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The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination - IWasAnonymous

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Chapter 6

Hi, this is Devin Cochran. You know, the Mind Probe? Matthew let me tell this part of the story from my point of view. I don’t know why but I’m not going to question it. Okay, let’s get to the story.

When Brody said, You will have to step over our dead bodies. I facepalmed. That was the dumbest thing you could have said to guys who want to freaking kill us. Although, I did want to fight the new and improved Black Snake terrorists.

After the leader said, Your challenge has been accepted, the terrorists began shooting. The bullets and shotgun pellets just bounced off our shields. Mayor Mare crouched down behind us and covered her head. I saw Matthew nod his head, as he drew his pistols. Brody and I drew out pistols and shot back. We wasted the terrorists. Blood splattered as our bullets hit them. Within forty seconds, I think, all but one of the Black Snake terrorists were dead. Only the leader was alive.

He looked around at the bodies of his fellow terrorists. The dude tossed his Mk-47 on the ground and pulled the katana off his back. I couldn’t believe he didn’t get killed. Seriously, all of his buddies took the L already.

“Shichō o kudasai.”

(Japanese) “Give me the mayor,” the leader demanded.

“Kotaeha nōdesu.”

(Japanese) “The answer is no,” Matthew said as he holstered his pistols.

Matthew was about to pull out his katanas but I stopped him. I wanted to kill the leader.

“He's mine,” I replied as I took my bo staff off my back.

I ran towards the leader. When I got close, he swung at me but I blocked the blow. Then, I spun the bo staff and went to stab his throat. I read his mind and figured out that he was going to block the strike. So, I caught him off guard.

He swung his katana like a baseball bat. I slashed his left leg and plunged my other spearhead into his chest. He groaned and fell to his knees. The katana he was holding dropped to the ground. Then, I pulled out my staff from his chest.

“Anata wa yūkan'na senshi, kokoro no tankyū-shadesu.”

(Japanese) “You are a valiant warrior, Mind Probe,” the terrorist grunted.

“Wish I could say the same,” I said.

With one quick motion, I sliced off his head. Blood splattered everywhere and got all over me. I heard someone puke and halfway thought it was Brody. After I turned around, I saw Mayor Mare tossing her cookies. Brody stepped out of the way to steer clear of the chunks.
“ How do...you do that...without...throwing up?” Mayor Mare groaned, in between heaves.

“You get used to it after a while,” Brody said.

“Enough with the chit-chat. More Black Snake terrorists are probably coming into the building. We need to move, if you want to get out of here without a bullet in your head,” Matthew ordered.

“Alright, let’s get a move on,” Mayor Mare said as she stood up.

We stepped over the dead bodies and went down the stairs. I took the lead while Brody was behind me. Matthew was last so he could protect the mayor if we got busy fighting.

All of us slightly jogged down the staircase. We got about two floors down when we almost ran into more Black Snake terrorists. All of us kind of froze and stood there for a second or two. Eventually, I threw my staff like a spear at the first guy that I saw. The staff flew and pinned the guy to the wall. His rifle clattered to the ground. After that, the rest of the terrorists began shooting at us. Brody, Matthew, and I fired back. It was almost point-blank shooting. The mayor was screaming.

The shooting just kept going and the terrorists kept coming. Bullets were flying everywhere and hitting almost everything, including us and even the hand railing. I haven't seen that much shooting in a while. I barely had enough time to get my staff out of the wall. Do you want to know how hard it is to shoot a Desert Eagle while trying to pull a bo staff out of a concrete wall that is halfway into the wall, and doing it single-handed? Matthew had to help me. Brody thought it was funny.

Finally, we made it to the bottom of the stairs. From the top floor to the bottom floor, there were bodies everywhere. To be honest, I was surprised that Mayor Mare wasn’t dead yet.

Speaking of Mayor Mare, she was more concerned with the clean-up than being thankful that she was alive.

“Good grief. The clean-up is going to be horrendous. There is blood and bodies everywhere. This is going to be expensive and... oh my gosh he’s still moving!”

There was a terrorist at Mayor Mare’s feet that was still alive, even with half of his face that was blown off. He was trying to crawl away. Matthew said he would take care of it. Matthew walked over to the terrorist and told him, Lights out. The mayor yelped when Matthew pulled the trigger and killed the terrorist.

Finally, we walked out of the stairwell.

Brody, Matthew, and I were expecting terrorists on the other side. Instead of there being more of them, there were a few bodies of police officers on the ground. We walked around and examined the bodies.

A few had been killed by being stabbed. Others had Japanese throwing knives, called kunai, sticking out of their chests. The rest had bullet holes in them. Once again, Mayor Mare threw up. We sat the mayor down so we could find a way out.

“Mayor Mare, are there any other exits besides the front door and the roof?” Brody asked.

“Not that I’m aware of. The building was built with only two exits, so it would be easier to defend the building from attackers.”

“Some safety measures,” I grumbled.

“This means we have to go out the front door?” Matthew asked.

“Unless you want to go back to the roof and jump off,” I suggested.

“There is no way I’m going to the roof. You may be able to do that but not me,” Mayor Mare protested.

“Fine, but there are a dozen if not more Black Snake terrorists guarding our escape route. We need a better plan,” Matthew announced.

I couldn’t figure out a decent plan. All of mine sucked. They're either stupid or extremely dangerous. Despite my idea, Brody came up with one that was decent enough, or at least Matthew thought so.

“What happens when bullets hit a high-speed spinning object?” Brody asked.

“It depends. Most of the time, the bullets will deflect and fly off. What do you have in mind?” Matthew responded.

“We have to leave Mayor Mare here for this. Mind Probe will be in the middle while spinning his bo staff. You and I will shoot from either side of Devin.”

“It sounds like a Thermopylae situation. A bit risky, but it is worth a shot,” Matthew said, “Mayor Mare, stay here. We’ll be right back.”

“Do what you need to do, Nightwatcher,” she said.

I put my pistols back in their holsters and took my bo staff off my back. We lined up and received a nod from Matthew to go ahead. All three of us walked around the corner. There were more Black Snake terrorists than I’ve seen in years. More than fifty or sixty of them. What surprised me, even more, was that they didn’t even see us. There was a police officer in front of one of the terrorists on his knees. The terrorists said something, pulled out his pistol and shot the police officer in the head. In return, Matthew shot the terrorist in the head from his position. All the terrorists looked at us, and then they pointed their rifles at us.

“Pātī o kaisan shite mōshiwakearimasenga, anata wa saranakereba narimasen.”

(Japanese) “Sorry to break up the party, fellas, but you have to leave,” Brody announced.

That’s when the terrorists sort of looked at each other and then they opened fire. I began to spin my staff. Matthew and Brody began to shoot back. Sparks popped up as the bullets hit my staff. Terrorists were falling dead as Matthew and Brody returned fire. Then, we advanced towards the terrorists. Our plan was actually working because the Black Snake began to fall back. We were halfway at the front door when they stood their ground. We were about fifteen feet from their front line, when some of them stopped shooting, pulled out their katanas, and charged. That freaked us out. Brody and Matthew put away their pistols and pulled out their katanas.

When they reached us, they started swinging at us. I thrust my staff into the first terrorist I could reach. I used every martial art that I could think of to fight off my attackers while using my mind-reading powers to stop their attacks. What was bad was that we were being pushed back and more kept coming into the building. Matthew was farther back than any of us. I couldn’t see Brody at all. That’s when I got hit in the face.

I had just stabbed a terrorist in the neck when I saw a rifle butt centimeters from my face. There was no time to react. Pain shot through my face as it hit me. I collapsed to the ground and so did my bo staff. The only thing I could do was pull out my Desert Eagles and start shooting as I was getting up. My face began to swell, and it was hard to aim.

Then, I saw Brody get dead-legged as he grasped his calf. A terrorist swung his fist and knocked Brody to the ground. A group of terrorists surrounded Brody and began brutally kicking and punching him. One guy raised a katana, with the tip pointed at Brody. Then, he brought it down. I thought they killed Brody. Then, a bolt of lightning came through the ceiling. Bodies went flying as Brody stood up. What he looked like amazed me.

His body had arcs of lightning all across his body. The veins and arteries glowed a deep blue and some looked like they were pulsing. His fingertips glowed the same shade of blue. Brody’s eyes were completely blue and his pupils weren’t even visible. He looked awesome.

The terrorists didn’t seem fazed by Brody’s transformation because about ten of them attacked Brody.

With his new sense of courage and a strangely amplified voice, Brody bellows, “It’s time to bring the charge.”

Brody stuck out his arm, as he usually did to shoot lightning, but this time it was different. The lightning was bigger and bolder. It sent the terrorists flying and screaming. They were already dead by the time they hit the ground.

All of them continued to fight on, but it was no use. Even with the overcharged Brody, The Black Snake pushed Matthew, Brody, and I together. It was to the point where the only way out was behind us. Brody thought we were dead.

“I guess this is it for us,” he said.

“Come off it, Shadow Charger. Keep blasting them with lightning,” Matthew ordered.

Brody followed Matthew’s order, but he only killed a few at a time. That only ticked them off even more, and they moved in. At this point, I remembered the bo staff was where I had fallen. Then, I felt like I was done for.

“Saigo no kotoba, anata wa 3-ri? Watashitachi wa min'na mimidesu.”

(Japanese) “Any last words, you three? We’re all ears.” sneered one of the terrorists.

“Anata ga saigo no ikiwosuu made, watashitachi wa anata to anata no rīdā to notatakai o yamemasen.”

(Japanese) “We will not stop fighting you and your leader until you take your last breath,” Matthew replied.

“Sore wa daitandesuga, kesshite okorimasen. Kantarotto no yōgo-sha, shinu junbi o shite kudasai.”

(Japanese) “It's bold but will never happen. Prepare to die, defenders of Canterlot,” the terrorists said, probably grinning while he said that.

As the terrorists moved in for the kill, we positioned ourselves in various battle stances. We were ready to die defending the mayor. Then, I heard a tender whisper. A whisper so quiet that I could barely hear it. Even with my enhanced hearing.

The whisper said, "Your time has not yet come.”

Then, an explosion at the front door shook the building. There was a blinding flash afterward. Bits of brick rained down on the terrorists. Some were hit and killed by them.

A glowing figure, whose head was on fire, flew through a giant hole in the building. The figure was Daniel! I think we were more surprised than the terrorists.

One terrorist shouted,” Who are you?”

In a calm and low voice, Daniel replied, “I’m the heat you can’t take.”

Author's Note:

Hey, everyone. I decided to do an early release today. Thought you might enjoy that.