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The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination - IWasAnonymous

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Chapter 5

I guided Brody and Devin to City Hall. The trip took about twenty-five minutes or less. Because of the short trip time, we're able to kill some time on the roof.

After parking our vehicles behind the building, we climbed up the ladder Devin and I found during our recon mission. That didn’t really sit well with Brody. I could understand why he complained.

“This is stupid. Why didn’t the CIA give us grappling hooks? It would allow things to go a lot quicker,” Brody complained.

“For one, the CIA doesn’t have a huge budget to get that kind of stuff. The government gives most of the money to the NSA, the military, and SHIELD. The Avengers get a decent chunk, too. The CIA and the FBI people are on the back burner,” I said as we reached the top.

"What about the Justice League and Teen Titans?" Dylan asked.

"They are privately funded by a certain billionaire, playboy, philanthropist," I replied.

“SHIELD can go die in a fucking hole. Just because they have Helicarriers doesn't mean shit,” Orange Bunny announced over our comlinks.

“No one asked you, Orange Bunny,” Brody replied.

“Fuck you, dickhead,” Orange retorted.

Devin, Brody, and I sat there for half an hour, going over the plan until we began the first phase of the plan. There was a stairwell that went from the roof to the floor with the mayor’s office. I held the door for Devin and Brody as they went down the stairs. As I closed the door, I saw the Black Snake sniper setting up. I gulped and walked.

We descended the stairwell until we reached the floor where the mayor's office was on and opened the door. The hall was empty except for a couple of men dressed in suits. They stood a couple of doors down from the mayor’s office.

One of them was the district attorney, Hairy Jailhouse. From what I’ve heard, he was a tough guy. He put away the man who conspired with the Black Snake to have Councilman Hoarse assassinated. The man next to him was the police chief of the Canterlot City Police Department, Chief Silver Star.

“Good grief, what are they doing?” Brody whispered.

“Talking. Duh,” Devin replied.

“I know that. Whatever they are talking about can’t they talk about it outside?” Brody said.

“Shut up, you two,” I growled.

Just as I said that the two men moved off into an elevator that was in front of them. I pushed open the door and we moved to the mayor’s office when the two men went into the elevator.

I opened the door and there was Mayor Mare. Well, she was on the phone and facing towards the circle window. We snuck in and stayed out of view of the sniper. I motioned to the other two to remain quiet.

The mayor was talking to somebody about a person named MeMe. I was assuming it was her grandmother. The “somebody” was more than likely a nurse because she mentioned MeMe’s meds.

Devin became impatient and he cleared his throat to get Mayor Mare’s attention. He did get her attention but she was probably expecting someone official, not masked vigilantes. Mayor Mare told the nurse she would call her right back. She stood up and I got an idea of who I was dealing with. Then, she scowled at us.

Mayor Mare looked like she was in her fifties and was sharply dressed. Kind of like Dean Cadence. The mayor had a skin color that looked like the color of manilla flowers. She had gray hair that was long.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Mayor Mare. I’m Nightwatcher and these are my associates: Mind Probe and Shadow Charger,” I replied.

“Look, Mr. Nightwatcher. I’m in no mood for jokes. So if you don't mind, please get out of my office.”

“Ma’am, tonight, the Black Snake is going to kill you. We are here to get you out of here, alive,” Brody explained.

“How come I wasn’t informed of this earlier?” she questioned, impatiently.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that your life is in danger,” Devin snapped.

Mayor Mare stood up and began to yell at us. I looked at my watch and it hit eight o’clock. Devin must have used his ability to read the sniper’s mind because he charged at Mayor Mare. I was more shocked than Mayor Mare was.

Devin ran and dived over the desk. He knocked the mayor down just as a bullet flew through the window, which sent glass flying, and hit the desk. The impact sent shards of wood flying everywhere.

“Shadow Charger, take out the lights!” I shouted.

Brody drew one of his pistols and shot out the lights. The lights burst into a billion pieces and rained onto the ground. Mayor Mare got up, looked at the desk, and then us. She put her hand on the back of her head.

“That could’ve been my head,” Mayor Mare murmured.

“We’d better get a move on. I’m sure the Black Snake has a backup plan in mind.”

Right about then, I saw an explosion on the roof where the sniper was. It shook the building and knocked over an expensive vase.

We ran out of Mayor Mare’s office. Surprisingly for a middle-aged woman, she could keep up with us. We made it to the elevator only to find out the power to the elevator was shut off. A minor setback, or so we thought. As we turned around, about two dozen Black Snake terrorists stood there. Well, different-looking ones.

They had leg armor, microfiber body armor, and a breathing apparatus with visors over their eyes. I gulped and drew my pistols. Devin and Brody did the same. Mayor Mare hid behind us, which while not the safest idea, was better than her standing out in the open.

One of the ninjas stepped forward. He was taller than the rest of the group and had sheaths for sais on his waist. I assumed he was the leader.

“Shichō, naitou~otchā o uragaeshimasu. Kanojo wa watashitachi no taigi no tame ni shinanakereba narimasen,”

(Japanese) “Turn over the mayor, Nightwatcher. She must die for our cause,” the leader demanded.

“Sō suru riyū wa nanidesu ka?”

(Japanese) “What makes you think we’ll do that?” Devin asked.

“Maindopurōbu, anata wa rikai shimasen.”

(Japanese) “Mind Probe, you will not understand,” replied the leader.

“Anata wa watashitachi no shitai o norikoeru hitsuyō ga arimasu.”

(Japanese) “You will have to step over our dead bodies,” Brody announced.

“Anata no chōsen wa ukeire raremashita, Shadō chājā.”

(Japanese) “Your challenge has been accepted, Shadow Charger.”