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It took me two years but I made it!

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So a Halo Story? Also a huge fan to it, and it's for one of my favorite Spartans ( Noble Six).

Although question? Are the Mane Six ( and even the Princess ) gonna be OOC Racist/Xenophobic Bitches, and just be typical/cliche "Cardboard Villains/Antagonists" for Six to kill/destroy? :facehoof:

may the reaper reap the souls sinful and now let see how six live now


"Not really" how?

Look, I just like to have the Main Characters and the Mane Six/Princesses be great Allies,Friends, and maybe lovers in the Harem, that's all.

I mean, you once tried that in your werewolf story. UNTIL you made them into pure OOC Dickheaded Traitors for very dumb and retarded reasons to betray poor Jack like that.

Good brother Purge the filth

Souls for the death God

This seems like it could become a good story.

Six felt the pain in his chest from where the energy dagger pierced his body fade away along with the feeling of being back on his feet and his helmet returned to his head undamaged. The feeling of his black personally modified Mark V Mjolnir armor was nice, to say the least after all he spent nearly half his life in the suit.

Noble six wore mk IV.
Master Chief wore mk V in Halo 1 and mk VI from then on.

It's definitely Mark V that Six wears in Halo Reach.

Is it?
It's been a while, but I was pretty sure that Six wore MK IV as the default armour.


I really need to chase down a copy of the Master Chief Collection.

Do unlocked armours from the 360 version carry over to the Master Chief Collection?

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Nice going a bit different but still good

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Okay, so it's mk V (b)

Which would make Master Chief's in Halo 1... would that be (a) or (c)?

No but there are mods to unlock everything instead of using the in game currency

Mods for Halo... on XBO?

Colour me dubious.

Also, my potato of a laptop can't run the games.

Ohh I like keep it up and I imagine this Death is like the one from the Netflix show Transylvania

This is a hard sell that Twilight would allow this much corruption in Ponyville her capital


Yeah! She has some f****** explaining to do. Or I will lose my mind, and burn her own castle.

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As what was said earlier the armor worn by Noble Six is Mark V(B). If you get the chance to look the MCC's and Reach's customization menus call the default armor that. You'll need to unlock your armor's again, but I personally prefer how the MCC handles unlocks compared to the original credits system. You'll be getting pieces quicker than compared to original Reach, but still a bit of a grind. Also the armor the Chief wears is just called Mark V. Mark V(B) is the designation for the initial production version of Mark V. What the Chief wears is basically the final production version. Think of the B as beta like a beta test.

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I see.


This is why my go-to is EVA (until Halo 4 ruined it).


This isn't the same twilight, different universe remember?

But, where is the divergence? I assume canon route till the au is addressed. So as far as I the trader knows. Everything happened like canon till this point.

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I think we need a break from mlp like universes

[Looking forward to the main six he rushes forward Kuri knife in hand before the elements fire the power of friendship at him as he was thrown into the void]

Oh come on! You got to be frickin kidding me????!!!! :facehoof:

Why is it that the Mane Six are always the "Bad Guys" against your main characters? Plus, they can realistically wouldn't last 5 f******** seconds against a Halo's Spartan. Especially against Noble Six being on par with the legendary Master Chief in threat levels.

Sorry if I sounded to criticize a lot. But, it's just that I hate for the Mane Six to be OOC "righteous" pricks. And going up against VERY OP ( Over Powered ) Characters that you have, that can easily TRASHED/KILLED them in seconds in real life.

Plus, how can the FRICKIN Elements of "Harmony/Friendship" even "work" on him????!!!!

Noble Six is a Badass HERO ( In his own right, like a Anti-Hero! Just like his Noble Team, Master Chief, Red Team, and many other Spartans helping to save humanity from the Covenant. ), and he is a "chosen" to Death himself. So, I think he SHOULD have a immunity to the stupid elements themselves, if he can impress Death like that.

But, the main reason they are still "alive", is because of dumbass plot or something. Very Sorry, if I criticize your writing.

That is really the "only" criticism that I have for your stories. Other than that, I still like them.

This story concept is cool as hell honestly

Didn't matter he at least earned a little shut-eye after nearly two weeks without rest and fighting off aliens non-stop that were hunting him down as if he was a fox in a fox hunt.

He meant the damn Covenant from Reach, right?

Those words of a British hero echoed through his mind that Six iodized during his training, the captain was responsible for hunting down a mad general and a Russian terrorist who caused WWIII.

Wait, WHAT?????!!!!!! Captain Price, and the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Original Trilogy????!!!!!!

Well that's a first, for having a Call of Duty reference in a Halo/MLP Story??!!

Holding noble five's tags in his hand noble six gave a sad sigh knowing that Jorge gave his life thinking he saved his homeworld only for it to be in vane. Six should have asked Death if he could at least let Noble five be with him hopefully the large spartan would at least help Six out right now due to his lack of social skills and unstable mental state. Placing the tags back in his soft bag Six placed his helmet back on but the moment he did he noticed something.

Oh yeah, why can't Jorge, or even the rest of Noble Team to be revived as well? As much as I love Noble Six, having the entire noble team back is very nice.

Six then turned to leave knowing more died because of him but before he could leave the woman gasped.

Oh, don't blame yourself. Blame the f******* murders/assassin assholes themselves. Make them REGRET IT with their pathetic lives!!!!!!!

"Please come back let us start over," The rat boss told six and he knew not to piss this guy off knowing he didn't want to make sure a powerful enemy, doing so the rat held out his hand to the chair. "Sorry about what I said before you can't be too sure about what happens around her,"

Seriously??!! You are very OVER exaggerating a bit?! You are a Spartan, and a DAMN Good one! And you have face way worse enemies like the Covenant.

Besides, you probably assassinate "big bosses" like him anyway in your ONI Missions. So, he is NOT really a "powerful person", if you can just EASILY trashed his little empire if you have wanted. I'm not saying that you should do it anyway. I still value trustworthy allies to help aid you. And he could be a good ally to you after saving his daughter/grand daughter.

But, it is rather STUPID of Six to think that a GTA-like Crime Boss could be a "threat" to a OP Sci-Fi Super Soldier like himself????!!!! It doesn't make sense, that's all.

"I only heard rumors," Six was confused as the Rat boss kept going. "That monster queen kidnapping orphan children to be used as soldiers. I thought it was just a story but... here you are,"

'What is he talking about,'

"Another reason why Twilight is far from the perfect leader... child soldiers... Gah," The rat boss sighed. "But I can't do anything about that,"

Really dude?! Really?! Making Twilight herself into a even worse bitch, or a Cardboard "One-Dimensional" Villain/Antagonist for Six to torture and kill/assassinate.

( If you don't know what a "One-Dimensional" Villain is? )

Then check this official list of infamous villains in media.


And by showing this, is NOT because of insulting your writing. It's just to show the cool references if you like them, and maybe have a "value lesson" to try not make the Mane Six ( That are supposed to be good natured heroes, that COULD probably be friends/lovers to Six and Noble Team. ) into OOC One-Dimensional Villains for no dang reason. Alternate Universe or not.

I mean, at least Injustice's Superman has a "reason" to be a Tyrannical Dictator in his timeline.


Plus, WHY the hell does she even need "Child Soldiers" anyway???!!! I know that this is reminiscent to the UNSC's Spartans also being Child Soldiers in Halo.

But at LEAST ONI/UNSC has a "good" reason to have Child Soldiers turn into Super Soldiers. ( It was originally against the Insurrectionist Rebels/Terrorists. But, it changed to facing the Evil Covenant for obliviously good reasons. )

Why the heck does Queen Twilight even need them?! Is she really that Racist/Xenophobic to use them against every Non-Pony Species and their kingdoms?????!!!!!

And I don't care if this Equestria is a dystopian cyperpunk-like alternate universe. At first, I thought that maybe Twilight and her friends are still good ponies, BUT are still naive and incompetent to the cruel real world in this Cyberpunk Equestria. But, SADLY I was mistaken!

And HOW would Celestia, Luna, or Cadence feel about Twilight's being a OOC One-Dimensional Bitch??!! And caused poor Children to be frickin soldiers????!!!!!

And why didn't they do something about it, and what about Fluttershy or the other mane five??!! Unless they are in on this as well, with no remorse.

THEN I'm clearly disgusted, and disappointed. And hope that Six ( And possibly Noble Team ) F******* DESTROY their corrupt pony kingdom to ash!!!!!!!!!!

"Bonds forged in war are powerful," The rat said before speaking. "I was a soldier too once upon a time during the 'friendship' war where that bitch thought that every nation needed to be under a single banner was drafted into that damn war. I was young but here you are far younger used to fight that damn war correct?"

Is it just me, or is Twilight trying to do what the Emperor of Man of the Imperium of Man do his "Great Crusade" in the entire galaxy?!

At least he has a "good" reason to reunite humanity, plus it's a Grimdark Universe. So that totally makes sense in that kind of setting.

But, I don't know why the F*** she started a war in the first place????!!!! Plus, putting "Friendship" ideas into War itself, is the most STUPIDEST, and DUMBEST idea that Twilight could come up with. And we all thought that she is a "genius" pony?????!!!!!!

It probably make sense if the enemy is the Caribou, or something evil like them. And THEY declared war against Equestria and their Allies. But, I can't believe that Twilight is the "Aggressor" in this "Friendship War" of hers. Just like Hitler did to Poland, and the rest of the world.


"What was his name?"

"Jorge," Six stated.

"Any others you knew?"

"Emile, Kat, Carder, and Jun," Six named the remaining members of noble team.

"Are they... gone?"

Six nodded.

"Sorry for you loss son,"

"Thank you,"

Still wanted for them to be revived as well. Just to make Noble Six to be happy, and has some nice aid from his Spartan "family".

I mean, a FULL Spartan Team is better than a Lone Wolf ( despite Six himself being a damn good one. ).

I want the whole team now, I want to see the chaos that they can cause!

So after my "rant". I hope I didn't depressed you more?

Just hope that maybe I can help you improve your story telling more. And hopefully have the Mane Six or the Royal Sisters be TRUE friends/allies to the Main Characters or a part of your harem. Instead of just being OOC, Cardboard, One-Dimensional Villains/Antagonists for the Main Characters to greatly torture and kill.

Well this was pretty interesting. I liked how you did your version of Six's past here from the memories we saw and how you introduce this noir style here and looking forward to see what he will do with this suspected mob family and how he earns his place in it. Looking forward to seeing mire of this worlds history and how this friendship war went Also hope we get pics of the boss and his daughter and her child. Also nice choice of song at the begging and nice touch on the Call of Duty reference

Hopefully they will come and do a kick ass entrance if they come in

i love it my friend :eeyup::yay::scootangel::pinkiehappy::heart::coolphoto:

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