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The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination - IWasAnonymous

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Chapter 2

As he closed in on me, I merely stepped out of the way. The Diamond Dawg kept on running and accidently tackled the smaller guy, who was behind me. Then, the big guy charged at me. I stepped to the left and close-lined him.

Generally in a fistfight, I would use martial arts to end it quickly, but I was entertained by a group of “tough guys” attempting to fight me.

The smaller guy pushed the Diamond Dawg that tackled him and then attacked me with a broken beer bottle. I disarmed him and picked him up by the throat. He was choking and tried to fight back. I simply tossed him into some empty garbage cans.

The big guy got up and took a swing at my face. I decided playtime was over and switched to martial arts. The first punch the big guy threw, he missed by a couple of centimeters; the second punch I caught mid-flight. Since he swung with his right fist, I caught it with my left hand. I elbowed him in the face with my right elbow. He staggered back as I released his fist. Then, he tried to stand up straight. To deal the final blow, I ran, jumped, and roundhouse kicked him in the side of the head. The first Diamond Dawg was down.

I turned around to face the other two. The medium-sized guy threw a bicycle chain at me. He was using it like a bull whip. Thanks to my enhanced reflexes, I was able to dodge it. The bicycle chain retracted and returned to him. I drew my katanas to even the fight out. Or not.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” the guy snarled.

He whipped it again but this time I ducked. As the chain went over my head, I used my right katana to sever it in half. The Diamond Dawg seemed surprised that my katanas were able to do that. I stood up and walked towards him. He started throwing things at me. Primarily garbage and stuff like that. He even threw a rotten apple core and a banana peel.

As I neared him, he got up and ran out of the alley. I shrugged and went after the last Diamond Dawg, which was the smaller one. It took me a couple of moments to find him. He was hiding behind a dumpster that looked like it hadn’t been emptied in a few years.

I sheathed my katanas and picked the guy up by the throat again, but I didn’t choke him this time. After that, I slammed him against the wall. He began to shake and sob loudly.

“Let's try this again: what’s Headhunter’s next move?” I snarled.

“I don’t know,” the Daimond Dawg cried.

“Maybe this will help jog your memory,” I said.

I pulled one of my pistols and pressed the barrell against his chin. I pulled back on the hammer.

“My associate told me you and your...gang were discussing a ‘Numero Uno’ and that the Headhunter would take care of them. What does that mean?” I growled.

“If I tell you, Boss Man will have me killed.”

“Right now, all you have to worry about is giving me the information I need.,” I growled.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll tell you.”

“ Who is ‘Numero Uno’?” I asked.

“It's a gang word for the mayor,” he replied.

“Mayor Mare, huh?”

“Yeah. Boss man wants to kill her. He thinks if she’s dead, the city will be easier to take over. He’s supposed to call me any minute to tell us when it is gonna happen.”

“Why would he tell you that?”

“He wants us to be on the lookout during the assassination.”

Right about then, I heard a cell phone ring. It was the Diamond Dawg’s phone. He reached for it and pulled it out.

“Don’t sound like you just saw a ghost because he’ll think something is up. Put the phone on speaker, as well.”

He followed my directions.

“Hello?” asked the Diamond Dawg.

“Are you and your gang alone?” Headhunter answered.

“Yes. We are.”

“Good. The assassination will happen exactly seven days from now. One of the snipers will take the shot around 9:00 pm. I need you and the other two to keep watch. If shit hits the fan, get the fuck out of there and I’ll send some of my warriors to kill the mayor. Are there any questions?”


“Good. One more thing, if you are interrogated by the Nightwatcher or any of those other dickwads he calls his friends and you tell them anything, I’ll gut you and friends. Are we clear?”


“Good. Be ready for next week. See you later.”

The Diamond Dawg hung up and slipped the phone into his pocket.

“There. You got what you wanted. Can I go now?” the guy asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

I released my grip and he fell to the ground. Then I holstered my pistol and turned around. As I was walking down the alley, the Diamond Dawg called out to me.

“Hey, Nightwatcher. Mind if I gave you some advice?” the guy asked.

“Okay,” I said as I turned to face him.

“ At first, you didn’t seem threatening. Only until you started kicking our asses, we were scared,” he explained.

“Your point is?” I asked.

“Get a suit upgrade. You look kind of stupid,” he replied.

After that, I returned to my motorcycle. Then, I drove off. Twenty minutes later, I arrived at the apartment. As I got inside, I was surprised to see the Rainbooms. Dalton was teaching them how to play BS. Justin and Orange Bunny were playing with them. Everyone else was doing their own thing. I stood there for about a minute until Jessie noticed me.

“Hey, babe. How did the interrogation go?” she asked.

“Gather around and I’ll tell you about it,” I replied.

I sat down on the counter as everyone else gathered around. As they did that, I removed my breathing apparatus and laid it beside me.

“According to the Diamond Dawgs, Headhunter is making a bold move.

“How bold?” Devin asked.

“He’s going to try to assassinate Mayor Mare,” I replied.

The Rainbooms were shocked that Hamato was going to try to kill the mayor. For the rest of us, it was not a surprise that he would try something like that.

“That little terrorist wouldn’t dare.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Apparently he would,” Jessie replied.

“If he’s going to try to assassinate her, then what’s up with the gang stuff?” asked Fluttershy.

“It's a smoke screen,” Sunset Shimmer replied.

“How would that be considered a distraction?” Rarity asked.

“The police will be where the gang crimes are more likely to occur. They won’t be guarding the city hall,” Eric explained.

“Not if we tell Mayor Mare,” Pinkie suggested.

“Yeah. If we tell her, the mayor will have guards throughout city hall,” Fluttershy agreed.

“That’s where your plan will fail. A sniper will be the primary method of assassination. Hamato said if that fails, he’ll send in some of his terrorists to carry out the operation while the sniper disappears into the night. Those guards won’t stand a chance against the Black Snake warriors,”I explained.

“So we’re doing an extraction mission?” asked Devin.

“Looks that way. We can’t take everyone, though,” I replied.

“Why?” Brody asked.

“You know on Called to War: World War II there is a mission to extract Lieutenant Bowen from the Nazi headquarters where they were interrogating him in the Campaign Mode. How many men did Sergeant Lewis take?”

“He took three guys. Corporal Howards, Private Sanders, and Private Ry-”

“We don’t need all the names. Why did he take three guys?”

“Because if he took a company, it would attract too much attention. He wanted to use stealth instead of going in big and dumb.”


“ Which guys are you taking?” Dylan asked.

“That’s a good question. Who came with me to Hawaii to get General Silas’s daughter from Colonel Armistead?” I asked.

“I think it was Brody, Devin, and Daniel,” Lance announced.

“Speaking of Daniel, where is he?” asked Sunset Shimmer.

“Yeah, where is he? I haven’t seen him all day,” Levi said.

“For a guy who can burst into a ball of flames, he sure does go missing quite easily,” Hannah added.

“He’s at Flash’s house. He needed help doing a World Geography project,” Lance said.

“Wasn’t that due last week?” Jessie asked.

“Yes, but Flash was out with the flu last week. Mr. Trotter gave him an extra three days to turn it in,” Fluttershy explained.

“My question is why Daniel has been avoiding me,” Rainbow Dash.

“Maybe because you keep calling him a coward and a wuss in public,” Rarity responded.

“What am I supposed to think when he didn’t show up for our rematch.”

"Did you consider the fact that he lost interest, dumbfuck,” Orange Bunny added.


“Matthew was right. The little shit is a self-centered asshole.”

“Orange Bunny! Cut the cussing everyone out already,” Jessie ordered.

“Whatever,” Orange mumbled. She proceeded to give Jessie

“Matthew, did you call me a self-centered a-hole,”

“No. I said you were being a jerk by being self-centered. Orange Bunny has a tendency to put words in people’s mouths that they didn't say.”

We talked until about eight-thirty. The Rainbooms, Jessie, and Hannah went to Rarity’s house for a slumber party. As for me and the rest of the guys, we had our usual Friday night Called To Duty: World War I and II, two-versus-two tournament. Daniel showed up as soon as we picked teams. Justin was going to play by himself if Daniel didn’t show up.

The guys and I designated Justin as “Gamemaker” since he knew how to make tournaments interesting. He picks the weapons and maps. The week before he made pistols only. For WW2, he picked Hacksaw Ridge, and for WW1 he picked the Argonne Forest. This time, the weapons were snipers, pistols, and grenades only. For the second World War, the Springfield M1903 ,since I prefer making headshots.
My partner was Dalton and we took the championship. Brody and Levi didn’t stand a chance. Levi was trying to snipe me with a Nazi 9mm Luger at eighty yards. The only thing he achieved was getting shot by by yours truly.

Then, we went to World War 1. Justin changed the weapons last minute to German infantry weapons. The German Mauser is a horrible rifle for shooting guys who are consistsntly jumping trenches. Dalton and I got fourth place in the tournament.

We stopped playing around two-thirty in the morning. Mainly, we didn’t want to get in trouble with the security guard. A few weeks prior, the security guard received a complaint about us being too loud.

I woke up the next around nine-thirty. About ten o’clock, I woke up Brody, Daniel, and Devin. They wanted to know why I had woken them up. I told them we had “spontaneous recon missions”. They groaned and got up. In about fifteen minutes, they were ready. We all got in Jessie's truck and drove off. I was driving since everyone else was grogy.

“Where are we going?” Brody asked.

“To city hall,” I answered.

“Why are we spontaneously scouting out Canterlot city hall?” Daniel groaned.

“In a week, Hamato is sending a sniper to kill Mayor Mare. We have to get her out of there,” I explained.

"Couldn't we just tip the mayor off?" Brody asked.

"We already discussed that," I replied. "Hamato would just send his terrorists to kill her."

“Let me guess: you chose us because of that extraction mission in Hawaii,” Daniel said. “That was an adventure.”

“Didn’t Amy Silas have a crush on Brody?” Devin asked.

Brody groaned and shook his head "Yeah, she did have a huge crush on me. Not only that, she became obsessed with me. Amy followed me on InstaPic and had the CIA give her my number,” Brody explained.

“I remember that. You were pissed off for the longest time,” I laughed.

“Do you know what she looks like now?” Daniel asked.

“No, but I’ll check.”

Brody pulled out his phone and started messing with it. Eventually, he found a recent picture of Amy.

See, Brody used to hate this girl because she, as mentioned, was obsessed with Brody. What Brody said next surprised me.

“Dude, after two years, she got pretty. Devin, get a load of this.”Brody handed the phone to Devin.

“Brody, you gotta hit her up. She's hot.”

“Are you really having this conversation? Come on, guys,” I said.

“Matthew, you’d say the same thing. Bro, check it,” Devin said.

He shoves the phone in my face and I see a girl, wearing the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen. I batted the phone away, and I ordered Devin to give the phone back to Brody.

“Man, you did the same thing with that actress, which you creepily knew that you two were the same age.” Devin mumbled.

“I used to do crap like that. That was when I was 16, now I’m dating Jessie. Just end the conversation. Daniel, I need you to guide me to city hall. I only have a rudimentary knowledge of it.”

“Fine, take a left here,” Daniel said.

For the rest of the trip, the truck was silent except for Daniel giving me directions. Brody was playing a game on his phone while Devin was listening to music. After about thirty minutes, we arrived.

We parked on the other side of the street. The city hall was huge, about four stories tall and there was a large circular window on the third floor. To be honest, the building slightly resembled the White House. The columns and the roof were about it.

“Alright. What are we looking for?” Devin asked as we got out.

“We need to find out where the mayor’s office is and where the sniper might be located,” I replied.

“I’ll go inside and ask somebody,” Brody volunteered.

"Don't be too suspicious when asking," Daniel said.

“Once we know where the mayor's office is, Daniel, I need you to go find a possible spot for a sniper when Devin and I find a good entry and exit point.”

“What about a vehicle to get the mayor to safety?” Brody asked.

“I’ll take care of that,” I answered.

Brody jogged across the street and entered the city hall. The rest of us waited by the truck and tried not to look conspicuous. It wasn’t long before Brody returned.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“It’s the room with the circle window,” Brody replied. The room he was referring to was the top floor of City Hall

“That would mean the sniper would be…” Daniel said but trailed off as he looked up at the building we were next to. The building was the same height. A generic place to put a sniper. Then, we moved on to the next part. Devin and I casually walked to the other side of the street and behind the city hall. Behind the building, there were huge air conditioners and a ladder that went to the top of the building.

“That's our entry point. It's perfect for being discreet,” I announced.

“What about an exit point?” Devin asked.

“That I don’t know,” I replied.

“There’s got to be an emergency exit somewhere,” Devin said.

“Let’s check the other side,” I ordered.

Devin and I rounded the building but we didn’t find one. I think in our dimension, that is against city building codes.

We returned to the truck. Daniel and Brody had a box of doughnuts they were eating in the truck bed. I took a chocolate covered doughnut that had a vanilla frosting. It wasn’t as good as Mrs. Cake’s doughnuts.

“What did you find?” Brody asked as he licked the icing off his fingers.

“We found a good entrance but we didn't find an exit,” Devin replied.

“What do you mean?” Daniel asked.

“He means there are no emergency exits,” I explained.

“That’s dangerous,” Brody said.

“Yeah, no kidding,” I agreed.

“So what now,” Daniel asked.

“I guess we can go home or ask the rest of the guys if they want to hang out at Sugar Cube Corner,” I said.

Right about then, we heard a women talking really loud. It came from down the street. There wasn't anyone close by. We looked at each other and walked down the sidewalk, hoping to find out where the wome came from. We walked down the sidewalk and find an alleyway. There were at least five guys standing in front of a sharply dressed woman, who was on the ground.

“Please, stop,” the girl cried.

“We won’t stop until you give us what we want,” one guy said.

I saw two of the guys were pointing pistols at the woman. The rest were unarmed. Either way, we had to get her out of there.

“ Devin, hand me that can by your left foot,” I ordered quietly.

He bent down and handed me the can. I held it like a football and threw it as hard as I could.

Author's Note:

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the late release. I'm on vacation and completely forgot about it. Thanks for reading Chapter 2. Chapter 3 will be released. next Sunday. If you have any comments or questions about the chapter or story, feel free to either PM me or post it in the comments section. Bye for now.