coming from the street. I looked over the ledge and saw dozens of Back Snake terrorists running into City Hall. Suddenly, I saw a large bolt of lightning come down from the sky and went through the roof. My eyes widened and I jumped off the roof. I landed behind the terrorists. None of them saw me. Then, I threw two fireballs at the front door. The explosion shook the ground and sent terrorists flying everywhere. I slowly flew into the building. There were at least thirty or more terrorists with Matthew, Devin, Brody standing in front of them. All of the terrorists turned around and stared at me.


(Japanese) “Who are you?” a terrorist asked.

I looked down at the terrorist who asked me the question

“I am the heat you can’t take,” I replied.

The terrorists looked at each other then they were caught off guard when Brody blasted some of his terrorists with his lighting. Then, the fight continued. I shot shards of obsidian and blasted them with fire. Matthew, Brody, and Devin continued their fight with huge body counts. Within five minutes, all but one Black Snake terrorist was dead. I flew down with the others when the fight was over.

“Saigo no kotoba, terorisuto no obutsu? Watashi ga kiite iru.”

(Japanese) Any last words, terrorist filth. I’m listening,” Matthew sneered.

The terrorist yelled as he grabbed his pistol and put it to his head. Then, he pulled the trigger. Blood splattered everywhere as the terrorist fell over.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“Nothing, I guess,” Brody said.

“Not exactly,” Matthew corrected. “Mayor Mare, you can come out now. All of the terrorists are dead.”

I turned around and the mayor walked towards us. As soon as she reached the room, she threw up. After she was done tossing her cookies, she looked at me.

“Who is this?” Mayor Mare groaned.

“One of my other associates, Lava Pit,” Matthew replied.

“And who created that big hole in the front door?”

“That would be me, Mayor,” I admitted.

“Do you have any idea what it will cost to repair that?”

“I honestly don’t know but it might be a lot,” I guessed.

“Might be?! It will be a lot. But you have saved my life. That overshadows the destruction here.”

Then, I heard sirens in the distance. The police had finally shown up. I thought that was a good thing. Matthew, of course, thought otherwise.

“I don’t think that your police force or SWAT teams are going to agree with that,” Matthew said, as the sirens got closer.

“Leave if you must, but if you leave in a rush, the police will think you tried to kill me.”

“They can think what they want to think. Only you know the truth.”

We were about to leave before Mayor Mare stopped us to ask us a question.

“Before you leave, can I give you some advice?” she asked.

“Sure,” Matthew replied.

“Get a uniform upgrade. You look sloppy and unprofessional. Not exactly what the city needs from its heroes.” Mayor Mare said.

“I’ll think about it,” Matthew said.

Then in Portuguese, Matthew told us to move out. Matthew, Devin, and Brody ran out of the building while I simply flew out. By that time, the police arrived and began shooting at us. We didn’t dare fire back.

Matthew and the others retrieved the vehicles and drove off. Some police officers returned to the cars and began to drive after them. I prevented them from getting any further. I threw a fireball that exploded and created a huge crater that would be impossible to drive through. After that, I flew back home.