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The trials and tribulations of 6 ponies as they learn how to overcome any barrier. But when Danger strikes and they have no one left to turn to, can they come together? And Space Jam?

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(I'm sorry for not being constructive, but...)



If it's about the name, I understand. It *is* kind of a strange name.

However if you're talking about the story. It's kind of deep and complicated. It will probably clear up later.


In an effort to bring her friend over to her house more,


Rainbow leaned in and whispered something quickly into Twilight’s ear. Quickly her cheeks flushed.

Change to something along the lines of "Suddenly, the unicorn's..."

Rarity continued her death glaze at the Columbian Blue pony.

It's columbia blue. No "n", no capitalization.

And Twi needs a single occupant lounger.

And when the hell are you getting to the parodies? If you are...


As a very busy/prolific fanfiction writer, proofreading comes third, the first being writing the story, and the second being immediately submitting it to fimfiction.

And writing parodies as an arduous task. First I gotta find something that's funny, or will be funny when they have to deal with soft and fuzzy equines in Equineland.



How about you just light your "soft fuzzy equines" on fire? That'd be good for a laff.

Sofas are serious business.

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